Saturday, August 7, 2010

Restart a new blog!

I really have no idea how to continue this blog, too many things to write, don't know where should I start from.

I will only come here, while I m emo, so if I continue writing here would means I will continue to be emo. So why don't I start a new blog, to let myself to have a new start.

Too many things happened within the past 2 months.

i. I lost my iPhone 2 weeks ago.

ii. Then now my lappy got problem, it auto shut down after using for 10mins +.

iii. A month ago, I attached with a guy after knowing him less then 1 week, and broke up after 3days.

Shiuji has been weaken after all these things, wish may have a peace day soon. Wish my dreams may come true.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sweet Dream

During the past weekend, I went PLAY on Saturday night, and went ZIRCA on Sunday Superstar Night.

I went PLAY on Saturday night is to accompany my friend. Poor him just break off with his 1 month long distance boy friend from KL. The whole night my friend was hug by guys around the whole night, and I dancing alone and drinking alone. I was not really happy that night.

On Sunday night, my other friend called me to join him and his friend at ZIRCA. That was really a good chance for me to try once, since normally I will have to work on Monday so I usually don't club on Sunday night and currently I m on study leave for my exam on Wednesday.

Before the night really start, I stood at a side to look for friends who also clubbing tonight with my iPhone Apps ~ Grindr. Here I found this Korean mix Chinese guy, we both were chatting and trying to meet someway in the club since we ever see each other before, but we loose connection once we start dancing.

I knew some friends from my friend "Dennis" 's friend, and I accidentally met my friend "Joseph" and knew many friends "KimChi, Johnny, Joanne..." from him. Dancing with them are so fun, and I can't stop recall the moment we dance together. They are friendly and crazy.

Around 3am, we went to Macdonald for some food before we go home. At McDonald, few of us with iPhone start Grinding and I found some of my friends also in the club, and one "the boy I can't forget for the past few months" even sitting opposite of me having his meal with his friend after club. And the "Korean mix chinese" guy also very near me, so we continue to look for each other. But we still failed to meet up although he is also in McDonald.

We continue message on Grindr once I reach home, but now only he asked me, "you really don't know who am I? I am Kimchi". My emotion was, "WHAT!!! I was dancing with you through out the whole night?" LOL

Both night at the clubs, the DJs play Sweet Dream ~ Beyonce, that moment always make me missing someone. I really wish we could back to the origin, and start our net-friendship all over again. MAY I?

I am Shiuji, 21, single and available, from Ipoh, but now staying in Singapore. Nice to meet you.

Monday, June 7, 2010

End of Hala!!!

We were such a good "net friend", we were such a good "sharing buddy", we were such a good "web-cam friend". (I really didn't think much and not dare to think much, as I thought I were not qualified to compete with him)

But something happen month ago, that end everything between us (I don't know what actually had happened). All the above became my memory (but not yours).

Months ago, I used to wait every night to come faster, for me to see this good friend, to chat with this good friend, to dance with this good friend "of mine" (but I am not good friend of yours)

Bright smiling face is your trade mark, smile until two eyes left with two straight line, and a moon shape teeth. I will always remember, as I might not see that again.

Single Lady, Listen, Halo, Sweet dream - Beyonce. You brought her into my life, and I will cherish this bright lady as if you are her. (As I see her, like I see you)

You have your friends, I were only a net friend of yours, but you are a great friend of mine. Sorry to leave you at the moment you need lots of friend around, but I have no choice, as things happened has push us further, and I really have no ability to make you happy (I tried, but thats really not my skill) wish someone are doing that. So your life don't need me around.

2 drops of tears represent our 2 months of friendship, although is short, but forever memory for me (not for you).'

I will always keep myself update with your news, but you might not see mine. Like people on the floor watching Beyonce on the stage (I know you, but you won't know me)



P.S. I dare to write this post, as I think you will not read, wish you will forget me. (I really mean "forget") Any people know him, don't lead him here... NEVER!!!

Just friend!!!

Although we did what normal couple d0, or maybe more then what normal couple do. But...

We are just friend.

You told me:

Let's remain as good friends and stop going further. We will feel better in this kind of relationship. Because if we attach, and later if we break off, it will be hard for us to remain as friends.

I will accept whatever you say, I will not say I wait you, I will remain in our current relationship and do whatever we usually do. But if one day (don't know this day will really come or not), if anybody want me, I will stop everything between us, and make you back to my normal good friend.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Time In Public!!

This is our first time doing this in public, and I will memorize it here, by location, time, situation and details.

Although, we had done more then this simple thing before tonight, but only this simple thing happen tonight brought me to feel that you like me.

Anyone would think that this simple thing is usually the beginning. But to us, our beginning might be start with what normally people do at the later part. I believe this situation is normal for gay, but I will still take today as our beginning.

Location: AMK Cathay theater 3, seat B11-12 (couple seat)
Movie: Prince of Persia
Date: 1 June 2010
Time: 8.45pm ~ 11.45pm

Although your palm is sweating, but I enjoy my palm is being wet by your sweat.
Although we are doing this with covered, but I love the moment we doing it.

Later I message you to ask whether you like it or not. You just keep laughing and answer:

B - "(laughing) Why you ask this silly question? I don't like it as my palm was sweat."

S - "Is that means you like it if your palm is not sweat?"

B - "(laughing) Silly."

Thanks for not releasing my hand while we are holding them like Prince of Persia holding Princess's hand in the movie.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking Back

11 May 2010 Tuesday, after work, I went to Tampines to meet up my friends for dinner and collect photos we took at Genting from them.

After we exchange photos with each other, we browse through our old photos I have in my lappy's photo album. They keep laughing non-stop, not because of any joker photo or funny memory. They just laughing at me, the "me" in the past.

Took in 2008 (guest where am I?)

Laugh all you can!!!


Shiuji in 2010

Heart Lost at the Journey?

10 May 2010 Monday. First day back from Genting, gotto start a whole new busy week, and it is usually tough for a normal human to go back to their normal mode after a rest, especially after a tour.

Don't know where my heart go, left at Genting? Probably my heart like the cool air over there. But when talk about heart, it makes me re-call something. Last mid-autumn festival, I sent all my heart to someone. Maybe thats the reason I can't find my heart now... Probably!!!..LOL

I wanna re-make a new heart, let myself love someone with whole of the new heart. The original heart? That person who received my hearts said he ate all of them. So my hearts are now at Pinang Inda-Water (a place where Malaysia accumulate shit)

Time to sleep!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Going Genting~~

Today I am going to take 11.30pm bus to Genting Highland.

Few months ago, I asked my date to go with me, but we fight after a month. Now thinking, how nice if I could go travel with my lover.

I always have this dream, which is traveling with lover. Sit side to side on the bus / plane, check in hotel together, sleep on the same bed in the hotel room, walking on the street in a foreign place, shopping together, eating same bowl of dessert, feeding me with the food he order. Doing whatever a couple do.

Now no more!!!

This trip I m going with my collage friends in Ipoh. 2 pairs and 3 singles; 4 girls, 3 guys; 6 normal, 1 gay.

By right, if I didn't break with my ex-date, the trip should be: 3pairs, 2 singles; 4 girls, 4 guys; 6 normal, 2 gays.


My last post here in Luna Maze was 11 February 2010. Life still the same as year ago, no one willing to walk into my heart, still single and available. Within these days, there were some guys past by, but never stay.
Don't wish to be single: seeing others sticking together with his partner, shopping, have meal and movie together; listening others talk about their partner, how cute their partner, what their partner doing and how their partner character. For me in the past, I will turn emo once I turn back.
But now I share their happiness, wish they would happy forever. After turning back, I no longer bringing sadness along, but walk away with smile.

Shiuji ~ The White Devil

Now is like a restart for me, and my blog. Luna Maze no longer a place to seek for sweet happiness, dolphin no longer living here. Now White Devil rules the blog, creating happiness for his own land, instead of waiting happiness drop down from the sky.

LISTEN, I am alone at a crossroads
I'm not at home in my own home
And I've tried and tried to say what's on mind
You should have known

Oh, now I'm done believing you
You don't know what I'm feeling
I'm more than what you made of me
I followed the voice you gave to me
But now I've gotta find MY OWN

(Listen by Beyonce)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Missing Vampire ~ Day 1

7th February 2010 Sunday, reach home around 7.30am with some "yau zha gui" at the near by coffee shop. After a short Facebook in the morning, I have my breakfast with my auntie, uncle and their funny auntie friends.

They are hilarious, we never stop laughing the whole day, because they stay at my house whole day to help my auntie cook vegetarian food for praying during lunar new year. And I do my favourite 雞絲卷.

After busying for whole day, I date friends at evening for dinner and shop at Tempines. When come to this male apparel boutique, I saw this fake 2 piece shirt, how much I wish to buy it for my vampire, I know it suit him very well.

After shopping, I chose to take bus instead of train, because bus got longer walking distance, so that I could call my vampire before he sleep. But in the conversation, he didn't sounds like he want to have any relationship, maybe his ex hurt him before. Their relationship just hold for 1 month, although that was year ago, but enough to make him lose confidence.

So I ll remain in our current condition. As a friend.

Ps. Not going to tell what happen during day2 ~ day5 "date of this post"... But everything going well.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Big Spending Starting

Traditionally, there is this trend that every Chinese will at least buy a set of new clothes for Chinese New Year. So it is normal for us to spend slightly higher before New Year.

Some people not just only have new clothes, they will also buy new bag, wallet, handphone, necklace, new hair style, new look.... To make sure everything of his/her are whole new. "change your boy friend also, so that I could hook one up during this time ~ devil"

But this year I spent slightly more than the past 20 years. "How much is my 'slightly' cover?" haha.. Nevermind, my 'slightly' can't even get a luxury bag.

The coming two weeks before new year, I will control my food consumption, do more exercise, fight for a hotter body, and to save some money from there. Lol.. To recover my pain.

But I haven't finish buying new cloth. How?

Who wanna buy for me.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Current Feeling ~ SHINee

31st January 2010 Sunday, 11.14am, listening to jojo~SHINee, on my way to LotOne to see SHINee.

Before this morning, I still full of excitment, because I could catch this precious time to see them in real. Weather to get their autograph or not isn't my issue, so long as I could see their live performance.

This morning I received a call from my friend to informed me that he can't go with me, and for that I would have to go alone. By right that wouldn't effect my mood, but don't know why my mood is falling down, feeling lonely again.

My auntie and even my colleagues would say I always got a lot of friends to date with, but why today I can't think of anyone to go with me. I was being silly this morning by keep on thinking negatively.

But seeing a cute baby in front of me now, I understand something, the world still so beautiful, no point to being sad because of this tiny little thing. Happy and go wherever I like, do whatever I want.

Mood is very flexible, you can make it turn to the positive side, or curve to the negetive side, as you like. So being happy or sad are all depends on your choice.

Don't always make yourself sad. Love yourself.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Daily Waiting!!!

Tomorrow Monday again. Really don't like this day, but this is LIFE.

First day of every month will start waiting last day of the month for SALARY.

Monday will start waiting Friday for WEEKEND.

Every working day 9am will start waiting 6pm for OFF WORK.

Since life is so boring, create something wonderful for yourself.

What should I create tomorrow to make the whole week special? LOL

Fighto OHHH....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Against the Original Rule

This question happened to asked by some of my plu friends around me, and I do have my own opinion on this issue.

"Should I turn from 0 to 1 to get a lover?" (or the other way)

My question back, "Is that so important whether your boyfriend is a 0 or 1?"

Let's explain, 1 is the guy who fuck (under the definition of gay sex), so called holding the male position when come to sex; 0 is the guy who being fucked, so called holding the female position (with a cock, but not ah gua, 0 still a men).

In my opinion,

So long as both are loving each other, what's the matter of being a 0 or 1. If it is true love, you shall willing to satisfy your partner, so sometime just be the one he like.

Sex "Original Rule" is guy fucking girl, popularized speaking, "guy is to attach with girl". But being a GAY, we are already going against the original rule, if we still concern with being a 0 or 1, what's the difference with sticking to the rule.

People always claim that love and sex are not equal. If you really don't care, what for choosing 1 or 0. Get who you love without caring what will happen on the bed in the future, gay don't create new rule, gay just against the original rule.

Or some might think, 1 take care of 0, e.g. guys have to take care of girls. Love don't differentiate who to take care of who, love will make you to take care of each other. When you really love one person, you shall willing to take care of him in every single second. I feel it before, do ya?

Prove it love can change. As gay exist is because love ignored gender.

Wish 有情人,终成眷属!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

31 December 2009, last day of 2009. This is my first time experience to join this new year's count down plus fireworks. My friends and I came to this river side behind Fullerton Hotel. We walk all the way from Marina Square to this place, when we passing through the under ground pass near Esplanade, there were so many people squeezing in from so many entrances to this only exit which brought us to Marina.

Back view of Fullerton Hotel

After walking for about 10~20mins, we found this place where we can sit on the smooth grass land, and we could catch nice view of fireworks later. Then 5 of us sit in a circle, bring out all our presents for gift exchange (belated Christmas) and a box of cakes from Secret Receipt, because they want to celebrate belated birthday for me as I didn't blow candle that night (I still can't escape from being 1 year older).

While they sing birthday song for me, luckily not much people join, really paiseh. A cute boy sitting next to us realised it and wish me Happy Birthday, his smile was so cute and I got electric shock, later he asked his friend to play Happy Birthday song with his guitar and he sing it for me. How sweet.

My friends first time seeing my shy face while I met cuttie, and keep on laughing at me. They asked me whether do I wanna take photo with the cute guy or not, I didn't answer and keep on pulling the grass on the ground. Actually I didn't realise this minor action of myself, but they saw it. So my best friend went to asked that guy to take photos for us and with us, so that I could have a photo of him for memory. ^^

Taking photo with cute boy!!!

Then we exchange our gift immediately before new year comes. I was supprise that the one who give me my present is my best friend, and this is the first doll I have in my life time. I love it alot and I named him XXX (guess...).

Thanks... This is Shiuji and XXX (guess...)

Before fireworks start, the cuttie went off after saying good bye to us. (T.T please don't go...) This year fireworks were so nice, maybe I myself like fireworks a lot, and I am watching with my best friends and so many nice smiling face people around, makes me fell for this multicolored splendor. But while watching this fireworks, I will still think of someone, how nice if I could watch this with someone. Don't have to hold hand, it will still be nice even he is around watching the same view with me. (just thinking...^^)

Happy New Year 2010

This is a whole new year, wish I could leave all the unhappy things with 2009, brought all the happy things over to 2010. Any New Year resolution? As follows: -

1) I can have more confidence on myself, no matter is on my appearance, study, love, friendship, career or anything, because for the past 2009, I felt myself always on the negetive side of all these.

2) Bring myself up to another level on my career, no matter is changing to another career line, or keep in my current career line. So long as there is growing.

3) Have a nicer, healthy and seducing body, don't know for what. Just feeling cool to have it.

4) Level on my singing skill, as I really love singing. If can I will brave up and go for Cafe audition. (Hard to reach that stage, but will try)

5) Brave up on everything, singing, knowing new friends, talking, and whatever, I really braveless to do anything. Train my brave.

6) Have a good result on my study. Pass every subject that I am going to sit in this year, or in previous year 2009.

7) Strengthen my English Language, don't really feels like having much inprovement. Must have improvement on listening, speaking and writting in English.

8) Love? Don't know. No point to think so much. Come whenever you want.

9) Make more new friends... I like to have many friends, but maybe this is really not my talent on making friend.

10) Write good blog. I will try not to use market English (broken English), try to strengthen my writing skill and grammer in this way.

Actually too many things wish to achieve. SO..... Just do it....

Happy New Year.....

Happy Birthday Shiuji 09

People says, 21 years old is a birthday that shows one has grown up to be an adult. He/She is now has legal capacity to sign legal contract with others in their own name. So normally people will celebrate it in a slightly special way.

This year I m finally 21, I never feel excited of being an adult, I wish I always young. But still have to celebrate right? Otherwise gotto wait another year for this special day of myself.

Original plan is to held a pajamas party, bikini party, beach party or even simple BBQ. But time don't allow, I have no time to held such a grand party, and my finance will be very tight after such a party.

In the night before my birthday, I was doing nothing at home, once the time touch 12, I received message on msn from JunJun. He don't want to bother me for the past half an hour was to give me this supprise. How sweet! But Make me recalled back last year, same time.

In that night, many of us were in msn chat room waiting my birthday to come, all bloggers were helping me count down in the chat room, some even purposely sleep late for this. They are Kevin, Yannick, Willy?, JunJun, Jon, Eric, Vern?, Chu? Who else I missed. Haha... (I will check old post to see)

This year do not have any count down, just JunJun still accompanying me here and Sen (sadly your line not good at that moment) also.

On the actual day 29th Dec 2009, 4of my colleagues and 4 of my Ipoh friends and I went for K buffet. I sang a lot tonight, took many silly photos and received crazy presents ~ red underwear from Levi's.

My Ipoh Friends ~ LHJ

Shiuji singing

Wearing it... OMG...

Although the celebration was simple, but fun. How much I wish that I have a numbers of friends to attend my party so that I could held a big party.

Levi's underwear, Bag, angpao are my Birthday presents...

Thank You!!! Friends....