Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking Back

11 May 2010 Tuesday, after work, I went to Tampines to meet up my friends for dinner and collect photos we took at Genting from them.

After we exchange photos with each other, we browse through our old photos I have in my lappy's photo album. They keep laughing non-stop, not because of any joker photo or funny memory. They just laughing at me, the "me" in the past.

Took in 2008 (guest where am I?)

Laugh all you can!!!


Shiuji in 2010

Heart Lost at the Journey?

10 May 2010 Monday. First day back from Genting, gotto start a whole new busy week, and it is usually tough for a normal human to go back to their normal mode after a rest, especially after a tour.

Don't know where my heart go, left at Genting? Probably my heart like the cool air over there. But when talk about heart, it makes me re-call something. Last mid-autumn festival, I sent all my heart to someone. Maybe thats the reason I can't find my heart now... Probably!!!..LOL

I wanna re-make a new heart, let myself love someone with whole of the new heart. The original heart? That person who received my hearts said he ate all of them. So my hearts are now at Pinang Inda-Water (a place where Malaysia accumulate shit)

Time to sleep!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Going Genting~~

Today I am going to take 11.30pm bus to Genting Highland.

Few months ago, I asked my date to go with me, but we fight after a month. Now thinking, how nice if I could go travel with my lover.

I always have this dream, which is traveling with lover. Sit side to side on the bus / plane, check in hotel together, sleep on the same bed in the hotel room, walking on the street in a foreign place, shopping together, eating same bowl of dessert, feeding me with the food he order. Doing whatever a couple do.

Now no more!!!

This trip I m going with my collage friends in Ipoh. 2 pairs and 3 singles; 4 girls, 3 guys; 6 normal, 1 gay.

By right, if I didn't break with my ex-date, the trip should be: 3pairs, 2 singles; 4 girls, 4 guys; 6 normal, 2 gays.


My last post here in Luna Maze was 11 February 2010. Life still the same as year ago, no one willing to walk into my heart, still single and available. Within these days, there were some guys past by, but never stay.
Don't wish to be single: seeing others sticking together with his partner, shopping, have meal and movie together; listening others talk about their partner, how cute their partner, what their partner doing and how their partner character. For me in the past, I will turn emo once I turn back.
But now I share their happiness, wish they would happy forever. After turning back, I no longer bringing sadness along, but walk away with smile.

Shiuji ~ The White Devil

Now is like a restart for me, and my blog. Luna Maze no longer a place to seek for sweet happiness, dolphin no longer living here. Now White Devil rules the blog, creating happiness for his own land, instead of waiting happiness drop down from the sky.

LISTEN, I am alone at a crossroads
I'm not at home in my own home
And I've tried and tried to say what's on mind
You should have known

Oh, now I'm done believing you
You don't know what I'm feeling
I'm more than what you made of me
I followed the voice you gave to me
But now I've gotta find MY OWN

(Listen by Beyonce)