Sunday, June 28, 2009

KL Trip "21st ~23rd June 2009"

Time pass fast, especially happy time. I have no time to update my blog since after my last post on 15th June 2009.

15th to 19th June ~ Time were totally scheduled with appointment and gym.

Monday, birthday celebration at Kbox for colleagues,
Tuesday school sign up for July intake,
Wednesday packing my luggage at home,
Thursday final workout before my long holiday,
Friday prepare for the flight next day.

20st to 23rd June ~ KL

23rd to 27th June ~ Ipoh

While I were in Malaysia, my time were all gave to my friends and families, don't even have time to touch the computer. You can see how famous am I. LOL

During this journey, I experienced a lot of things. First time taking flight, first time taking train in KL, first time taking express train from KL to Ipoh, first time travelling alone, first time driving during rush hour in city.


On 20st June, I traveled alone from Singapore to KL by flight. That was the first time I traveling alone to a stranger place and first time taking an airplane. And I were so lucky because I got the window seat. hehe.

The flight I take (No money take expensive airline)

view from my seat

Around 4.30pm, I reached Malaysia LCCTerminal. After getting my lugage, I walked straight to buy ticket to Puduraya. Although it just cost RM8, the flight cost S$30; but the flight traveled 40mins whereas the bus takes 1hour plus just to reach Puduraya from LCCT. OMFG...

After my auntie pick me up at Puduraya, we walked around at ZhiChongGai (China Town of KL). They sell a lot of pirated branded things. Levi's watches, LV's bags, Nike shoes... and many... I got my Levi's digital watch. haha.... Becuase JongHyun also wearing it.

On 21nd June, I date this cute and dearly friend at Time Square, then we walk all the way to Pavilion. I missed him so much, although I just met him during my previous journey to KL in May. We eat IceCream in this Japanese dessert restaurant at the basement of Pavilion, then we went shop in Pavilion. We both bought a white long pents at PDI's Seeds. He bought 29", I bought 30"... (Dear, just 2 more inches, I will catch up with you)

My dearly friend's ice cream

My sundae

We have our dinner at a japanese restaurant at Pavilion. While we were eating, we found a cook really looks like Mr.R (The guy I like until now). I were trying so hard to snap a photo of him, but I were too shy, and seems like people around realised that...(SHY)

See that lengcai cook?

Sen dear and Shiuji
(I exchange this photo from him by changing my sundae's photo, because the previous one can see him)

he is cute right

Then my dearly friend brought me to take train to KL Sentral, then I changed to KTM train myself back to Kepong Sentral to my auntie house. This is my first time taking train in KL. Can't forget the jungle smell when the door open... LOL

22nd June went to my cousin plxace to do facial. Spent 3hours plus there, because my face really horrible. Then take a express train back to Ipoh on 23rd June.

My train ticket

I m so disappointed I can't see my menly gorgor ~ Yannick and my boyish sifu ~ Daren.
(really hope to see them...)

Yan gorgor

Daren sifu

P.S. Next time I won't bring any hope to meet someone, at least I won't get dissapointed while that person didn't appeared in the end.

Monday, June 15, 2009

幸福的距离 Distance of Happiness!!!

刘畊宏 - 幸福的距离

This song is very romantic. How much I wish to sing this song to Mr. R. But I don't think I will have the chance.

Once I heard of this song in the church in the morning (click here to know more), I immediately went to download once I reached home. Can see how much he love his wife.

I don't know how much is my love. But I always wish him good. As a normal human, when the person you love break with his current lover, one should feel happy, because you have a chance; but I feel so nervous when he break with his lover, I tried to ask both of them the reason, hope they can attach back (that wasn't my business at all, why so gehpoh "busybody").

I heard of many miracle of praying to god from those Christian. Suddenly I feel like praying for my miracle. All along I never trust on any religion, I am a non-religion person, but today, I wish my pray really come true.

I wish we have more topic to talk with,
I wish I can know him more,
I wish he could understand me,
I wish he always healthy,
I wish he always happy,
I wish he succeed in his everything.

I give up all that god gave me to pray him my wish.
As long as he is happy, no matter how far is our distance, I will feel the happiness.


I used to be a member of City Harvest Church, because my cousin brought me once I came to Singapore. But she left the church once I joined. After that I used my own way to disappeared from the church, because I kinda don't really like the people there. To me there are quite faked and some how too physical.


Recently, one of my cell group member in City Harvest told me FIR are going to the church again. Actually, I didn't plan to go back, because I scared they keep on calling me to go church again after that (thats the reason I gotto make myself disappeared that time).

But they are very intelligent, they went to asked my friend to go (Because I brought my friend there before because of FIR). But my silly friend can't stand the attraction of FIR, he confirmed his attendance. In the end, I have to go with my friend, I can't let my friend go alone, because my friend don't really know them, and my friend get involve is also due to me, I brought him there last time. I GOTTO RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT!!!

This Sunday morning I woke up super early to dress up myself. I wore a white contrast baseball T-shirt, grey tight jeans, white shoe, with korean style long vests and a black flower metal pin. The korean style long vests was just bought in the day before, I spent $195 dollars in one apparel shop ~ "Options". I bought: -
  • korean style gray tight long sleeve shirt with long scarves joined at one side
  • black smart flat cap
  • korean style long vests
  • black flower metal pin
  • tight knee 2/3 length white pents
I wore 2 out of 5 new items. SUPER GIVE FACE OK!!!

Once I reach there, I were standing in front of the enterance to wait for my friend. And I saw so many lengcai passed by, and I can feel some of them are gay... LOL... Once we went in the meet my ex-cell group members, they were stun and supprised, because I slim down so much and so fashion already. My ex-cell group leader was sitting just next to me, kinda feel that he is gay. Scared! Scared! (Not my type of lengcai, for those silly girls in the church might think he is lengcai, anyway he is a male cell group leader, and in the church there rarely have male cell group leader, girls in church always want their husband to be more spiritual then themselves)

I saw many local and oversea singers came to the church, including: FIR, 刘畊宏,Vanness Wu, Milk (Energy), and some that I don't really know.

Always the best group in my mind, just waiting their new album (they said still recording). But they sang 月牙湾 again, this song is always my favourite song.

Now I found out he is actually very lengcai... haha

His voice is amazing, and is totally different from his appearance (by look he is damn hot, which make you think his voice should be very men), but his love song is super sweet, esspecially 幸福的距离 which he sang to his wife today. (click here to see his 幸福的距离's MV) Very lengcai...^^

Milk (Energy)
I found that he is quite cute in real. LOL

We sang a lot of pray songs also. Actually, I quite enjoy the moment singing in the church. But I really can't take the people there. Too faked, realistic and physical.

You no longer in the church, you no longer their friend.
You leave the church, you are Satan.

Anyway, I agreed I m really a Satan, an angel appearance with devil's wings (as photo at the top). Nice...

Lengcai like angel but with devil's wing and heart (Final Fantasy ~ Sephiroth)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lonely Tree!!!

Please, Dont Go - SHINee












Suddenly feeling to post in Chinese, because recently reading too much Chinese note in that written by most of my friends.

Not going to translate it. Because my English really poor.

P.S. Anyone willing to translate for me?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sorry Shiuji!!!

Run - Leona Lewis

I just realized I don't know Shiuji. I don't know what he really need, what he really want.

What I really need? I don't know...
What I really want? I don't know...
Am I too lonely? Most probably...

Sometime too lonely will drive me to do something that will make me regret for the whole of my life. Many people asked me, why are you so desperate to have a boyfriend? Because I really scared of lonely.

Suddenly feeling like telling a story here.


Longtime ago, there was this little boy who are not accepted by others. Because, he is ugly on his face, poor in game, evil in the heart. He never has a friend to play with him, not even while PE lesson, no one are willing to form a group with him. So everyday he just play alone behind the school store room with his best friend ~ a old beach ball, while others were playing football or basketball at the field.

Because he was too lonely, anyone or anything can easily catch his interest. So there comes a 40+ uncle wanna play with him. At start this boy refused the offer of that uncle, but the uncle keep on approaching him. So finally he accepted to play with that uncle, and game wasn't fun at all. After just a few minutes, that uncle kick that ball out to the fence.

Without helping the boy to pick the ball, he just said sorry and went off. After that, the boy swear never play with stranger again and he start saving his pocket money to buy a new ball.

After a year, this little boy used up all his saving in the year to buy himself a new and nice ball. Although one year has past, but still no one are willing to play with him. So he gotto hide behind the school store room to play alone.

One day, when this boy was playing happily. A 40- uncle approached him to play the ball with him. Maybe that boy was over lonely and he forgotten about the old lesson, he once again accept the uncle offer. This uncle even worse, he kick the ball out to the fence, without saying sorry and he left. From that day onwards, the little boy hate uncle from the bottom of his heart.


I wanna tell sorry to Shiuji, because I did something even worse to him.

Just now on my way home, when I was sitting in the MRT, lying my head on the window, I think of the sweet moment I saw this morning, which is two boys were sitting together on the MRT, and one was lying his head on the other, and reflect back to what I did just now? At that moment, I was totally burst. I don't know why I can do something like that.

So I sms my sister in my office. She was so worried after receiving my sms, she keep on calling me, but I never dare to pick up. I don't want to talk, because I find myself so dirty and my mouth so smelly. So I just replied her, telling her that I'm ok. And she replied: -

No matter what happen, I will not feel you are "dirty".. I will always beside you. Just tell me if you want to. Don't think of all the bad things. Remember you still got me as your sister.

Once I read this sms, I totally burst with tears, I immediately close my eyes to control my tears flowing out. I really regret what I just did. I found myself ugly, weak, stupid, dirty and useless. My brain was blank, I don't know what had happen, just don't want to see myself in the mirror.

After a minutes plus, my sister sent me another sms: -

Shiuji, Don't be not happy ok? After 12am is another brand new day for you.. If you think you are dirty just go to take bath.. Maybe I am more dirty than you.. Must be happy.. I wish to see you as a happy guy.

I don't know after today, I still have the chance to see my own true smile or not. What I just know is... People never see my sad side.

I tried to make myself happy, I walked into 7eleven, see any food that can make me happy. But I find nothing, because I don't know what food can make Shiuji happy. I really don't know. Tonight, I talk less then 10words. Really don't want to open my mouth.

P.S. Don't worry... I will heal myself soon... But it really takes time... I hope not another year again...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lengcai Hottie Are Gay?

This morning, a newly added friend on ~ Calum Mok posted a video link on his wall.

This is a MV of a song ~ Un Point C'est Toi sang by Zazie. (Don't really know what language is that) Anyway, I'm just to share the MV. This MV is funny.

The 4 witches alike ladies are chasing after 2 super hot guy to the river side. Who knows, in the end they find out the two hot guys are.............LOL...

Check it out!! The two guys are really HOT!!!

P.S. Don't you agree that majority lengcai now are gays? Esspecially those hot guys training their body in the GYM room. Out of 10 guys in the GYM room, 8 are gays. LOL

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Enjoyable Moment!!!

Life is busy!!! Life is tough!!!

I used to think to be a musician. But without my parents support, I can't afford to buy myself a trumpet, as that is the only instrument I know. Actually I like piano the most, but my parents will never support me for that.

At the time I leave my secondary school, I tell myself to work, save money and learn piano at the same time. But you think life is so easy? You think life will go on as what you planned? NO...

Once I leave secondary, I was force by my father to work in his factory as a labour (not office work), he stop me from further study, that stop my original plan. Luckily one of my mom's friend stand up to explain to my father. Then my father sent me to study LCCI in Shen Jai School of Commerce in IPOH.

After completing my LCCI, I thought I can back to my plan, but same things happened. My father force me to work as a labour again. So this time, my mom gave me S$600 and sent me to Singapore (The S$600 was to let me survive before I found a job). Working in Singapore isn't that easy. As a foreign worker like me, no experience, no qualification and no brain is hard to find a well pay job here.

To survive in Singapore, I need higher income. For that, I need to further study which is ACCA. So all my saving went to school fee and exam fee. How to learn piano?

I didn't dare to think of learning piano or continue playing music. Just enjoy the moment when others playing instead of playing myself.

Same thing apply here!!!

Never have true love come into my life;
Just watching others to enjoy their true love moment!

Never have the chance to hold my lover's hand on the street (I don't have one either);
Just watching others to enjoy their precious moment.

Never have the chance to hug someone tightly like this;
Just watching others to enjoy their sweetest moment.

Never have the chance feel the sexual moment on the bed,
Just watching others to enjoy the enjoyable moment on the screen.

Stop silly thinking. Lets enjoy the music above. Is super nice and enjoyable.

P.S. Thanks to Sen dear, he introduce the video to me. MUARRRKKK...