Sunday, May 31, 2009

SHINEe ~ Julliette

SHINEe - Julliette

This song is from the latest mini album of SHINEe. The MV come online after 1 week I got the MP3 from Derek sweetie. So within this week, I keep on imagining how the dance should look like, since the dances in their first album are so fantastic.

And when I saw this MV on, it really supprised me. Many out of imagination poses have composed to this song.


In this MV, you can see there are some changes to the members appearance. Haircut is the main crucial here, but there are still some minor things, that making them brighter.

The red pent hottie is my hubby ~ JongHyun

For this album, he cut his tick middle long hair to short. That make him look more boyish and fresh. And can you see that he is so much menly then the first album?

He build his body up with some muscles, not huge, but can see nice alignment. Imagine his packs, must be even more attractive. With his new look and his powerful voice sure killed a lot girl girl. (He killed me on the bed everynight la...In my dream...LOL)

The blue pent cuttie is my brother ~ Taemin

He changed his mushroom hair style and make him super cute now. In the previous album, his mushroom hair break his impression in my eye, but his cuteness turn it the other way round. So cute...

The green shirt sexie is my solemate - Key

He changed his hair color. But he still look so sexy and adorable. His sexy and powerful voice even brought him to the next sexie level.

The pink pent cuttie is my brother (JunJun) - Minho

He changed his hair style. Although is not obvious, but his menly voice still bring me hot. He is the "rabbist" is the group, because his voice is super men. Combination of Cuttie and Hottie.

The yellow pent guy is the leader of Shinee - Onew

He changed his hair style. He got nice voice... but just not my type. ^^

Enjoy the song!!! Is ROCK!!!

P.S. You may compare with their previous album appearances by click here.

Resting Week!!!

For the past week, I m lag of exercise, because I m SICK!!! Not H1M1... Guarantee and Chopx100... Just heaty causing my running nose and slightly to have fever on Thursday. I felt like fainting before going to lunch, and I felt like myself getting fever. But after having some hot tea during my lunch and some hot food, I getting better after that.

My original plan was to go GYM after work, because I got spinning class that night, but all my colleagues stop me from going. Once the aircon switched off at 6pm, my colleagues start MSN me to chase me home, some even intercall me to SHOOT me home.. LOL

My nose not feeling well since Monday. And Tuesday and Wednesday I was asked to audit in a company located at Tuas (Westest side of Singapore), whereas I stay Pasir Ris (Eastest side of Singapore). And there is a big and famous shopping centre next to Boon Lay MRT station ~ Jurong Point, since I hardly come so far to shop, after work I went in to shop alone.

There are so many interesting shop here. Esspecially this shop called "Options". I found many korean style shirt selling there, and I took a few photos of them while I trying in the fitting room.

A sexy (sissy?) shirt which just have: -
1 hidden button at the top left,
2 wooden buttons at top right.
That mean totally no protection at the bottom part of the shirt

Nice to wear on : -
a nice body guy, NOT huge, better have sexy neck born and sexy six packs
(because when wind blow, people really can see your packs)
a menly guy, NOT mature guy (because this shirt bring you middle; but if you na na dei, it will bring you to naying"sissy")

A style that I searching for so long, the tight long slive shirt is sew up with a black scarve to make it look like a waisecoat.

Nice at wear on: -
Nice body guy, NOT huge, better if slim

Actually I m searching for these.......

But I m controlling my cash flow for May, so I plan not to buy them so soon, and I will just buy either one, not both, probably the second.

When come to SHINEe, I wanna thanks to Derek sweetie. Because he found this SHINEe new song~ Julliette for me before the album release. And this song accompanying me for a whole week. It is too nice to listen, esspecially listening to my hubby's sexy voice. LOL

JongHyun: Thank you dear!!! Do my sexy voice make you horny?
(Ya!!! I think his horny voice even killing me...)


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P.S. More introduction of Julliette in next post. Click here.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shiuji EMO"ing"

Recently, my mood is going up and down. No specific reason, just NO MOOD!!! Brain keep on thinking negatively. Most of my friends chat with me on msn will know, recently I really not in my own situation!!! Shiuji seems like not as happy as last time!!! Super EMO!!! Sorry... I know some of them wish to see me happier, wish me can become more confident of myself... But my mood really not that good to control my own feeling.

I think the main reason is my weight stop going down. Still remains at 70kg for almost 2months. GOSH... That really make me loose a lot of confident. So this reason causes a lot of sub-reasons which makes me even more EMO!!!

Since my weight lagging at 70kg, I gotto work even harder to deal with my weight. So...
  • Tuesday I will go to GYM at Suntec with out fail;
  • Wednesday will have GYM and starlight YOGA at VIVO;
  • Thursday will back to Suntec for spinning class and GYM;
  • Sunday morning will go swimming at Haugang.
  • Every night sleep at 2am, weak up at 7.30am in the day.
  • Every day work from 9am to 6pm.
  • I just take a simple breakfast, a normal lunch and diet at night... mean no dinner...
So everyday I m just making myself tired and tired. And this also effecting my mood. But stupid Shiuji still planning to work even harder. From next week onwards, there will be the following add-on to my schedule....
  • Every friday, hot YOGA at Pacific Plaza
  • Every saturday morning, swimming at Haugang
As I working so hard to transform myself, there are some people still wanna talk something to hurt me. ya... To some people, hurting them is some kind of motivation; but to a person tired like me, normally my mood will absorb everything I listen, so in the end, it will make me thing doing all the above are stupid, sometime make me wanna give up. This is the second sub-reason that make me EMO!!!

The third reason is the stupid weather here. Is hot until it make me really bikcik... This type of hot in Singapore is totally different from the hot in other country. Kill me...

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Shiuji get depressed easily because Shiuji is stupid.... Just fit to the title of this song~ "Because I'm Stupid!!" by SS-501. This is the ending song for "Boys over Flowers花样男子"

Although Shiuji is so negative and EMO recently. But a lot of friends still encouraging me. Really thanks to all of them. So there are still something that motivating Shiuji to gambate.

And recently, all my colleagues and friends realised that I slim down a lot. A secondary school friend who I have never see him for a year, we was on webcam some day and he get a shock when he saw me slim down so much.

All my colleagues are the people who see me everyday, and they can realised my obvious changes, that really prove that my hardwork are not wasted. But they are asking me to stop slimming down, and the reason is I look better when I was chubby. WTF...

Even the YOGA instructor also agreed that my current weight is just right and what I need now is tonning up my body and make it firm. I accept the second statement, but I really don't think my weight is at the right level. My current BMI (body Mass Index) is 24, which is at the boundry of normal BMI, which mean if my weight slightly increase by 0.1kg, I will become overweight. That consider normal? Bullshit...

But to prove my appreciation to all my supporting friends, Shiuji will work harder and keep myself healthy and happy. I will work harder to keep my mood at perfect condition. I apologized to someone who got irritated by me for the past week, but Shiuji really doesn't mean to depress myself to irritate you. Especially to JunJun, Sen Dear, Willy Gor, Kevin dear, Ron dear...

P.S. Thanks to all of you who reading my blog as well. I feel better after I wrote all this out...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kevin is back!!!

When you start blogging at
  • Since 14 November 2008

Is this your first blog?
  • ya...

How you get to know
  • From a friend from Canada, Kevin.

MySpace Playlist at

A welcoming song for Kevin!
(you still my little turtle, my purple dolphin...LOL)

How you know this friend?

  • erm... Long story... On 5th November 2008, I received a kiss from a lengcai ~ ekkonen in Then I straight away reply his kiss, at the mean time, I sent him a message also...
ekkonen's in and his first profile photo in
Shiuji: Mind to friend with me? Can give me your msn?

Then ekkonen reply me his msn. (He didn't say anything, just his msn address, so I can't write out what he said...LOL) After adding his msn, we start to chat on msn. To let me know him more, he asked me to read his blog. From that day, I start visiting everyday, and after a few days, I fall in love with blogging, so I decided to start mine.

Were you influenced by someone to make you start blogging?
  • Very obvious... Kevin indirectly brought me to my current blogging life. ya, Kevin is ekkonen.

From Kevin's old blog

Bringing you to is good or bad to you?
  • Is good. If I didn't start blogging that time, I might not get to know all my gorgor(s), sifu, and best friends. I feel happy to know all of them, they change my life. So, back to the beginning I really wanna thanks to Kevin bringing me here. Without his appearance, you won't see current Shiuji.

Until now, you still reading ekkonen's blog everyday?
  • I wish to. But he has stop blogging for some time, I really miss his blog, but as long as he got new post, I will read it without absent. Anyway, he just back to blogging recently, but is in a whole new blog. So, hopefully he don't stop again, and dissappeared himself. hehe...
missing Kevin?


Do you miss Kevin, Ekkonen?

If you do... Please comment here. (My main purpose is not to collect comment for myself)

I just wish to collect 25 comments from 25 different people who know Kevin as well, write down how much you miss him. (This is to encourage him to find back something he lost for so long)

If you don't know Kevin! Nevermind, introduce yourself to him here.


Good night!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

KL Trip ~ Day 1 (Part B) *A Night with Yannick!!!*

Yannick Gor

Yannick date me to KLCC at 8.30pm. But around 7.45pm, I have already took a cab from Sungai Wang and reached KLCC around 8.00pm. (Normally my friend have to wait for me for 30mins to an hour). I was so nervous, keep on sms with Eric Bak Ku Teh (EBKT)... I asked Eric a question before I make my decision to date Yannick...

Shiuji: Should I go? I very ganjiong (nervous) leh!

EBKT: Haha... Then don't go la. I m sure you won't let go the chance. Sure you will go. haha.. I know you.

Anyway, am I so easy to understand? I don't think so lo...

Once I reached KLCC, I went to the toilet to arrange my hair and cloth. Then I went to Giodano, Levi's, ZARA, Topman, and many many men wear shop to have a quick shop for a nicer shirt, because I wanna give Yannick Gor a good first impression. But I bought nothing, because I see nothing nice on myself.

This is me... When come to a lengcai, I will loose all my confident. Now I gotto see my lengcai gorgor already leh. My confident level not ZERO, but NEGATIVE... Within this 30mins, I went to toilet to arrange my appearance more then 3times I think, excluding when I trying cloth in the fitting rooms.

Around 8.40pm, I still haven't receive any text or call from Yannick. But finally I received his message by 8.41pm, he said he just leaving home, will reach in 20mins, asked me to wait in front of Giodano. My heart beat even faster. In this 20mins, I didnt leave the radius of Giodano, not even step out to toilet, the most I just went into Giodano, walk around in the shop, next to or opposite Giodano. The shop opposite is ZARA, I was in this shop more then 15mins I think, I keep on trying their bag in front of the mirror, but actually I just wanna check out my appearance.

After around 30mins. I tried to call Yannick Gor, but I can't reach him. I purposely not to stand right in front of Giodano, I worried my appearance will scared him from far, so I stood in front of ZARA. Don't know why so many people looking at me while I standing there, a few lengcai also, got one still holding his girl friend leh... HAHA... Suddenly I feel somebody coming from my left, when I turn my head over, a super lengcai walking towards me.

This is the photo he took by himself before he come to meet you...

That was Yannick gor... Finally I saw him... hehe... In webcam, Yannick Gor is like animation, like Final Fantasy those 3D cartoon, in real he is handsome de... haha... I still so nervous, we walk around KLCC, from ground floor to the top, we chat, and shop. (didn't shop much, many are closing) Because Yannick Gor was super late, but never mind, it was worth to wait.

Taking all these photo make him late... 果然是我哥哥!比我自恋!

Then we went to eat KFC, he eat only, I watch... haha... Although he is elder then me, he is so lengcai, but when come to eating, he will turn into a child, he seems like loving KFC chicken a lot, eat like a kid. He eat so fast like his mother didn't allow him to touch KFC for a year. LOL... One word to describe..

(gor, I know you don't like I use this word one you...)

Cute Yannick

After eating, we continue walk around, then he search for toilet to P, but he is so rich, he wanna go to the premium toilet which have to pay RM2.50 to go in. WTF... what is inside? It has operating hour also. So we just can go to the normal toilet. When he P, I just went in to tidy my hair, when he finished, I still there... So he laugh at me... But when I waiting him outside while he tidying his hair... He took the same time as me... =.="' Dare he still laugh at me... (Anyway, we are brother, what to do!!!)

I know we don't look alike... But cannot be brother?
(thats why Angel & Devil) LOL

After that we took a cab to Pavilion to watch movie. As we not familiar with this location, we spent a long time to walked to the cinema... Thats good, that make us chat a lot. We plan a lot of things, we want to watch movie, we want to go clubbing, we want to sing K, but in the end, we do nothing. We just standing there, and looking at guys around.

MySpace Playlist at

We listen this song together with his Samsung MP3 player.

Yannick is so funny. We saw a group of gay were gathering in front of Coffeebean, because a few sissy musculars were inside the group of people, so they cought our attention. Suddenly Yannick start composing what they said throught their action. Actually we are a few storage above them, so they can neither see us or hear us.

Later, we purposely passed by this group of people, and a few of them were looking to us... haha... so fun...

But happy time usually past very fast. Around 11.3opm, Yannick took a cab home, because it was very late. and it is dangerous for this grade of lengcai staying out at this time.

Thats my first day in KL.

P.S. Yannick gor is famous enough in blogger.. So don't need any link to his blog... Sorry for any inconvenient causes.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

KL Trip ~ Day 1 (Part A)

1st May 2009, I went to KL with 4 Singapore friends, we reached KL around 4am. Then a friend of my friend came to picked us to have some food at mamak shop, then we went to his condo to have some rest. I really miss mamak shop's food, teh tarik, mee goreng, roti canai... Why Singapore don't have mamak shop. LOL...

At his house, we found out his friend got a lot of magazines, and all magazines are about hottie. LOL... 2 of my friends not willing to sleep, they just reading those magazine and fooling around the house. But I was sick, maybe I catch a cool on the bus, so I better rest more to cure my sickness.

Around 8.30am, we leave his friend's condo and catch a cab to KLCC. Because we went to get the KLCC sky bridge free ticket. There was a lot of people there, but we still manage to get 5 free tickets, but our entrance time is 4.30pm. LOL... Since our hotel check in time is 12.00pm, so we went to A&W to have our breakfast, then shop around in KLCC.

My breakfast at A&W

Around 11.45pm, we went to catch a cab to Piccolo Hotel which located at Bukit Bintang, and which is just opposite Pavilion Shopping Mall. (How nice...) But the stupid taxi driver wanna charge us RM25 for one cab (that is super expensive...) In the end, we planned to walk to Bukit Bintang. It seems very far, but for people who used to live in Singapore, this short distance is just "a piece of cake...". (actually not far... Just the taxi driver wanna bully us...)

View from our room to Pavilion

I like our room very much, this kind of room is nice if you come with your lover... hehe... Because the toilet and the bath room are just covered by half transparent glasses, and there is no lock for the door. So you can see your hubby nice body when he shower in the bathroom, if you horny, you can even open the door yourself to join him... (So nice...)

Our room!!! The piece of glass at the back is the bathroom... which is half tranparent...LOL

Our Room!!!

KLCC Sky Bridge Visitor Pass

The park next to KLCC

In the lift

KLCC near view

View from Sky Bridge

My Dinner for the first day in KL...

Do nothing much through out the whole day, just went up to KLCC sky bridge. But when I was having my dinner near Sungai Wang, Yannick gor suddenly told me to meet at KLCC at 8.30pm, but I was going to watch X-men with my friends at 9.30pm... How?

Catch up for the next post....

Yannick gor!!!

Do you think I can see Yannick?
P.S. People who know please silent!!! But still have to comment, just silent on this question!!!