Thursday, February 11, 2010

Missing Vampire ~ Day 1

7th February 2010 Sunday, reach home around 7.30am with some "yau zha gui" at the near by coffee shop. After a short Facebook in the morning, I have my breakfast with my auntie, uncle and their funny auntie friends.

They are hilarious, we never stop laughing the whole day, because they stay at my house whole day to help my auntie cook vegetarian food for praying during lunar new year. And I do my favourite 雞絲卷.

After busying for whole day, I date friends at evening for dinner and shop at Tempines. When come to this male apparel boutique, I saw this fake 2 piece shirt, how much I wish to buy it for my vampire, I know it suit him very well.

After shopping, I chose to take bus instead of train, because bus got longer walking distance, so that I could call my vampire before he sleep. But in the conversation, he didn't sounds like he want to have any relationship, maybe his ex hurt him before. Their relationship just hold for 1 month, although that was year ago, but enough to make him lose confidence.

So I ll remain in our current condition. As a friend.

Ps. Not going to tell what happen during day2 ~ day5 "date of this post"... But everything going well.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Big Spending Starting

Traditionally, there is this trend that every Chinese will at least buy a set of new clothes for Chinese New Year. So it is normal for us to spend slightly higher before New Year.

Some people not just only have new clothes, they will also buy new bag, wallet, handphone, necklace, new hair style, new look.... To make sure everything of his/her are whole new. "change your boy friend also, so that I could hook one up during this time ~ devil"

But this year I spent slightly more than the past 20 years. "How much is my 'slightly' cover?" haha.. Nevermind, my 'slightly' can't even get a luxury bag.

The coming two weeks before new year, I will control my food consumption, do more exercise, fight for a hotter body, and to save some money from there. Lol.. To recover my pain.

But I haven't finish buying new cloth. How?

Who wanna buy for me.