Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lonely Christmas!!!

Small party in office

For Christmas eve, we have a simple christmas party in office. And we just work half day for that day. Yeah... So we went Suntec to eat porriage buffet lunch. This buffet is cheap and special... So creative... walao... I really like it...

I promise Seung Ri to show him doll christmas tree.. There you go...

Bugis Junction

Diamond Christmas Tree in Bugis Junction

Clark Quey
After lunch, went to wallet shop to get a wallet for my cousin as his birthday present, his birthday on 25th December.. so good. Then I went home to take a nap. Around 7pm I bath and get myself ready to meet my friend at Seranggoon MRT station at 9.30pm, we are going Clark Quey to count down together.
I reach Seranggoon MRT right on 9.30pm, but my friends were late for 30mins. Nevermind, as she just came from Malaysia and she is a girl. Around 10pm, she came with her boyfriend's cousin.
At Clark Quey, we bought 2 santa hair clip and a devil horn hair band. By right I should be the one who wear the horn. But my friend were fall in love with the horn after she tried. lol...

At first, we plan to countdown in a club name ... (forget, last time called MOS) But my friend didn't bring her IC or equivalent document, and her boyfriend's cousin just 17. So we just countdown in front of a Heineken countdown clock. Many people were surrounded their. And many people have get ready their spray on hand... walao... once the clock hit zero... all shouting MERRY CHRISTMAS.. and pisssssssssssssssss...pissssssssssss.. lol..

Heineken count down clock

After countdown, we have some drink at a pub name Clinic. Below is a picture of their seat.

We drink and chat until 2am, then I send them to the cab stand (many people were waiting cab and I join my friend at the club that we planned to go at beginning.

The cover charge today is S$35 per person, included 1 alcohol drink. So expensive. And this club now become lauzy. Last time MOS has 4 different type of music at 4 hall. But after renovation and changing the name, the club just left with 1 hall. So boring now. What nice is can dance with girls. That just an advantage to straight guys. But in club, I really dance with girls. Normal people can't sense that I m gay at that time. Gay might can!

Beside dancing I will also look around for guys. lol. I wish like the previous time I went to MOS.

That time, I was dancing in front of the turning circle platform. Suddenly, 2 difference guy on the platform approach me to dance with them. I was so happy that time. One was cute and the other 1 was hot. The cute guy has a cool guy with him. They ask me to dance on the platform, but I feel shy and I refuse. But after a few round, they come back in front of me again. But I still reject, so the cool guy pretend to shake hand with me, once I gave him my hand, he pull me up. lol...
So enjoy being approach. haiz... But sadly, here is difference now. We leave when at club close. And I reach home around 7.30am.

Sleep all the way until 1.00pm.

At night we have gift exchange at my home. Out of expectation, as I have to buy for my aunt, my aunt target is me But my aunt didnt prepare any present, so she just give me S$20 asked me to buy whatever I want

Tonight I celebrate my cousin birthday, and also celebrate my advance birthday at the same night. Is quite fun to celebrate birthday with own family... Now, they are my family.


This is such a boring christmas for me. I wish to have my christmas with someone I love. But my dream has break 2months ago. I wish to have a hubby before christmas, but my dream didn't come true. These christmas break along many sad things. Not to mention what happen.

I were seens eventful, but what lonely really stand here is the heart. No one to love, no one to care.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sudden Update!!! Gambate!!!

Long time no blog, hard to recall what I have done.. So just a short summary. The following is about 18th December 2008. That day was a happy day. 1handsome and 1cute guy were in the same train with me this morning. More story of them were come in next post. lol...

After my lunch at Suntec City Foodcourt...

I went back to office waiting for our christmas gift exchange session. lol...

I received,

ISIS perfume of Mark Spansor from my colleague. She is the lady that always tease me, and she is also the one that I have to give present to. LOL... And the pink pig on it is given by our supervisor. At first, I really don't know which to choose, because all of them also very cute. So I ask her which animal she wanna give me, and suit me, then she answer immidiately as what I expect.."pig".. LOL

P.S. This posting just to tell you.. I still here.. I won't leave you guys de... I will try my best to be hardworking and post more... lol... Gambate.. to myself...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Days In Goldlion!!!

Auditing at Client's place

I work at a no internet connection company for 4 days. From 15th December to 18th December. This company is called Goldlion. I think most of you have seen this name everyway, as the logo above. Actually they have internet connection, but is secured, can't simply connect to internet.

Nevermind, actually no internet connection is good to me also, so that I can concentrate on my work. LOL... Working here is nothing good actually, a CCTV is right in front of me.
My work scope is to do gross sales audit, which is checking the sales of this company in every shopping centre in Singapore. Due to first time doing it, my sister follow me for the first day. As she done with the previous year gross sales audit for this company.

New Food

I like outing audit, because I can have new stuff for lunch, otherwise I will get bored with those food around Bugis. I like to eat difference food every day. If I were eating with some close friend, I will force them to order difference food from mine, so that I have taste some... LOL... So childish... But my friends can't do anything about that, they like me mah... LOL

Day 1: Curry Chicken Noodle

Day 2: Fried Fish Head YeeMee

Day 3: SeaFood YeeMee
Day 4: TomYam YeeMee

A fake clock on the way... Actually it is a spot light clock lol...

Christmas at City Link

Christmas at Suntec City

New Colleague

On the second day at client's place, a new colleague join our firm and join us on the auditing job of this company ~ Goldlion. She is our manager's daughter. OMG... We can't ever talk about our manager now, lol... Actually she is nothing, look friendly like her mom... But just "look", as what our sinior told us, she hide a knife behind her smile... Kowayii...

Suntec City's True Fittness

On 16th December, that was my 1st time been to this Suntec City's True Fittness. I tought there would be many hot and handsome guy, but really disappointed me. Maybe it is quite late, by the time I reach, that was already 8.00pm, many people were have leave. So I plan to go other True Fittness branch on thursday.

When come to 18th December, Thursday, I really don't know where to go, so I when back to Suntec City... lol... But today I go earlier, I saw a super hot guy take off his shirt, nice body, sadly didn't naked bottom.. T.T After changing I went 2nd floor for attend classes, and that hot guy also have class at 2nd floor, so we went up together. (I don't know him la...) When he was doing worm up on the floor, I just walk here and there beside him. So SLUT...

7.30pm, two room have difference classes at the same time. 1 is having Sculpt/abs, the other is having hot yoga. Actually I wish to go sculpt/abs, because the hot guy go for that class, but I want to try hot yoga. So in the end, I go for hot yoga. Very nice... I enjoy the session. After yoga, I went to 1st floor to do so sprinting and use some of the equipment. When for sona another hour of exercise.

With just a tower covering my sexy part, I walk in to the sona room. At first I just saw a muscular guy with normal face sitting inside. Once I turn my head to left, I saw a nice body handsome guy sitting there. With empty brain and monkey ass, I turn myself and walk out from the sona room. Once I saw that guy, my heart were totally stop working, I can't even use my brain to identify every part and remember his face, my face get red like monkey ass. No to make myself "malu" again, I change to steam bath.

Hate Old SLUT

When I was walking from Suntec City to City Hall MRT station, an old men came from in front of me, and smile to me with a SLUT face. I very sure he is gay, but I really hate old SLUT. I don't care about him and just leave. No matter how rich they are, I won't let them touch me, lol...

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I am too lazy too refresh what happened last week. So just some summary below. The following summary will covered 12th December 2008 to 14th December 2008. Actually just to show some picture.

12 December 2008

- Went to Raffles Hotel to get my boss and lady boss's christmas presents.

- Went for Bolliwood Fusion Dance at True Yoga in Pacific Plaza at Orchard Road.
My Lunch, Clar Pot YeeMee
Part of the following christmas tree!!!

Christmas tree in front of a cofe in Raffles Hotel

The following are pictures of Raffles Hotel

I took the above photo while I was shiting in the toilet!!
(Don't waste time to search or maximize the photo, you won't get to see anything, I am pro!!!)
13 December 2008

- Play DOTA with my cousin at home
- Help my cousin to play his ChiBi online

Leave home around 5.30pm, rush to Great World City near Tiong Bahru. When I reach Great World City was around 7pm, I have an appointment with True Fittness here, as I m first time here, I just find my way to True Fittness blindly. When I get to 3rd floor, I saw a handsome guy with formal shirt came out from the lift. But I still don't know he was also going to True Fittness.
Later on when I met my instructor in front of True Fittness, the handsome guy checked in. LOL. He went in to the changing room first, as I have to follow my instructor to guild me there.

After introducing me the whole fittness centre, my instructor leave me in the locker area, and he wait me outside. Suddenly, the handsome guy I saw just now come from my back and stand beside my locker. Then we have 2 sentences of conversation.

Shiuji: Sorry...
Handsome guy: Is ok...

Actually my bag was blocking his locker la... LOL... He haven change, don't know what he did just now. (Properly he is waiting for me to change together... I know he won't, I am too silly) OMG... something happen again. His back facing me, then he took off his pants and underwear, and I saw his sexy ass, he is totally naked in front of me. I m totally stun for a few second on his ass. But sadly, I didnt get to see his nice tool. Then he wear his ultra short shorts without underwear, really Actually I have my chance to know him that time. (I didn't)

During the whole gyming session, I was following my instructor here and there to learn to use those equipment. But my eye can't leave him. When I was doing my BMI at the instructor corner, he walked to the water fuiter next to the small corner, and we both stearing each other. Forget about it, maybe he just gehpoh to take a look. My BMI were at the boundary of the overweight, one more point less were back to normal... LOL... (I am fat). But at least, from the day I start gyming and Yoga 2months ago until now, I lose more than 5kg~8kg. (That is great, aiming to lose 5kg to Chinese New Year, so that can wear nice cloth). During the time I gyming, my eye still on the lengcai. I was think to know him while we get back to the locker area or while we taking steam bath together.
But who knows, he leave quite early, and I still with my instructor. haiz. After more than 1 hour of gyming, the instructor bring a saleperson to asked me to sign up for the instructor session, that cost me S$90 per hour, that is stupid. But who am I, they can't get any advantage from me if I really don't want it. By the time I get to the changing room, the lengcai have gone. T.T After that, I went to SASA to find those perfume that introduce by Willy korkor, but I forget the name, LOL. I try to called my ex to have dinner with me, but he didnt pick up the phone and reply my sms, what is he thinking, if love me, should get more time to see me. That lier. So end up, I went home straight away.
Hagging balls!!!

Digging my ear

14 December 2008

- Reading Willy's sex story book.

- Saw a movie name in Willy's blog ~ Bishonen 美少年之恋,so I watch it online. The main character inside are all cute and handsome guy with nice body. Just hate those old men and chubby touching those cute guy. and I don't like the ending.

- Didn't go out. lazy...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Busying with Work!!!

I were busying on my work in the past few days. So I didn't get to update my blog. So sorry about that...T.T... I miss all of you. And I can't sign up to msn during work, because my client's place don't have internet connection..LOL

I will blog tomorrow... wait me!!! miss me!!! find me!!! ask for me!!! suck me!!! fuck me!!! LOL

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blogger's Gathering Day

11Dec2008, I was asked by my colleague to start work early, as some job is waiting for me. So I decided to cancel my leave on 11/12 and 12/12. I think many people were missing me... LOL... (Who will? Just confort myself) When I go to the 7-eleven where I used to buy my HL milk there everyday, the auntie asked me that why were I diappeared for a long. (What to do... I am friendly mah...)

Today I were so happy to see all my colleagues again. I have not see them for 2weeks. Esspecially my sister, everytime we meet we will start with all the shit stuff again. Then I GehPoh with them with something that happen while I were not around.

Today we have lunch at a restaurant that we never went before. It is a japanese restaurant at the basement of Suntec City. When we come to the enterance, the waiter come and welcome us, quite cute, 60%. When we tell him we have 7person, he look stun with choosing seat for us, maybe he is new here. Then a chief come to serve us in. LOL... (This restaurant, the chief will cook in front of the customer, but just in front of certain table..haiz) I can see that the chief is very handsome from far, when he come in front of me, I can feel that my heart start beating faster and faster. It is normal they will smile to every customers, and he did to us also, when he smile to me, I feel my heart beat stop, my body is burning, his smile killed me.

He is hard to discribe,very cute, he walk very gentle, my eye can't leave him for a second, so adorable, sadly, my gardar not working. (He is not gay la..) I order black pepper chicken don set, and my sister ordered fried udon set, (other not to mention, because something special to her udon set, COMING BEHIND)

As the chiefs are cooking in the serving area, we can see they cook. My black pepper chicken don set was cook by a female chief, not special, quite cute. Thats not important. But I saw the handsome chief were cooking fried udon set. LOL... (Why my black pepper chicken don not cook by him) So jealous.. Nevermind, he will still walk to our table when he serve us (I think, because the female chief serve us also). Who know the waiter went to bring the food to our table (I really want to kick his ass out from here). When I taste the fried udon, it was so sweet... LOL... Sweet like a dessert. I regret I didn't bring my camera along, otherwise I will take many of his picture. My louzy handphone just took the following photos.

Fried Udon!!! (By handsome chief)

Dessert Fried Udon...LOL

Black pepper chicken don!!!

Not as special as the fried udon!!! :(

I tell myself, next time I will come and order the fried udon. When come to billing, something horrible happen. We pay S$50 and wait for return. By right, they should return us the remain, but the waiteress return as what we should pay. lol... The total amount we should pay is S$37+, and she return us the exactly amount... LOL... We lough all the way back to our office. Are we consider professional auditor (Come on, we are still normal human).
Once I get back to my office, I told Nemo about the handsome chief, I really hope to share with all of you. haha... Then we start inviting other bloggers to our conversation.
Blogger's Gathering Attendance List
1. Shiuji "me" ~ Pikachu
2. Jon ~ Nemo
3. Yan ~ White dolphin
4. Kevin ~ Little turtle
5. ICI ~ Panda

I were so excited to chat with all of you. Altough you all teasing me non-stop, but I really feel very happy, I were smilling to my labtop all the day. Everybody know what am I doing throught my face emotion. They always lough at me. Little turtle requested to evolve to dolphin also (according to Shiuji's Rule "Symbol ~ page 102, rule 245", dolphin stand for sweet loving people), as he is now loving by Erica, he also consider as a dolphin, so he is "purple dolphin" now. I can't stop myself chatting there, end up, I do nothing much. I chat until the second I leave my office. LOL... Sadly, Willy korkor and Junior didi didn't online.
ATTENTION: I have 100% ownership of these cute names, if simply use it in your blog, I will make sure I rape your cock "the number of time I rape you will be equivalent to number of time you use the names". LOL

Saturday, December 13, 2008

366 Days in Singapore

I am trying my best to update my blog to up to date as soon as possible. So I lie on my bed with my labtop, chating in MSN with my lovely korkor, Willy, and a cute Melacca boy, 尖尖 and type this blog.

9 December 2008 ~ 366th day in Singapore

We reached Johor custom around 5.30am. There were so many people rushing to Singapore for work. Everyday, they will have to wake up so early. (If for me, how I survive). When come to Singapore custom, buses and vehicle were jamp. After we alight, inside also jamp with people. I tell myself, I won't take first link bus next time.

We reached home around 7.30am. I planned to update blog and study, seen I slept for the whole journey from Ipoh to Singapore. But I feel sleepy around 10am. So I went for a nap. I sleep until 1pm, I can't even get myself up to eat my lunch that my cousin pack from his poly.

(dozed off... I continue typing in the morning)

It is kinda of trend. (First time using the word "kinda", so excited) Everytime when I come back from Ipoh, I sure sick for a day... (so weak) So I can't concentrate on my study for tomorrow exam. T.T If I got a boy friend to take care of me, how great is it. So I just stay at home, rest for the whole day. But I found out my wife ~ Ayumi Hamasaki has released her new single, and I downloaded the following MV ~ Green. (Is a very nice song, I listen it whenever I am

You can't see it because I haven't upload... I am learning how to upload...

10 December 2008 ~ Last Day of Exam ~ F1 Accountant of Business
I wake up early today to study a least some of the important point, so that I could at least answer some of the question in the exam. I leave my home around 1.30pm and rush to Expo. Today isn't as lucky as the previous exam, I see no cute guy in the exam hall, I didn't get to see the handsome invigilator also, sad.
After exam I feel some kind of lightness in my body and hungry, so I take MRT to Bugis to get some food, I miss takoyaki. Bugis is a good place to train my gaydar, you can see many cute guy there. So I m proud I work in this area. I just walk around at the basement, after I finish I takoyaki, I leave Bugis the Raffles Place to collect my True Yoga member card. After collecting my stuff, I went to took the following picture.

Raffles Place BHL Building

Then I take MRT to Orchard Road to attend my Yoga class at 8.30pm. And I took the following picture on the way. (Just part of them la... More picture will in another blog)

Orchard Road

Orchard Road

I reached True Yoga about 7.45pm, I get to the changing room, there were no 1 inside, I take out my camera took around 20 photos of myself... lol... 自恋


Shiuji here~~Smile~~

I have not attend Yoga class about 2 weeks, because busy with my exam and I went back to Ipoh. So enjoy... By right, I wanna give surprise to my sister, I didnt tell her I will come, who know she is the one who didnt come. Sad...

On my way home, a cute guy were standing next to me when I was in the MRT. He is tall, thin and cute. I always turn my eye on him, and he also look at me sometime. I wanna know him. But I m too chicken. I alight at Sengkang, he continue his way to Punggol. haiz...