Sunday, November 30, 2008

Little Turtle, I miss you!!!

可爱小乌龟 (Cute Little Turtle)

29Nov2008, Today I wake up late as well, really done have the heart to start study. So after my breakfast cum lunch with my auntie and uncle, I start my blog. Today very happy, I saw another blogger on webcam. He show me his chest drain. haha... You guess is who? Very active in the blogger club.

After I finished my blog, I start study. Today I study quite a lot. I finished the whole chapter. LOL. I stay at home for the whole day to study, but the weather was so hot, about 30 degree, make me really moody, so I didn't study after my drama 鹿鼎记 on channel U from from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Then take my shower, and sing on

Actually, another things that make me moody is.... I lost my little turtle. Someone take it out and play, then lost it someway. Fxxk!!! He stay here for so long, he won't lost his way right? Hope he is still in the house, if he is out there, he should have ate by those hungry dog out there. Little turtle come home quickly. I very worried about you. I should have give you a handphone, so that I can easily find you. (Silly la....)

Expenditure: NIL

Exercise: -
YAGA - while watching TV

Study: -
1 Chapter of Organization

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gaydar Exercise Day!!!

28Nov2008, today I wake up around 11am as well. Plan nicely after finish my blog, I will go to National Library, then meet my sister at my office around 6pm, then go to Booliwood Fution Dance with my sister and my lady boss.

But unexpectly, I spend extra time to finish my blog. Because I met 小乌龟(little turtle) on msn. And he was willing to show me himself on webcam. I was so happy, finally I can see my princely korkor le. Today is the first time he show me on his webcam. Although something is stick on his face, but can see his handsome face, good enough le. Actually we were having a video call, so I tried to talk to him, but he want me to speak in english. lol. I have build up my confident to speak in english with those people in Singapore. But when I heard 小乌龟's voice. My pressure come from no way. And my word start sticking together. lol. He really have a nice voice. I will get him sing K with me. (Kor, practice singing OK. And I will build up more confident to speak in english, so that I can talk to you more).

After my shower and hair do, pink dolphin korkor online (actually he appeared offline, lol). I like to chat with him, as in he always call me "Sai Lou". (Kor, just you can call only wo) But he is really 有同性,没人性. haha. (sorry, Kor) But today I really rush, so I didnt talk much to him. I missed the bus that straight to bus interchange, so I take bus 109, to a bus stop that near to MRT station. In the journey, I keep on thinking "what to eat later?", so I forget to alight. LOL. In the end, I gonna walk back to MRT station. I saw 2 cute guy sitting together in the MRT, 1 wearing full black, 1 wearing full white. Both of them are so cute. But my gaydar can't scene any gay aura from them. haiz... I sit opposite to them, until Bugis.

I miss Mcdonald a lot. So I went to Mcdonald at Bugis, and ordered Mega Mc Spicy (up size), 2layers of spicy chicken, walau... The whole set is as the picture: -

Mega Mc Spicy (S$8.xx)

While I was eating my burger, I take picture for myself, one girl sitting opposite of me saw my action, and she smile sweetly to me. walau. Mean what. (I know I m cute la...) When I finish my food, I brink my drinks and change to the seat close to the window. Then I take out my notes and study. Everytime finish 1 part, I will look out to the window and see hot guy and beautiful girl. Then catch my breath and continue my study. (Nice environment to study)

1st picture with burger in my life time (learning to take picture with food)

Around 6pm, I met my sister in front of Mcdonald, then we went to withdraw money to pay our True Yoga member fee. After that, we went back to our office to get our salary. (Income.. haha) We chat until 6.30pm, because we have not meet our colleague for 1 day. LOL. Then we start our way to Pacific Plaza. All the way, I saw many hot guy, and there were so many people, everytime when I concentrate on those hot guy, it will make me slightly knock into people. But I didn't la... (due to my high Agility)

I took a picture before I change (this room is nice to take picture)
orange light and bright, no people (majority people come to this floor is lady)
~but the class here is swifting to another floor, then will have more people there. (cant take picture)

After we changed, we went to the new opened hot yoga room to have a look at the environment, and we saw a beautiful angmo (white people) and nice body instructor (female la...LOL). After that, we went to the changing room at 4th floor to get some water. When I was wearing my shoe at the locker area, a mature, handsome, nice body ang mo standing in front of me, he take off his shirt, I saw nice body, nice chest, nice six packs. Then in my mind, if he take off his shorts now is good enough. Who knows, he put his hand on his short, and pull down the short and his underwear at once. Wau... I saw everything, nice little cock, although is not hard, but is nice to suck, when it get hard, will be nice to put into my lovely hole (I really a SLUT). I become so nervous, and my cock starting to get hard, I quickly wear my shoe, and get out from the changing room to catch my breath. Then I think: "I should wear slowly just now to enjoy more." LOL.

After some conversation with my lady boss about the hot yoga, I get something I interested. She said, one of the instructor of hot yoga is a handsome angmo... wau!!! sounds like the angmo just now is the instructor, no wonder he has a nice body. Then I go and check out with the time table, seen the bollywood fusion dance haven't start. I will go and check "him" out some day. haha...

Today the dance were so nice, I remember mojor of the steps, but this is just my second class, I really like dancing. Today I can dance without looking at people, I can dance my own. haha... After dancing, I was totally sweat. I dried my hair with the towel given, and go to the changing room to tidy up my hair.

Before I get into the changing room, my lady boss's friend arrived, he is a yound doctor, I think is around 26~27 years old, quite handsome, but don't have nice body (quite fat, but solid) and quite short, I think is around 170cm, and a bit girlish. My gaydar can scene his gay aura. Sadly, not my type.

The Ashtanga yoga is not as difficult as last week, maybe the first time will feel slightly difficult, when make use with it, then will become easy. I can do batter then that doctor. haha... After the class finish, we went to change and went to 4th floor to get next week time table. And we saw another handsome instructor (I have been to his class before), but sadly, is indian, his skin isn't very dark, and he has a cute face. Not my type also. My eyes keep eating candy again. haha. When come to Orchard MRT, I saw a hot guy with black vest. He look at me also. I can scene his gay aura. haha... My gaydar has become very sensitive. haha.

I change to purple line when come to Douby Ghaut, then alight at Haugang, change to bus 89. On the bus, I saw the hot guy with white vest that I saw last week in the same bus. He is a chinese, with health dark skin, handsome face, hot body, nice body alignment. Wau... but no gay aura. Haiz...

Exercise: -
Bollywood Fusion Dance - 1hr
Ashtanga Yoga - 1hr
Expenditure: -
Mega Mc Spicy - S$8.xx
True Yoga membership fee - S$118
Study: -
F1 Accounting of Business - Chapter1 Organization - Introduction
F3 Financial accounting - 30questions

Friday, November 28, 2008

Dream Body (Dream Boy!!!)

27Nov2008, Last night I sleep around 4am, so this morning I wake up around 11am. (No need to work mah!!!) After washing my face, on my labtop, start today's job. Blog lo...

To type my blog, I have think for the whole day, because my life was so boring that day. So I start watching Digimon. I have chicken rice for my lunch, as I have asked my cousin went out "da bao" for me. (I trade him one OK!!!) Then I just watching Digimon and my empty blog for the whole afternoon.

Actually take leave is to study. But why I didn't? lol.... I tried not to stay at home. But... haiz... So today I stay home doing nothing good. When come to night time, I start reading blogs, giving comment and complete my own blog.


Today main topic here: My Dream Body Build (as promised in my comment on ICI's blog)

I don't like those muscular like Huge, so I won't let their picture appear in my blog.


The following guys' body are my dream body (my dream guy). Enjoy: -

[No. 1] Model build, nice and clear alinement (nice body and cute face)

[No. 2] Nice body shape (I want him to fuck me)

[No. 3] Model build, obvious and nice muscle (cute with nice body, nice to lie on him)

[No. 4] slim body, with 6packs (nice to hug)

[No. 5] Modeling build (cute face, just dont like the underwear)

[No. 6] Swimming guy body (body type that I like the most, molest him)

[No. 7] Sexy guy (nice to have sex with)

[No. 8] Just 100% nice, not too much (nice chest, nice body)

These pictures are just part of my collection. Many pictures are not allow to appear in this kind of public blog. haha. (you get what I mean). "Daily Topic" will be held upon request. Hope this is interesting.

Every blogger please choose the one you like. (NOT for room service, don't think too much) And please write down the reason.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Webcam Night!!!

26Nov2008, 3rd day of 5 working days, that mean wednesday. My job still the same, Scanning those old audit files. All my audit job has been done. I just waiting the holiday to come. So an idea come to my mind. Why don't I make use of my annual leave. Take leave for thursday and friday.
I have applying for study leave and exam leave from next monday (1/12/2008) to the following week wednesday (10/12/2008), in additional 2days of annual on 11/12 and 12/12 to have a good rest.
As my boss will not be in office until 6.00pm. So still got time for me to make decision. Today I have early lunch, so I didn't go for lunch with those auntie as we are in different department. So I just went with those boring auditors. We have 7 person in our department, 4 guys and 3 girls. Normally I will just talk to my sister, Suat Hoon (our supervisor) or Ong (a marriaged 30+ guy). Other than 3 of them, I don't really like to talk to others. Esspecially Chua, girlish, always molest me. I hate him. He is not handsome, but always act cool... like shit... But today, my sister on leave, Suat Hoon went out for auditing, so I have a boring lunch time.

Today I ate Singapore laksa. So nice, but a bit oilly. See picture below.

This picture look like micky right? (Use some imagination la plz!!!)

I really nothing to do after lunch. Just busy typing. Typing what? My blog, comment and msn lo... I always just keeping on smiling, stupid also know what m I doing la... haha... So don't talk something funny when I in office.

Finally my boss came back. And I have make my decision. I send in the leave form to my boss, and he approved it. Then I went for a nice big business. haha... About 7.30pm, my laby boss, my beautiful auntie, and I went for Yoga class.

From my office to Orchard Road's Pacific Plaza, I saw so many hot guy, cute guy and handsome guy. I really crazy. Hahaaaaa.... My YOGA class today not really nice. All the poses very easy, maybe too many novice tonight. Haiz... After my last class, end at 10.45pm, I went home.

Tonight when I go online, a guy, Calvin, from KL. Wanna view my cam. After showing him, he asked me show him my underwear. In the end, want me to DIY. Walau... But I tell him, not horny, can't make it hard, so he send me 4 of his naked pictures. haha... Then ask me to open my leg in front of the webcam and put 2 finger into my lovely hole. But in the end, he don't get to see. haha... Who knows, 1 of my friend from Melacca said want to see also. He also show me his webcam, but he didnt show me his cock, he just show his licking face on his webcam. Errr... But later on, I cum on my body. waaaaahhhh......

After that, he become my korkor. haiz......

Expenditure: -

HL milk - S$1.25

Lunch - S$6.40

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shiuji Akira 修二与彰!!!

Nobuta wo Producer
25Nov2008, I got nothing to do in my office. So I type a long posting for yesterday. I felt down after I finish my posting, because, recalled back many things. I hope I can see him again. As what you guy comment. I will go to know him.
After that, I get to read 형 폐하's blog. (형, you should know korean word right) haha... His blog remind me a japanese drama ~ 野猪大改造 Nobuta wo Producer. As the picture above, the main character is Shiuji 修二 (by Kamenashi Kazuya 龟梨和也) and Akira 彰 (by Yamashita Tomohiza 山下智久).
Shiuji (left) , Akira (right)
Shiuji is a famous guy in the school, and Akira isn't that well known, because he is quite silly (But no people know he is a rice man's son). Two of them aren't close at the start. When a girl come, all the people called her Nobuta (野猪), because she was very strange(Like picture below). And all the student in the school always tease her.
Shiuji and Akira were joined together to change her, and let every people in the school accept her. In the end they succeed, and three of them become good friend. But due to Shiuji's father's career. Shiuji have to leave Akira and Nobuta. But who knows Akira can't leave Shiuji, so he take personal helicopter, wait Shiuji at their new school. Shiuji thought he was dreaming when he saw Akira in the class. walau... so sweet.

So sweet???


But sorry, this drama is not talking about gay. Is friendship. Both of them are best friend like brother.

(The following just my imagination)

Both of them suddenly feel that they love each other, then kiss, and have sex. walau... Akira take off Shiuji's pants, then starting to lick his cock, then put the whole cock into his wet mouth. When Shiuji's become harder and harder, Akira sit on Shiuji, and put Shiuji wond into his lovely hole. Then Shiuji cum inside Akira.


hehe!!! 형and Kor!!! your didi, me, so naughty ho...

Ok... back to normal. After work, I take bus 107 opposite my office to Haugang Mall, to meet my so called best friend (My ex boyfriend's ex boyfriend - both of them start relationship behind of me) ~ click here for detail. He was late for 45mins. Because he said his boyfriend in KL don't let him to meet me. LOL... He have new relationship again. He buy me dinner tonight. After our dinner, we went to MC, and we go online with my labtop. He introduce me to play a game online. Which is a singing game, his boyfriend also playing it. LOL...

About 10pm, I went home. After bath, I quickly start my singing game. But first time playing I don't really know how to control. But is nice... Worth a try. Try it...

I sang until 2am, then ZZzzZZZZzzZZ.. (Later people can't wake up in the morning, my voice too sweet....hahahahahahaha)

Song that I sang: -

痛切心扉 - 张栋梁

Your Heart My Heart - 张栋梁

幸福的理由 - 张栋梁

爱不够 - 林峰

只对你有感觉 - 飞轮海

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Straight Shiuji VS Gay Shiuji

24Nov2008, the day I hate the most come again. This morning, I DIY again when I bath. @.@ Because I dream "something" last night. In chinese is called "what think in the day, will dream in the night" ("日有所思,夜有所梦").

Then I went to eat breakfast with my aunt. Today breakfast got 2choices, potato or curry chicken with bread. I chose curry chicken with bread, because my uncle's curry chicken is the best, although is vegetarian but is a lot more tasty then those real curry chicken selling out there. 2nd reason is, I won't eat myself, last time my sister in my secondary school used to call me potato. I miss her...

I have nothing to do in my office. Just scanning some files. So most of the time, I were "acting". Today lunch,

  • 2 of my colleagues from secretarial department, female, married, 30<>
  • 2 of my colleagues from accounts department, female, married, 35<> respectively;
  • 1 ME from audit department, male, single, bisexual, <20.>

These aunties knows that I love a girl who selling mixed rice at a restaurant near my office. That was before I become bisexual. Because I met this girl many times, First time was in FIR autograph session at IMM, second time was in FIR Concert, third time was in her father restaurant, forth at Kbox in Cinny leature.. and so on. But I have no balls to go and know her. But last week, I started to asked her something regarding to the FIR club. And from there, she knew me.

Today, we go to that restaurant again. Before I leave, she asked for my name, I was totally stun, I just answered. I asked for her name as well, but she look shy, so I went off. A few second later, I went back, and I asked for her name and number, she just gave me her name, her name is Jasleen Tiong. Just the name is nothing, so I asked for her msn instead of number. And I realised from her e-mail, today is her birthday. So I greet her happy birthday and I went back to office.


About 3pm, my sister in my office and I went to buy some flower, and I asked her to pass it to the girl when she on her way to the bank. I wrote my phone number in the card also. But there were no reply or miss call from her until now.

Aiya, thats girl, if she tell a guy who attached to her that today is her birthday. At least she will get 1 more gift right? ya...

I leave my office about 7pm. Everyday, I travel with MRT, I will surely walk in from the third door from the back. Actually there is a story behind.

During end of August, I have a auditing job at Tiong Bahru, and during that period, every Monday, Thursday, and Friday I will have to go for ACCA class at Aljunied SAA. A thursday that I went for auditing at the client's place. I left client's office about 6pm, reached Tiong Bahru MRT about 6.15pm.

Location, 3rd door from the back of MRT, I was standing right at the right side of the right door of MRT; Time, 6.30pm; venue, City Hall MRT. A cute guy wearing a blue long slift shirt, walk in from the 3rd left door from the back of MRT, and stand right beside me. My face were facing to the front of the train, and his face is facing to the right door, that mean facing me. I were slightly attached to him. My heart beat very fast.

Let discribe him, his height is about 180cm, not very slim, can see is quite nice body build, wondering which GYM he go. Skin is quite nice, not very white, light brown with some red. Double layer eye lips, middle size, high nose, middle size mouth, lower lips thicker than upper lips. So cute.

When I alight at Aljunied. He also follow behind me. When come to the stair, I can feel that he is very close behind of me. He follow me all the way until the end of the stair, he talk over, and become i follow him. I follow him all the way from MRT to SAA. He studied in the same school as me. All the way, he look back a few times. So happy can see his face. But my class room is at 2nd floor, his is higher, so I take the stair, he take the lift. When I come to 2nd floor, the lift door, open, he was inside. And I always remember him.

The following week, I back to my office, I leave my office by 6pm, reach City Hall MRT by 6.25pm. The train come by 6.30pm. Unexpectedly, while I was waiting the train in front of the 3rd train door from the back of the train, he alight from the train that come from Orchard, and he come and stand behind me. He wear a yellow shirt that day. So handsome. Then, he was behind me all the way to SAA.

The following week, City Hall MRT become very crouded because of F1. I wait for him to appeared. Seen all the train are full, I wait until 6.40pm. But he didn't, so I take the next train which was 6.42pm. Once I get into the train. The opposite train arived. And he appeared, he can't get into the train, because is full. So I just look out to him, he also look at me. He is wearing a pink shirt. Once, I reached Aljunied, I checked when the next train arrive. So I walk slowly and wait. But he didnt appear. Then I become very down. When come to the traffic light next to SAA. He is coming from the 2nd link to MRT with a Mr Bean pancake on his hand. So happy to see him again. I follow him all the way to SAA, but today he didnt take the lift, he climmed the stair with me. When I reached 2nd floor, I just look at him until he totally out of my sight.

The following wednesday, I went to Orchard with my colleague for Yoga class. We reached Orchard around 7.40pm, while we were walking toward Wisma, I saw him walking toward the MRT station, but he didn't see me. That day, he was wearing a white shirt. That how the god treat us. I saw him on wednesday, but I can't get to see him on thursday, he didnt appeared until 6.45pm.

Then the following monday, I walked slowly from MRT to SAA. Keep on imagining the way we have walk through. Until, come to the traffic light. I saw him again. He is wearing a dark blue shirt. I can't stop looking at him. I scared I can't see him any more, I follow him all the way to SAA. Today, we can take lift together, so happy, we were so close together. Sometime he will look at me once and change direction.. haha.. so cute. But come to 4th floor, he walk off from the lift and turn right. From MRT until my classroom, I keep on repeating the song "给我一首歌的时间". Thats why I love that song very much. That was the last time I see him.

The coming thursday, I didn't have mood to go school, I keep on waiting in front of the 3rd door. I don't know how many train I have let go. I just keep on waiting. But he finally didn't appear.

Everytime, when I walked in from the door, I will think of him. Stupid right?

I miss him!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Boring and Evenless Sunday!!!

23Nov2008, Actually, I have plan to study as well. But do I really study? Of course........................................................No! Sadly, I have been start watching my Digimon01 again from the moment after I have my breakfast.

Because I using to watch, so every episode will have to take sometime to load. Every loading time, I will go and read .....someone's blog. That blog makes me horny. Huh? lol!! There is 1 blog, while I was reading, my cock become hard. walau... So, I forget I was loading Digimon in the other window.

I was almost getting myself into the story, then forget lunch time has come. I wish to continue reading, and I comment on one post that I promise the blogger I will finish in one day. But I have date my aunt for lunch. So I just leave my labtop on.

While I m having my lunch at West Plaza, with my aunt family. My friend called me, asked me go to White Sand, because she want to return me my notes. That nice, I plan to get my "Eternal Summer" today. After I collected my notes. I went up to 3rd floor of White Sand. I found the DVD I want easily. But they are selling at S$20 for 2 DVD, so I have to push myself to get another DVD. I spent almost 30mins to get my second DVD, so difficult xia...

Then I went home and continue to watching my Digimon and continue the blog. About 7pm, I went to joined my cousin to watch TV program, because we all like that drama, “鹿鼎记”then continue with 综艺大哥大. Then I go take my bath. Maybe due to my imagination, while I m free, the image of the blog I read, will keep on in my brain, then I will feel horny. So I DIY when I bath. haha...

To wait my hair dry, I continue reading the blog and my digimon, but more story is coming behind, I feel horny again. I try to stop reading, and change back to Digimon. I stop my Digimon at episode 18. Seen I read the posting half way, so I finish it by controlling my imagination. But the wording was too strong. My cock hard again. Even, I was chating in MSN with a few friend, but they still can't take my concentration away from the blog. haha..

After I shut down my labtop, I DIY again. haha...たのしな。。。Maybe my imagination too strong, while I lie on my bed, my brain change the 2 main character in the blog to me and my "25 years old", I feel happy if he really love me that much. But that just dream.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eternal Summer!!!

I like this movie. "Eternal Summer"

22Nov2008, I wake up around 9.00am, eat breakfast with my aunt, uncle and my cousin, chat a bit with them, seen I have not seeing them for about 5 days, because I used to go home late. And my aunt and uncle sleep really early.

Then I login to my msn and and blogger. After reading a few blog and giving comment. I start to write my own blog for 21Nov2008. Once, I finish my blog, the lunch is ready, after my lunch I take out my notes and ready for study. But I know I can't study at home. Many things is attracting me. Especially my computer. OK... I went to search for Digimon01 video, I really miss this video, is nice.

But it link me to a video called "射蕉英雄传", it is a gay and les website advertistment... Then connect to a trailer called "Eternal Summer". After watching this trailer, I start to love this movie. And I plan to get this DVD tomorrow. HAHA...

Today I did nothing much, I planned to study, and I just read 1 page; I watched 10 episode of Digimon01; and I edited my blog, realised it? nice mah? haha... Remember to rate my post after reading.. haha...

After joining this blog group, reading so many bloggers' blog, my jealousy become more and more stronger. All people have his own lover, I don't have; they are loving by so many people, I don't have. Sad leh... Esspecially, "小乌龟" and "粉红海豚".Esspecially the cute "pink dolphin", he has a cute hubby. haiz... He really make me jealous the most. But I really like his blog... So sweet. Like story book. But this is life. I m not that lucky like him.


Expenditure: -

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Tree In The Air!!!

21Nov2008, Although Friday has finally come, but seems like still nothing special. I am really free in the office, just acting busy for the whole morning. Reading blogs, giving comment. I really feel jealous to other people in They have so many kisses. I still remain less than 30kisses.... T.T Altough my profile has viewed by 100+ times, but my kisses just 30+, T.T... haha...

Today I found a new blogger again. I feel jealous to him too. Because he also have his true love. Haiz... Beside this, 小乌龟 told me he like this name. haha. So happy....

Today lunch, we went to Suntec City's Food Count again, I ordered Korean food - Saba fish set. I like saba fish a lot, and kimchi as well. Then we went to the main lobby of Suntec City. All my colleagues went to a shop to look for pillow and stuff. And I was standing outside the shop, taking the following picture: -

Christmas Tree In The Air!!! SO NICE!!!

Christmas Tree In The Air!!!

I like the way that Suntec decorated for this year Christmas. I don't know how it look in the night!!! Should be very nice right? So cartoon, like in the dream.
About 4pm, some of my colleagues wanted to buy some drink at Mr Bean, because they have discount vouchers, and my beautiful auntie lazy to walk down. So I was asked to go for her, seen I have a free drink if I go. haha. And I have a license to walk out from the office at this time, because my manager also want to buy. HAHA... funny office...
I bought 2 cups of honeydew soya milk, 2 cups of watermelon soya milk, 1 red bean pancake, 1 kaya pancake and 1 tuna pancake at Mr. Bean, then I went QiJi to buy 2 cups of Kopi'o' Gau. Everything become so cheap with those vouchers. each cup of drinks just less than S$1. Walau...
About 6.30pm, my manager and I met my sister at opposite of Shaw Tower, then we walked to City Hall MRT, because we having classes at True Yoga of Pacific Plaza, at Orchard Road. The first class was from 7.30pm to 8.30pm, Boolywood Dance. This was the first time I been to this Boolywood Dance, As what I heard from my sister, there should have 1 or 2 guy in the class, but today there have a guy except me. walau.... And I stand at the middle of the room. Walau....万众绿中一点红... About 20+ girl, women, lady, mdm are around me... Nevermind, I just enjoy the dance, because I like dancing.
Then my manager and I stay for the next class, which is from 8.45pm to 9.45pm, Ashtanga Yoga (B). This yoga is slightly difficult than Hatta yoga (B). After doing this yoga, I can feel that my muscle are very tired and they are screming badly. haha....
After the class end, I take MRT to Haugang and change to bus89, straight to the nearest bus stop near my home. After my nice shower, I wanted to write today's posting, but I was too tired and dozed off at the sofa, with my labtop beside me. That was around 12.30am.
Expenditure: -
HL Milk - S$1.25
Saba Fish set - S$6.00
Tuna Pancake - S$1.20

Friday, November 21, 2008


20/11/2008, Finally 4/5, All my job in the office have been done, so most of my time just acting in my office.

Today lunch time, we went to a restaurant opposite Bugis Junction to have our lunch. Six of us ordered a bowl of curry chicken, and we bought a pack of bread from Cheers next door, and we shared these food among six of us. haha... As picture below.

A bowl of curry chicken and bread!!!

Six of us sharing it!!!

Actually, we are acting to show our boss, how poor we are... No la... We are waiting for our main dish. After lunch, we follow the girl and women to next door to window shop. Then we get back to our office to work.
After work, I went to Califonia Feetness at Bugis. First I go and choose a locker, I wish to choose 240, because 240 is my house no. at Ipoh. But I used by someone, so I choose 239. After change, I went for clumbing machine, cycling machine and so on (I don't how to name them), every machine I do for 10mins. About 8.50pm, I went for their Hatta Yoga class. This class is not so callanging, all the poses are quite easy, I like the instructor in True Yoga more than this, maybe they sound professional.
The class end about 9.50pm, then I went to used those equipment to train some muscle at my arms (because I have ByeBye肉,蝴蝶秀) and less some fat at my stomach. About 10.15pm, I went for steam bath, I really enjoy steam bath, esspecially sometime there are some handsome and cute guy inside, but most of the time is jurrasic park. Walau.... After steam bath, I went for a nice shower. Then go home.
Once I reached home, I went to change in the toilet, sunddenly my mind asked me to take some top naked picture for myself, and I really did...walau... (want to seee.... nah)
Something important, my friend realize that I always talk about him at my lunch time, just like taking him as a main dish everyday. So, I won't eat him anymore. 小乌龟 ok le mah? Precisely, I really like to eat 龟苓膏. haha...
Expenditure: -
HL Milk - S$1.25
Lunch - S$4.50
Fruit - S$1.25

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Love Day!!! YOGA Day!!!

19Nov2008, This morning, once I wake up, my uncle already get ready for a bowl of YongSam (洋参水) for me and asked me to get a bottle to work. Because last night I told him that I got pimples at my back and on my chest, then he told me to sleep earlier, because inside my body is very "heaty" (发热气,虚火重). Then I ate pumpkin cake that my aunt steamed last night for my breakfast. My morning was full of love. arhhhhhhhh.............

When I reached my office, I wanted to share my YongSam with my brother (actually is my sister in my office), because she was also sick. But she asked the YongSam is too salty and bitter, and she don't want it. So, in the end, I drank all myself, drinking all the love.

Every wednesday, our department will have early lunch, at 11.45am, so we went to Twin Brother Restaurant (I forget what is the restaurant name, but is operated by a pair of twin brother, so we just called Twin Brother Restaurant...haha) I ordered 生面,quite nice. Then we went to buy fruit at Mr Bean, but today I brought papaya, help my digestion, and today Mr Bean have free greentea ice-cream, for testing only....

Actually they give quite much, but I forget to take a picture before I eat...haha...

Around, 4pm, I saw “25 years old" online again. So I brave up and type: "hihi, why currently online so often geh?" But there isn't any reply. Haiz...

Around 6.30pm, my sister and I went to Mr Bean again to buy our dinner, I bought a tuna pan cake and a cup of less sugar soya milk; whereas my sister bought a nut pan cake, 2 pineapple biscuits, and a cup of normal soya milk. But the shop keeper mixed up two cups of soya milk. So, we just random pick. But my sister got mine, and I got hers. Nevermind, is good for her, seen she was sick, so better don't brink too many sugar.

After I have my dinner, I realised my stomach "collect air"(进风) again. Is true... Everytime, after my lunch, I sure stomachache, then I must go to toilet to give out the air. I really don't know why. I sure not big business.

Around, 7.30pm, my manager and I went for Yoga class at Pacific Plaza. By right, my sister and a beautiful auntie will go along with us, but today both of them put plane...haiz... Once we reached Ochard Road, I saw all the decoration for chirstmas have already nicely decorated. All the buildings and trees have put on lighting. So nice. (Picture will be upload~ next month) @.@

The class today seems normal, but all the poses are really stretching the muscles. I really enjoy it. Esspecially the moment when all the poses are done, which is the relaxing part, if the instructor don't keep on talking, I will slightly dozed off.

My first class was gentle yoga (8.30 to 9.30pm), second class was Hatta yoga (B) (9.45 to 10.45pm). And today I finally find out that True Yoga also have steam

I reached home around 11.45pm, but I felt a bit hungry, so I went to the refrigerator to have some pumpkin cake, put there is no leave, but I saw ham. *.* Altough is cool, but is eatable, because it is vegetarian ham. Then I take bath, finish studying the chapter I have not done. Then I sleep around 1am.

Expenditure: -

  • HL Milk - S$1.25
  • Lunch - S$4.50
  • Fruit - S$1.20
  • Green tea ice-cream - Free
  • Dinner - S$2.20

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Waiting!!! Waiting!!! Waiting!!! Waiting for friday!!!

18/11/2008, 2nd day of standard life style (2/5) slow...

When I opened my eye... I realised the time was already 8.00am. And I was so "W.O.L.S." that I didn't realised I was late. After 10sec of dreaming, I jumped up from my bed, grap my shirt and ran to the toilet.
Actually, I have my evening schedule for normal working days. Which is: -

Monday - Watching dance competition at channel U by 8pm
Tuesday - GYM at Califonia (before 8th Dec)
Wednesday - YOGA class at True Yoga
Thursday - GYM at califonia (before 8th Dec)
Friday - Date friend or go home

Today is tuesday, by right, after work, I should go to GYM. But maybe too rush. I forget to bring my sport shoe. I realised this when I reached my office.
Everyday, when I reach my office, I will on my labtop > sign in to MSN > check mail. After checking mail, I will open up my work file, prepare to start my work. At the same time, I will login to, to check my friends update, then follow by Boring right?
But currently I start with something special. Which is this blog. After all the things have been done, I will start reading kevin's blog, leaving comment. Then I will start typing my own. But today, I start waiting for Kevin's posting from the Morning. But there wasn't any update until the noon, then I start wondering what is he doing. Is he having fun with his boyfriend, so no time to post? T.T; Is any sudden things happen to him? @.@ (haha... Now I wondering what would you comment later)
Today, we went to Suntec's food court to have our lunch. One of my colleague and I eat Korean's food, 2 each Ipoh Kuetio, 2 each YongTauFu... After lunch we go Mr Bean buy fruit again (watermelon again). (Boring leh)...
After I came back from lunch, I continue to wait for Kevin's posting. Altough no undate until the evening, but I saw him sign in to MSN. huuuuuuuuu.... Seen tonight I can't go for GYM, so I work until 8pm. Before, I leaving my office, I went to toilet and took the followings pictures: -



When I reached Pasir Ris, I went to the AXS machines to pay my handphone bill, but don't know what happen to the stupid machine, it can't recognised my ATM card, so I just keep on trying. Don't know after trying X times. The transaction finally done. Then I went to buy a cup of "watermelon + carrot" juice, and walk home.

From MRT station walk to my home will take me about 20mins. Instead of taking lift, I choose to walk by stair, that isn't a difficult job, I live at the highest floor of the building, just 13th floor, easy job. haha...

Once I reached home, I smell pumpkin cake, walau... My aunt cook pumkin cake for our breakfast tomorrow. Although I like pumpkin cake, but I don't like to eat pumpkin. haha.. I reached home that early, I planned to study, but my cousin downloaded some new map of warcraft. Attract me to find out what so fun. haha....

But finally, about 11.45pm, I went to bath, then at the time I waiting my hair to dry, I took my note out from my bag and start revision. Once I finished the first chapter exercise. I went to sleep. And that is about 1am...(quite early)

Expenditure: -

HL Milk - S$1.25

Korean Food - S$5.00

Fruit - S$1.20

Telephone bill - S$46.85

Fruit juice - S$2.20

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Don't Like Monday!!!

17Nov2008...WHY!!! Why monday come every week. But if don't have monday, tuesday won't come. walau...

After two days of holiday, today come to monday, but my heart still left with sunday. But still I have to bring my heart back to office. So, here I start my first day(1/5) of standard life style.

Working people don't have wonderful story, and that is true, esspecially for those who work in the office. Everyday walk into office by 9am, walk out by 6pm. "stardard".... Maybe, lunch time might be slightly different.
In the morning, while I m working. I login to to listen FIR's songs, because I like their songs a lot. While I listening "你很爱他" and "死心的理由", suddenly my tears come out unknowingly. These songs let me think of my sad things again.
Around, 12pm, Bugis rain heavily, so we just have our lunch at the ground floor of our office building (Shaw Towers). We went to a Thaifood restaurant, one of my colleague and I ate fried glassnoodle, and the other 6 ate pineapple fried rice. Although we have made reservation and advance order half hour before our lunch time, but still, we have to wait for another half an hour. So that make my colleague become mad. But for me is Ok, as long as my PSP is with me. But sadly, one of my colleague (my sister), confiscate it, maybe she jealous. haha... After lunch, we went to buy fruit (I bought watermelon) and went back to office.
Everyday after lunch, I will login to to read Kevin's blog. Reading his blog has become part of my life. haha.. But today, finally I saw Kevin comment on my post, I was so excited at that moment. haha..
Today is really cold out there, so I put on my jacket, and I took a picture. (See below)

So cold out there!!!
Around 5pm, I saw "25 years old" online again. (to know who is "25 years old", please refer to the post on 17/11/2008-Monday) But I really don't know what to say. So, I just open his MSN window, and look at his display picture. I really miss him. Even while I m seeing my old friend's pictures at facebook, I will suddenly see my friend's face as his face. Then my tears start coming out. Maybe both of them quite look alike (50%).
Around 7pm, I rush home to watch the dancing competition on Channel U. I like that program a lot, because I like dance. And I have my dinner at the same time (This called TV mixed rice). Today my aunt cook corn fried egg, it heard special, but it is really nice, haha, I love it.
Finally, I m willing to start my study to get ready for my exam in the beginning of December. But after reading the first chapter, and ready to do some exercise question, I dozed off. Walau.. Reading is really a tough job to me.
Sleep...ZZzzZZzzZZzzzzzZZZ (And that was just 12am, so early)
Expenditure: -
HL milk - S$1.25
Lunch - S$5
Fruit - S$1.20
Travel - unknown (count monthly)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sad Memory & Scary Night

16Nov2008, I woke up around 11am. horrible memory has slightly gone, but I still can't forget his face and his lips. Am I still loving him. I don't know. But what I can make sure is, I won't go back to the treater.

Something really funny when I first wake up, I picked up my phone and I saw a missed call. It was my cousin's missed call, but she was in the house, why she called me? Haha... Actually, at the time she called me, she wasn't at home seen last night. Wau... And she remind me for the food fair at Expo. So I planned to go to Singapore Expo in the evening to meet up another cousin. Because there is sometime I have not been meeting her and her son. And my aunt miss Eden (my cousin's son) so much, so my aunt and my uncle also join my trip to Expo.

Around 12pm I login to my MSN, and something make me feel happy, supprise, and confuse. Because I saw "25 years old" online.

"25 years old" :-
First aj guy I met face to face in my life. I know him from G4M. He is nearly to be my dream boy. His appearance brought me happiness and sadness. But actually the happiness is created by myself, and the sadness is also brought by the happiness that I created.

When we first know each other in G4M, we just know each other live in Pasir Ris, but in the 3rd message he sent to me in G4M, he told me he live in Block 640, and I live in 639. He live in 12th floor, and I live in 13th. I really happy at that time, and we exchange phone number. Then we started smsing at that moment.

He is really cute, he even apologize for not replying my sms in the night before, because he dozed off while smsing me on the bed. And we started to sms until I start working. After work, we continue to sms. I really hope to see him, so I skip my class half way, and rush home, around 10pm, I asked him to meet at first floor of block 640. But I was mistaken that the block I always tought is 640 was actually 641, 640 is next to 641.

"Before meeting him, he said he wish to hug me, wish to kiss me. But now, his arm and his lips, will forever become my dream."

I asked him to walk over to 641, because I want to show him my secret place. Which is a corner at the first floor of block 641. When he walk over, he just walk pass me, and he don't really know the guy sitting there is me. At that time, I know, I m 100% out of his "imagination me". Because I am totally different from the picture. But he is exactly what I imagine, I fall in love with him unknowingly.

He is a english tuitor. So he always speak in english, so I also push myself to speak in english, and it makes me feel very unconfertable. We talk about our aj life, his boyfriend, his job and thats all. So we just talk for about 30mins, then he went off, because he said he haven't take him dinner. Between the time he left and the time I sleep, I didn't receive any reply from him, neither in G4m nor SMS. Until the next morning, I received 2 SMS from him until now. And I still remember the last SMS he sent me was ">.<". There isn't any reply from him anymore, he stop picking up my phone as well.

After a few month, I tried to call him again, I felt happy when he picked up my phone, but, he asked: "who are you?" And I know he has forget me and delete my contact from his phone. When he know is me, he just use a stupid escuse to explain, and hang up the phone.

Until today, I finally saw him login his MSN, I think he just has his computer back, because last time he told me, his computer has sent for repair, so will not login to MSN, and he just can use his ITouch to login G4M. But I tried to send message to his G4M and SMS him before, but there wasn't any reply.

So, I just keep looking at his display picture, and wondering for sometime. Then finally I type out his name and sent out. But he still don't know that is me. So his reply speed is very fast. But once I told him who m I, his reply speed become 1mins/reply. Just 2 messages were replied from him, and thats all.

I know, to touch his lips and connect to his arm, will now forever become my dream, and never come true.

Around 3.30pm, my aunt, my uncle and I went to Expo for the food fair. Although my aunt and my uncle are vegetarian, but they like going to food fair - to try free coffee. There were so many people there, but I very enjoy to suiz there, because got a lot of handsome guy, cute guy, beautiful girl, and cute girl.

Around 5.30pm, my cousin's family reached Expo. We went for dinner at a HongKong restaurant. I ordered HongKong milk tea and egg tat, my uncle and aunt ordered vegetarian fried rice and YuanYang, and my cousin's family ordered 2 different pasta.

When we finish eating, all people went to MPH warehouse sales, and I bring my nephew to toilet, he is a 5years old small guy. After he finished his business, then I called him wait for me behind me, but after he washed his hand, he just went out. So, I just finish quickly and chase after him. But I cann't see him when I walked out from the gents. Because there were too many people.

At first, I felt very nervous, and cann't even think where will he go. So I just tried cool down and think. Suddenly, something come to my mine, I just rush to the coordinate where we last seeing his parent. And he really there. I ran to him and hug him tight. But he still seems like nothing and laugh to me. But he apologize to me, when I told him how worried I am just now.

Expenditure: NIL

Sleep: 7hours

from Pasir Ris to Singapore Expo
Bus (3person)

from Singapore Expo to Pasir Ris
Car (6person)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fantastic K Night

15thNov2008, the second I wake up, I still remember what happen yesterday, but the memory went out from my brain after a while. By right I should go to SimLim with my cousin to get his PSP and mouse, then I will meet another cousin at Suntec City. But suddenly my friend Wayne and Feeby called me up to sing K at Downtown East.

About 4.00pm I take bus358 to Downtown East, about 15mins, I reached Downtown East. But I spent about 15mins to find the Kbox, because I have never been there before. After I make reservation for 4paxs KDinner which start from 5.30pm to 10pm, I rush down to the enterance of Downtown East to picked up Feeby. And then we went back to the enterance of Kbox to wait for Wayne and his girlfriend. But around 5.30pm, Wayne and his girlfriend just leaving his home at Aljunied. That have to take him another 30mins to reach Downtown East. Therefore, I and Feeby went in and worm up our trunk first. haha

The KRoom that I first went in tonight

But luckily, I have not enough small room for use, therefore, they give us a 35persons K Room. That K Room is very big, there is also a Pool corner within the room. But such a big room just with 2 person inside, causing the room to be very cool. The first song I sang was "说好的幸福呢" by Jay. And then, I asked Feeby to sing "小酒窝 (by JJ and AhSa)" with me, this song is so soft and sweet. And I love to listen Feeby voice. After Feeby sing this song, she also start loving this song, therefore, we sang 3 times in the whole night.

K front view of the Kroom

Around 6.00pm Wayne and her girlfriend came. Then I use Wayne's phone to take the picture of the Kroom for my blog. Around, 6.30pm, we request to change to a smaller room, because the waiter said this room in under reservation of other people, we just temporary using it, and we will have to change to a smaller room around 6pm. And this room is very cool, if there is just 4person in the room. But I really like this room a lot.

After we change to smaller room which just next to the big room, we start ordering drinks and food. Tonight I ate so much japanese food that I like, e.g. takoyaki, tempura, salmon rice, ice-cream....


Seafood Salad



Around 10pm we left Downtown East, and we walked back to Pasir Ris MRT. On our walking journey, I and Feeby can't stop singing, we really like singing, and I really like her voice.

Tonight I feel really happy, because I sing many songs that I like and I really like to sing. After I sing, I will feel very happy.

Songs that I sang: -

爱不够 - 林峰
爱在记忆中找你 - 林峰
给我一首歌的时间 - Jay
说好的幸福呢- Jay
小酒窝 - JJ
发现爱 - JJ
情花开 - 张栋梁
痛切心扉 - 张栋梁
你那么爱她 - 李圣杰
瓶盖 - 林宇中
经歌金曲2 - 古巨基

I will add on while I remember.

Expenditure: -

KBox - S$45
Travel - Unknown

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Boyfriend VS My Best Friend

14Nov2008, I woke up at the same time which is 7.40am, I went to bath, hair do, prepare everything for my friday - last working day for a week. I put on my MP3 (my PSP) and leave my home at the same time, 8.20am.

That wasn't any big difference, I took 5mins bus travel to Pasir Ris MRT station, and 25mins of MRT travel to Bugis (because my office is at Beach Road), after alighted at Bugis Station, I walked to my office, it takes me 10mins to reach my office, therefore normally I reach my office by 9.15am, But I always wrote that I reach office by 9.05am or 9.10am, just depend on what time the previous colleague wrote. Everyday, while I'm on my way to my office, I will surely go to 7eleven to buy a pack of S$1.25 HL milk. And drink while I m walking to my office.

Today once I reach the lobby of my office building, I saw many people walked out from the emergency escape door, then I knew that the lift was not working again, and this time was even worse, all the lifts in the building were not working, include the fire lift. So there wasn't any way to reach my office at 24th floor. After half an hour, all the lift back to normal, so today I reach my office by 9.40am.

In my office, already full of X'mas feel, we already start discussing for the X'mas gift exchange session, and unluckily, I have to buy present for 1 of my colleague who named SiokAi, she is a 35+-years old lady. She always try to say something to laugh at me, so I really don't know what should I buy for her, she treat me quite good actually. And I'm wondering who is going to buy my present. haha...

After work, I leave my office about 7.00pm, and I took bus 107 opposite by office building (shaw Towers) to Haugang, And I reach Haugang bus interchange about 8.00pm. And my best friend already waiting me there. Then we went to Haugang Mall's food count to have our dinner. Because my friend is sick, therefore I try to buy something not spicy or fried food, so I bought two bowls of salmon rice with miso mee set + steam egg.

We go online with my labtop, we go to see cute and handsome guy, haha... I use his MSN account to chat with a china guy on behalf of my friend - =.= The china guy is currently studying at SMU I think, and my friend have already have sex with him before. Quite a nice guy, not that bad.

Around 10.00pm, we leave the food count and walk to bus interchange, while we are sitting there waiting for bus. My friend receive a call from a guy who currently chasing after my friend. My friend give me listen to their conversation through the other side of his eyephone. This guy in the phone is a most worse person I ever seen in the earth. He said my friend is the most urgly person in the world so he won't love my friend, and he ask my friend to give him money right in the phone, from my friend, he told me that is his characteristic, he even scold her mother and grandma. Horrible, tarrible, vegetable...

After that my best friend told me, I did something very sorry for me. At first, he don't want to tell me, because he scared I will angry with him. But I swear I won't, and I told him, beside he have sex with my boyfriend, other than that is OK. But the truth is even worse. After brought by friend twice to see my boyfriend. After the second time, they have fall in love with each other. My boyfriend see him more than seeing me, kiss him more than me, have sex with him more than me. Although from what my friend told me, my boyfriend still love me more than him, he put me as the first, he as the second, but who can really accept.

But I have promise my friend, I won't angry with him, and I did. But after I get onto a bus, I cried. All the journey from Haugang to my home, I non-stop thinking how they date. Luckily, I have a good cousin, after I reached home. He keep on doing many funny things to make me happy, although he don't know what has happen.

Even worse, my "best friend" even blame me, I slightly make him loss a friend. Because I go and asked "Keon" something between them. - Kean is a guy live in KL. Now, he still don't know whos fault is that. He even told me, he love my boyfriend very much right in front of me.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome!!! 1st posting to my 1st blog!!!

I took this picture with my handphone "W800i" from my webcam last month. Because that day I was so boring, and don't really know what to do.

This is the first time I create blog, and this message is my first posting. I don't really know what to write in my blog, and I don't know what should I write in my blog.

Anyway, many things that I wish to tell but don't know who to tell. And I don't know who is willing to listening to me, and willing to understand me. Sometime, I feel very lonely, the only thing I can do is, put on my mp3 (actually is my PSP), listen to the songs that I like, so, music is my only friend that know me the most.

So now I choose to tell all my story in this blog, hope someone who read my blog can give some comment.

To be me isn't a simple mission, many personal things are confusing me everyday, and still I cann't let anyone know. Esspecially my bisexual life. I really scared my friend will leave me, if they find out I m bisexual.

Therefore, everythings regarding to this topic will either keep in my heart, or telling to someone who are categorise under "Other" & "Other2" in my MSN contact list. Those people who I categorized under these 2 catagories are my aj (gay) and bisexual friends who I know from g4m, "" and "". So, I m not really close to them, I don't even know who are they. I just chat to them on MSN.

People that I chat the most "Top Three" are (just under "Other" & "Other2"):-

"Caterpillar" - I know him from "trevv". A Cameron guy who working in KL. As I know him from our conversation in MSN. He has no aj history, no sex with guy, no kissing with guy and no boyfriend before. Quite a nice guy, but always busying with his HongKong drama series. If he is in Singapore, I am willing to give all my love to him (maybe).

"Kevin" - I know him from "". A Vancouver guy. He is very nice, look smart, handsome, cute and....... one phrase can explain: "human dream lover". Sounds too much. I don't know why, I feel headache when I m reading him blog this morning. I try many ways to stop my headache, and the only way that really stop it was, stop reading his blog. Maybe is due to my imagination on his story. "I really feel sad after reading that blog. Haiz"

"尖尖" - I know him from". A KL guy working in Melacca. A cute guy, I don't know what is he really busying with. He can suddenly stop chating for a long period of time, his "busy" always come out of sudden.
By sharing with a little bit of my personal life. Hope I can find out my own from this blog. And I wish this will be a good start for my blog.