Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunset ~ Love is All ~

I saw Ayumi's latest single selling in the CD shop, stood there for a while to play the CD with the player at the side. Unexpectedly I fall for this song.

28th Aug 2009, while I was working in the office, I downloaded this song, and enjoying it. Zac にさん came to chat with me on MSN. He is my youngest gorgor, except Willy and Yanny (This two gor are my most precious gor, cannot make them angry). LOL. As Zac gor also like japanese song and korean song. I shared this song to him. Gladly he love it...


My gor very lengcai de... haha... While saw him on webcam, my sliver drip until all my documents on my table wet, and I have to print them all again. haha...

Lets enjoy the song together.... (Close your eye...)

Sunset~Love is All~ Ayumi Hamasaki

Come closer to me
Try to trust me more

You are laughing innocently
I adore your smile

But I know that tears were shining
On your cheeks until a while ago

I don't say easily, "Show me your true colors"
Or something like that
But I'm confident about accepting you
Whatever color I may see in you

* I want to send bigger love to you
In a louder voice
I want to get to your heart

** If I shout bigger love
In a louder voice
I wonder if it will reach you just a little

*** It's even better to take a roundabout way
I know we'll be able to understand each other

(In a louder voice)
(Bigger love)
(In a louder voice)
(Bigger love)

I can almost imagine for some reason
What you want to say

I just have a mind to face you
But actually I'm running away, don't you think so?

If I said I was not afraid
I'd be lying, to be honest
But I'm all prepared
All taken together

Hey, come closer to me
Try to trust me more
Do you hear the heartbeat
In my trembling chest?

Come closer to me
I want you to listen carefully in your heart
And try to trust me more

The time of confirming each other's mind is over now
I know we are thinking of each other

We are not at all perfect
Because we are human
But I think it's OK
Because I love such a point

(In a louder voice)
(Bigger love)
(In a louder voice)
(Bigger love)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Shiuji really SUKEBE!!!

Half year plus ago, Jon did something fantastic. Which is giving Shiuji the name ~ Sukebe (Japanese, means pervert)

On 27th Aug 2009, after work. I went to GYM as usual, because I have my spin class every Thursday. Today instructor isn't Sun (the instructor that asked me to get a boy friend bring me to Mount Everest. Last week she told us, she was lesbian last time, no wonder she knows I m gay).

Back to the story.

Today instructor is a guy, huge, quite a boring class. Luckily he is just to replace for this week, as Sun is on leave. But his class suffer more then Sun's class, means burn more fat. Actually this also not the main point. LOL

After my workout and all that. I went to steam bath, sauna and shower. Once I reach the changing room, I saw this hot guy just wearing jeans standing in front of the mirror (he was in the spin class with me just now). First word come out from my mouth was... 美味い

The one I saw is a lot more handsome!

When come into the sauna room, inside just got 1 guy, towel on his back, his hard cock was hanging there (he doing his own business inside, LOL...) Once I walk in, he stopped, and tried to cover his hard cock with his hand. Seeing him so shy, I just leave him alone in the sauna and went to shower. Nothing happen because not my cup of tea. LOL

After shower, while I changing in front of my locker. A handsome huge also just finish shower and changing in front of me (Just saw underwear only, not totally naked). His body is a big V shape. And I said, 美味い silently.

Bigger size then this and not this young. I think he around 26!

While I drying my hair in front of the mirror, another hot guy come into my view. Body very nice, not consider as huge. Once look on his body, I said 美味い...

Let me make a conclusion for all the above. 美味い is delicious in Japanese. When see handsome normally people says lengcai, hot, handsome and so on. But my first sentense to say was delicious.

I really wanna scold this Shiuji....


P.S. My cousin next to me while doing this post, so can't choose suitable picture.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kidding Me!!!

A few things funny today 26th Aug 2009!

i) Good morning, Baby!

Ok! I used to wish HIM good morning every morning once I login MSN, consider my daily now. I will feel nervous if I can't see him on msn... haha...

Brush teeth with him every morning!!! LOL

As usual, I log on to MSN messenger, and open his window.

Shiuji: Good morning, dear!

(everyday I call him differently, I used sweet heart, 威伦王子,荣恩王子,RXX Gor,... and so on)

Mr.R: Good morning, baby!

This is the first time he use this kind of sweet noun on me. T.T so touching... He make me feel fresh for the whole day, normally I would feel sleepy after lunch and during class, but today I didn't feel sleepy... haha...

I know he is not from bottom of his heart, he is just treating me as his dee dee... ^^

ii) You Look So Young Now!

I just finished my lunch and going back to my office. At the lift lobby, I met my boss. He look at me for a second, turn over and told me this...

Mr. Sotong: You look so young now!

Walao... I really wanna answer him this,"You mean I look old last time?" But I didn't. I give him face... That mean I improve a lot. Thats good actually.

Fried sotong (similar to my boss name, when we talking bad about him, we use sotong...LOL)

iii) You really look like 阮经天!

After lunch, back to office, restart my laptop, holding a slice of papaya, and walk towards my colleagues. When I stood in front of both of them, suddenly they turn over to me from their monitors, and look at me for a few second. One of them suddenly said,

Ah Je (阿姐) : He really got a bit look like 阮经天
Agnes: I told ya... He really got 阮经天 look...

阮经天 (famous Taiwan actor)

? Similar to me? Blind =.="
(I won't compare my photo here, just obvious make me look ugly)

while he is still a model!!!

No wonder Agnes always tease me by calling me 硬明天

阮经天 pronouns similar as (soft)今天(today)

So she purposely make it opposite, thats why become (hard)明天(tomorrow)...

let me has such a hot body first!!!

P.S. Want laugh then laugh, I know all of you won't agree! Myself feel kidding also! They are blind!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Net Friends VS Real Friends

Suddenly curious with this title.

Net Friends VS Real Friends

Isn't it net friends could hardly become real friends?

I don't know what about others, but it really applied to me. Sometimes really feel lonely. Take my account in as an example.

Majority of my post hardly receive more then 5comments. And the 5 are normally some close friend. (Where the others in my friend list? they never bother others?) But some of those handsome can easily get more then 20comments in less then 5mins with just a simple post (ie. boring...).

Comments being ignored. Don't know is it normal people won't reply comments, or just not going to reply mind. Maybe you would say I think too much. But somehow they really do that really obvious. Many comments I made on some people's post have actually being ignored by that owner. Many people also commented on that particular post, but the owner replied to all of them, except me.

Net friends never last look. This two days your might have 1000topics to talk with, but come to the third day, your might back to stranger again. (Just example, normally wont that short...)

Anyway, as a friend, I will still care of you no matter you are my net friend or real friend. But you appreciate my kindness or not is your own business. I can't force anyone to be my friend.

Just understand my theory.

Once friend, Friend FOREVER!!!

Don't want to talk so much. Feeling being ignored after reading so many blogs.

青春Amigo - 修二与彰

Suddenly feeling like sharing this song. Amigo is means FRIEND! This was my favorite song during my secondary school time. Because since there I was being abandoned by most of them. I'm just wanted to be involve in formal things. Like doing homework, copy in the exam and projects. Other then that like sports (because I m fat?), outing, movie, shopping. They never inform me.

Maybe kinda scared of lonely. I always tried make myself stronger. So during collage time, I had actually became the most active person in the class. But what outing I organized will actually not much of supporter, in the end, due to short of people, the outing canceled. But if others organize something, I sure will attend (issit too 38), and we actually have fun with it. Maybe I m the joker for them.

There are some happy memory; there are some sad memory. Now all become my nice memory. I don't have a wonderful secondary school life. Thats why I love watching school base drama. And I found this song ~ 青春Amigo. (issit consider a replacement?)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coming Back Soon!!!

Sorry to all my blog's readers, I had been absent from blogging for sometime. As in July is the most busy month for audit firm. So really no time to blog. Due to working until late night, my face is so ugly now... Pimples, pimples, spots, spots....

Since your miss me so much, I attach herewith my latest photo, hope your dream of me tonight.

who have my facebook or msn might have seen this already!!!

BUT!!! something private here!!!

wanna see? bleah....
(I know your are not interested also...T.T)

Here I annouce, Shiuji is coming back soooooon!!!

Shinee - Countdown





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