Monday, November 30, 2009

Air Steward!!!

Recently I always get to read this air steward blogger's blog. He always upload a lot of photos that he took when he reach certain country. And now he bring me up with a crazy thinking....

Be an air steward!!!


You can't make it Shiuji! You fatty!

OK! By fact...

Age ~ 21... still young...
Height ~ 171cm... Should be ok right? Too tall is hard for him to move in the plane.
Weight ~ 68kg... Not fat... but also not slim enough...
Look ~ Not ugly.. Won't scared people away, some girls would say cute also... hehe
Skin type ~ Not sensitive skin, consider smooth...
Personality ~ Friend around me quite like me. But stranger will think other way.
Language ~ Can speak in Chinese, Cantonese, Hokkien, Kakka, Malay, English (when talking to people I know, I will use pasar English, without my control; when talking to stranger, my English will turn to proper English with nice accents or otherwise, eat screw.

One important point... I no balls...

Anything else? haiz... Whatever, just take it as a dream tonight!!!


Give me your opinion!

Wanna share this 2 messages which I just copy and paste from a forum that I just read.

M - hey,i am Malaysian.. i be willing to be a air stewardness.. but i am not idea what can i do next step to got a opportunity to be a air stewardness...

C -
Improve your English for your next step... No, I'm not trying to be mean.

Monday, November 16, 2009

No Good Time!

Exam coming soon, I have been studying my law whenever I am free and available to study. Now I come to this part, "No good consideration!" But I m not contracted into any promises or obligation. But just having "No Good Time".

Trying my very best to make Mr.R my good friend, but friendship doesn't seems to be work with just one party exercising it. Anyway since letting go is a must, without breaking our friendship, strengthen the friendship is the best way. And I m proud of myself that I m doing a good job with letting go this person. Now I m AVAILABLE!

Many things happen recently, my sister in my office break off with her 4~5-years relationship boyfriend, another good friend of mine in office break off with her 2years relationship boyfriend also, I think another female colleague of mine sitting behind me also... I saw her cried heavily last 2 weeks, should be break off with her 3months relationship boy friend. And all happen in the same week. Hard to find good and LOYALTY guy!

This song is nice. "坏人" 你是个好人,也是个坏人 You are a good guy, also a bad guy...

Recently I wish to make a friendship with a guy. I stay Pasir Ris (1st MRT station from east), he stay Tempines (2nd MRT station from east). We both work at Shaw Tower, Beach Road, my office at 24th floor, his at 28th floor. For the past 2months, almost everyday, I can see him from Tempines station to Shaw Tower, whole journey is about 35mins.

But recently I don't see him at the MRT door where I always meet him. But I do see him when we come to the main road which head to our office building. Which means he change place to stand and his way to office. Hidding?

16th Nov 2009 Monday, during lunch time, my colleagues and I waiting for lift and 24th floor lobby, once the door open, I saw him in the lift and I whisper to my best friend and my sister that he is the one. haha... Then after work, when I leaving my office, I met him again in the lift. Is that fate? Today, is the first time we go home together, he walk very fast, but we still get to board at the same train but next door. Where I just can see him from far.

He look stress everytime while he see me. That makes me not dare to look at him at all. I wish I could talk to him. But I m not brave enough to do so. I can see, he is not gay, just a normal straight guy, but I just wish to know who is he, and wish to be his friend. Just as simple as that. (Maybe he has Mr.R feature, but my best friend and my sister disagree)


P.S. Many people bless me to have my true love before my 21st Birthday. Impossible to come true I think... haha..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Hand Won't Sound!!!

Told my mom that I will go KL again after I my friend's wedding dinner in Ipoh on 23rd November 2009. I got scolded immediately on the phone.

Mom: (Angry) You always go KL for what? KL is a dangerous...

Shiuji: I go meet up my friend. As promised long time ago.

Mom: Friend again. You always friends, I let you go Singapore is to study, but you always go here and there... Why don't you spend your time concentrate on study. Go KL for what?

Shiuji: As I said, I will go meet some of my friends.

Mom: Friends? Why don't they go Singapore to find you? Why must you go KL? Ya, when you go KL, they will treat you as friend. You try the other way round, ask them to go Singapore to find you, see they still friend or not? One hand won't sound.

Shiuji: Ok! I will think about it...

Mom: If you don't want to study, you better come back to Ipoh to take over your father's factory.

I know my mom just worried about me. But her statement not totally wrong. Not only friendship, even to lover, relative, colleagues, even customers and suppliers on business, both parties need to work it out, and push together. As you always try to build up relationship with the other party, but he never want to bother, then this relationship never be built.

Like to stand a wall, both side need to push together to make the wall stand straight and stable. But if just one side are pushing, the wall won't be stable on fall to the other side.

But giving up a friendship is not the characteristic of Shiuji. I always try to build up a friendship with others, although they never have much response, but I won't try to give up. I will stand until the day you accept to defense at the other side of the wall.

P.S. Wish to have true friends. Although friend don't stand forever! But I believe it will works if we defense together...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fattening Day!

7th Nov 2009 Saturday, we celebrate our friend's birthday at East Coast Park. But this celebration bring us a lot of FAT...

We met at Parkway Parade to shop for some snack that we can eat at the beach later. We bought Potato Chips, Twistle, Cheese Roller.... All SNACK.... Then we made our way to East Coast Park and chose a shop to rent bicycle. We cycle all the way to a food court to buy our dinner, the girls bought BBQ fish, oyster egg and fried mee kue teo... FAT....

Oyster Egg

BBQ fish

Fried Mee

Then we found a place where we can sit to have our dinner. The food are delicious, but we just can't stop complaining about the fat that we have taken in. What to do? Friend's birthday!!!

After finished our food in 30mins, we clean up the place and cycled to a place where many people fishing over there. The wind is so soft here, we can see sunset clearly at this location, people fishing and enjoying themselve with their friends and family.


Fishing location at East Coast

East Coast is really a where I wish to come every week. The place is nice, environment is nice, food okok... And.... haha... There are a lot of hot guys around. There always many people playing at the beach, cycling, skating, jogging, even fishing. And many hot guys even topless... LOL.. I find skating is cool, and I want to learning skating during my next visit to East Coast.

Around 8pm, we went back to Parkway Parade and we have our desert at Swensen. Having fattening food again. Which is ice cream. We ordered Earthquake, a bowl of 8scoops ice-cream with top. And a Swensen ice-cream cake. FATTT

Prawn and Fruit Salad


Ice Cream Cake

P.S. Going to GYM later. Keep fat away from me....^^

Monday, November 2, 2009

Truth behind Words!

White Devil! Revive!

I read these from a chinese blog authored by my blogger friend. And hope to share these here, because I feel that all the truth behind those simple message are quite true.

(Translation might not be 100% accurate due to my poor english)

1. 当你收到“你干嘛呢?”实际上是想说“我想你了”
1. When you receive "What are you doing?". But actually he is trying to say "I miss you!"

2. 当你收到“呵呵”,多是没笑或者傻笑。
2. When you receive "hehe". Majority means he is not smiling or giggle.

3. 但如果是“哈哈”或者“嘿嘿”,这时你打过去一定是在笑。
3. But if you receive "haha" or "heihei", sure one is laughing when he type.
Not really...

4. 说你“傻瓜”或者“笨蛋”其实是关心你,担心你,希望你照顾好自己。
4. When he say "silly" or "stupid". Actually he is caring and worrying about you, hope you can take care yourself.

5. 如果是问句结束,其实是希望能和你多聊一会儿。
5. If sentence end with question mark, actually he wish to chat more with you.

6. “哦”多半是在敷衍。
6. If he answer "oh". Majority means he is just perfunctory entertaining you.

7. 但如果是“知道啦”“收到”“遵命”之类的则表示比较在意
7. But if he answer "I know le", "get it", "yes sir" and so on, which mean he care with it.

8. 有时劝你忙自己的,其实他是口是心非
8. Sometime when he asking you to busy your work don't bother him, actually he do not mean it.

9. 把他的傻事,丢面的或失落的事告诉你,是希望你安慰他,开导他,甚至骂骂他。
9. Telling you all the silly things, shameful things that he did, actually he hope you to comfort him, or even scold him.

10. 主动发信息给你,说明你在他心目中有一定的分量,一般人不喜欢和不在意的人罗嗦。
10. Text you actively, means you are important to him, normally people won't talk much to people that they don't care.

11. 如果给你起外号,是希望你可以记住他多一点。
11. If he give you a nickname, means he hope you remember him.

12. “我刚到”,“我已经到家咯”说明进屋第一个想到的是你。
12. "I just reach", "I reach home le" shows that once he reach home, the first in his mind is you.

13. “你到家了就告诉我一声”,“你到家了没啊?”意思是我要你一定平安了,我不许你有事。
13. "Tell me when you reach home", "Have you reach home?" means he want you to be safe, don't allow you get hurt.

14. 有时不会那么巧就发错给你,可能是他想发给你又实在又没东西发,虽然这样很愚蠢。
14. There will never be an action called accidentally sent, maybe he wish to send something to you but dont know what to say. Although that is silly.

15. 收到“转发2人会幸福哦”,是他觉得这条短信很有意思,但是不忍心让你转发给10人,就偷偷把10改成了2。
15. Change to "forward to 2persons will get happiness oo", means he felt that this message is meaningful, but don't want you waste money to send to 10 persons, so he change to 2 instead of 10.

16. 凡是那种“不转发就会不幸”咒语性质的,他不是没有收到过,但是绝不会转发给你.
16. Those message says "if don't forward you will get curse.", it doesn't mean he won't receive this kind of message if he don't send you, just he will never forward to you.

17. 有一阵你没有收到过他的短信,但不表示他草稿箱里没有。
17. If he didn't text you for sometime, it doesn't means his draft box is empty.

18. 如果可能,他晚上不关机就是因为你
18. If possible, he don't shut down the phone at night all because of you.


To those who long time didn't see me...
I'm no longer hunger for becoming silver dolphin!

I m White Devil! Light in darkness, Darkness in light!

I really did all the silly things above before. Although is meaningless now. Thats good thing for me, at least shows to myself that, I m not kidding at that moment.

I m happy now, because I know the truth. Although it had came to an end.