Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Shiuji is back!

Actually I planned to post before I came back to Ipoh on 24th Jan, but I was busying throught out the whole day to pack my stuff for bring back to Ipoh. e.g. Cloth, shoe, hair wax, facial product, biscuit, present..... In the end, I just managed to type the below, but didnt finish, so didnt post...

I just realized, I have skiped blogging for many days... Sorry to all, but I still spend my time to read you guys' blog, because I miss you guys every single second... HugHug... Manythings happen after the previous blog ~ "1st Live Show!!!" . Summary as below: -

Get electric shock by a handsome (sunny boy dark skin, nice lab, horny face~while looking at me, nice body) in GYM room, total time that our eye connected are long enough to jerk Bitchy Yannic to cum... haha... (SOrry kor, I didn't mean anything...)

An uncle apporoached me in the steam room by showing me his stupid big cock... I really wish to tell him: "Do you have a mirror? Please sleep 12hours everyday to clear your panda eye!"

Accidently drop my cum on my labtop's keyboard, and try to use wet tissue to clean it... But the key between "Z" and "C" not working now... (Die la... who can repair for me!!! My company's labtop leh... T.T)


There are more to tell, but I have forget what I wanna tell that day, so forget about it... lol

Normally, my schedule for chinese new year are the same for every year. For this year: -

Chinese New Year Eve

Reach Ipoh around 5.30am, my sister tried her 2nd drive by fatching me home from Glassland bus stop. (A bit scary... haha) Go to my grandma house around 11am to help her with some cooking, but this year, her god sister was helping her, so I can stay a side to watch.

Our family is very special, normally people will have reunion dinner, but we have reunion lunch. lol... And every year, my grandma will cook the same dish, bak zam gei (plan chicken), Xiu Yok (roasted pork), Chau Sha Kot, carrot ball (a special dish.. no one can cook this better then my grandma), prawn and Pig stomach soup.

After lunch, we went to shopping, I used to buy things in the last day, so I managed to bought my unders... hehe... (aiming to buy my 1st CK unders in 2009... haha)

I wanna wear this!!!

I think this is nice with Kevin Kor!!!

1st Day of Chinese New Year

Wake up around 9am, bath, wash my face, apply skin product, and first time trying to use liquid foundation (because have some pimples on my face..T.T), style my hair, change my cloth...


This year, I become the slowest among my family, even my sister can get herself done faster then me (what to do? Have to do so many things from the head to toe)

Gather in my grandma house with my father's brother and cousins, then we all accompany my grandma to her sister house (we go every year)... We have our lunch there every year, there can get a lot of angpow... haha...

All the people there have the same emotion when they first saw me. ~ "STUN"... Then follow by the follow phrase: -

Lei hai bin go? (who are you?)
Dim gai gam shao jo geh? (why so thin aready?)
Lei hyung xing ga bo mou dek sik ah? (you got nothing to eat in Singapore?)
Cha dit ying mm cot lei go lengcai o? (slightly cant recognise this handsome?)

The horrible I ever heard!! : -
Ngo zong yi wai bin go lenglui? (I tought who is this pretty girl?) ~~ WTF

After the gathering at my grandma's sister place ended, we went to her daughter new house. Her original house costed RM600,000+++, for decoration, I think she spent about RM1,000,000. Every part of her house are special decorated, every furniture is costed more then RM5,000 each. WTF... His son has my dream room, which has a changing room that can put a lot of cloths and accessories, a big LCD TV, a most updated computer, a personal bath room which bigger then my current room. WTH...

After that, we went back to my grandma house, as my dad's cousin from KL was waiting for us there. When I first walked in, his both daughters have the same emotion when they saw me. ~STUN~ They didnt say much, but I can see what they mean. His second daughter is very pretty, she really look like Daren sifu... haha... Female version... Her skin is damn nice and fair... I saw Daren sifu... yeah!!!

Nowadays, i like to hold Malaysia handphone number. Because I can sms non-stop. haha... The whole afternoon, I have been smsing Eric and JunJun... My mom bought a new handphone ~ Sony Ericson C905. So she gave me her W850. I think my daily usage is more then her annual usage. lol


P.S. I don't wan to make this post too long, I scared you will get bored... haha
Chinese New Year Event....

Monday, January 19, 2009

1st Live Show!!!

16Jan2009, is a friday. I should wear casual to work, but as I have to go to the lausy company to do auditing again, so I have to wear formal. But my sinior have a meeting with client for the entire morning, so we plan to go after lunch.

For lunch, I followed those auntie and my sister to Mcdonald's, where the remained 2guys went for mixed rice again. Why? Cheap!!! Thats the difference between straight guys and gay guys.

Straight guys - Living as straight guys, saving for marriage, for future family, for future children, for parents and so on. So they really have to save a lot of money seen they start working. lol

Gay guys - Living as girls that waiting to marry, income normally is used on facial, clothing, hair, mainly is sticking money from the head to toe.

After lunch, I follow my siniors to the client's place. Today, the lengcai salesmen is not in. =.= so sad. So the whole afternoon in the office was quite boring, and feel very sleepy. Around 7pm, we leave that ghost house. @.@ And we took cab back to Shaw Tower, my sinior is going back to office, and I straight away walked to Suntec City for GYM.

At the locker area, a 30 years old (I think) nice builded (gam gam) mature guy was just finished shower. His locker is just above mine, so he stand really close to me. After he opened his locker, he took off the towel, and I saw his ass and tool. walao... Then he look at me. @.@ So I turn myself and walk to the mirror. When I was arranging my hair, he also look at me a few times when he is wearing his underwear and pents... So shy me... I quickly get change and start my work out.

I did >30mins of standing spin with level8~10, normally I do pushing style to smooth my chest. Then I continued with some equipments for specific parts, normally are more towards to smooth my chest, slim my abs and ass. I saw a few handsome turning here and there, so happy to see so many lengcai some times. And I saw a handsome angmo, he really has nice body.. walao... But I prefer to follow another chinese, very fit, jogger build.

Around 9.30pm, I went for shower. When come to the locker area, I saw the lengcai angmo topless in front of his looker, he has my dream body... lol... And follow by the chinese lengcai in the next corner, he also topless, his body is slim, but he has nice pack, and lengcai face... perfect, just don't has the height. I grap my towel, take off all (included underwear) and go for steam bath (as usual, of course cover with towel la... silly)... Sadly, the lengcai didnt come...

Once I walked in, I saw two hottie sitting inside (normally just chubby inside.. haha)... Both of them sit on the place where I usually sit. So I just choose a corner and enjoy the steam bath. Both of them were sitting slightly behind of me, so I look back a bit to see how they look like.

  • The guy that closer to me is short but build, not to say very lengcai, but is acceptable. Won't be my choice. But can consider;

  • Another guy is tall, smooth body, body is just nicely build, handsome face, high quality hottie.

But I accidently saw the short guy was shaking his hand around his abs area. So I curi curi look back to see clearly. OMG... He is jurking his tool. He has nice cock... walao@.@... My cock start to get hard, so I just turn my head and cool myself down. But I can't stop myself look back again, he still jurking slowly, and the tall guy's towel was just simply cover on his bottom area, so sexy...

After around 5mins, I heard the tall guy said: "Just like to watch this jurking show!" Then, he walked out from the steam room. Then I walked back the seat I usually sit. But I was facing to the short builder, and he still jurking, and I feel my cock also getting hard, so I covered my face on my knee to cool myself down again. I am so shy... And he also leave the room after a while... (Maybe chase the handsome guy to have ONS)..

I really wondering what they did before I go in. They jurk each other cock? The tall guy sucking his cock? And I really wondering how the tall guy flirt the short guy to jurk in front of him... better ask him to teach me...

Too Serious Too Soon!!!

[E]Gareth Gates - Too Serious Too Soon - Gareth Gates

14th Jan 2009, there have been a long time I didn't go to Aljunied after my previous semester ended. I love and hate this place. I love Aljunied, because I met "HIM" here, all my memories about him, majority are from here; I hate this place, because this place really have many lengcai, can see can not eat...T.T

Why? Why I fall in love on HIM? I don't even know him, he don't even know me, maybe he didn't realize my appearance at all! Is it because of him, make me hardly fall in love with other? Or saying in another way, don't have other people love me? Am I not attractive enough?

My friends date me to have dinner at Aljunied. So I leave my office around, 6.25pm, and reached Bugis MRT around 6.40pm. As usual, I will be at the 3rd last door. Everyday, when I take MRT, I will hope to see him when the door open. But my dream never come true. So I always wish to see him in my dream, at least! But I don't have much dream at night as Kevin kor and Daren sifu... I really jealous of them being dream their lover one every night. Actually there is still something behind this jealousy.

When I alight at Aljunied, I will start imagining he is behind of me, I remember my heartbeat when he was following me. When come to the staircase, I will slightly look back a bit to feel his hand on the handle of the staircase, the handle that indirectly joined our hand. Come to the end of staircase, he take over me and let me follow his back, I imagined he is in front of me, I can see how tall is he, how he walk, how he take his bag. Recalled back every single moment I saw him. After the gate, I stand at the exit to look toward the road that we walked together to our school. I can't stop myself expecting him to appear. I tried to close my eyes and count to 10, wish to see him when I open my eyes, but it doesn't work.

All the way of missing him, my PSP was playing this song, "Too Serious Too Soon" by Gareth Gate. It really sing what I feel.

Nothing interesting about my dinner with my friends. Altough I m with my friend, but my eyes and my heart is search around to look for him. How I forget him! Find a boyfriend to love me? Who will? I really need a hug....


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love is some kind of Need!!!

This is a drama by MediaCorp Singapore, named "Little Nyonya"... My purpose to upload this video is not to advertise this drama, but I wish to share the background music...

The background music called 需要xu yao (english: Need) by JS... I didn't get to find this song in any website, so I just upload this video... The chorus just tell what I feel.

需要Need (theme song in 小娘惹~Little Nyonya)

by: JS

Without me, your eyes are so beautiful,

But just can make a display of lonely,

I think, I won’t worse like time.

If memorize every single road we walked before,

Then might can face the break off,

At least, not need to be so proud.

Smile of shameless fish,

Catch the need of the mind,

Can’t hold, can’t let go,

Unbending dream for the future,

Isn’t can simply get it by turning back yourself…


Love is some kind of need, but is not necessary to have it,

As long as you are happy then is good.

The worm eye in the dream, let the memory bind like those seaweeds,

But always make people brave up.

Love is some kind of need, can’t estimate when we join and break,

Just can make a mark in the heart.

As long as the day we meet, still have a same smell,

No matter rain or typhoon, as long as you still in my heart my life won’t be tough.


I have been silly for more then 20 years. Before 17years old, I m totally a person with no confident. Luckily, I was the monitor of a class, and love by many teachers, and I was friend with a group of Dailou in my school, but I don't have to show face at all, I am so called being protected sometime. Thats why those bad student or LCLY (lan ci lan yong) student don't dare to "lanci" me. In my school, if you are those student that is like me? (bo liao lu...)

During my secondary school time, I don't have love before. Although I always watch drama, esspecially those taiwan love story, but I totally don't understand how love really feel. Maybe I am too desperate to have a lover, so I it make me scared of lonely. Many people might not be concern with lonely christmas, lonely birthday or lonely valentine. But it will really kill me if I were lonely.


i) Love a guy that don't love me!

ii) Love a guy that I don't know!

iii) Love a guy that I can't touch!

iv) Love a guy that don't bother me!

iv) Love a guy that I don't know where is he!

For the past 20 years, I just keep on doing stupid things. I really hope I will have a break throught in this year. Break from the name "fatty", break from the word "single". But, the god will never be fair to me.


I change my title in Now my title is:

Lonely Christmas, Lonely Birthday, Lonely New Year... Conclusion: Lonely Vanlentine...

Is a trent, hope to break the trent... but trent never be break...


I also change my msn title... Now my title is:


translation of the chinese word:

The patient from black christmas, have already get their sweet return! Left me, still trap in the dazed Luna's snow maze....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Formula 20???

Many people have been asking me to be brave and be confident. But I really born to be chicken. But I believe chicken can true into eagle one day, although is totally not logical.

4th January 2009

I met my secondary school friends at VIVO city.

Calvin, my secondary school best friend, but friendship went down after we went to different class in sec3. He came Singapore to teach piano, and I came Singapore to work and study. There we become good friend again.

PeiSan, Calvin's classmate.

I went to VIVO early. When I was in the train, a handsome guy sit one seat next to me. hehe.. He also going to VIVO, so good. But he is with a friend. =.= Seen I reach early, I went shopping alone. My friends reach around 7.30pm, so we straight away went for dinner at KimGary.

I really like KimGary, no matter which outlet, 100% got cute waiter... haha...

We chat for about 2hours in KimGary, we miss each other so much, we miss our past. While I were in KimGary, I saw a very cute waiter. He look like the guy in Formula17.

He is so cute in Formula 17

My eye totally can't leave him. I purposely change my eye ring from left to the right. hehe... Chance coming... Everytime I look at him, he will sure look back to me, he tought I need help (that his job la...plz).

When I leave KimGary, I went to toilet. And he was standing in front of the mirror. LOL... And he saw me too. (Thats normal reaction la...) But I didnt talk to him. Afterthat, my friends and I went to the roof garden to have some fresh air. But my eye just cant stop looking back to him through the window. He is really cute.

When my friends went in to the S$2 shop at the top floor of VIVO, I just stand outside the shop counting busket. Instead of counting 1,2,3... I count, Go... DonGo... Go.. DonGo... Go.. DonGo.. LOL... When Calvin saw I was so boring out there, he come out to accompany me. He asked why I were so moody. So I asked him:


Shiuji: If you wish to know someone that you don't know. what would you do?

Calvin: Go and know lo...

Shiuji: But I not dare to ask...

Calvin: Then you can learn Jay Chou in the MV.. write your name and number in a piece of paper and give it to her.. And who you want to know? The cashier inside?

Shiuji: No.. you won't know...

Calvin: Tell la.. are we friend? I am your best friend leh...

Shiuji: You won't know what I feel. You don't need to know...

(I took out the receipt just now, and wrote:)

xxxx xxxx 这是我电话号码!得空sms我可以吗?Shiuji

Then he continue to ask. So I answer after my breath.

Shiuji: I m gay, I like the guy in KimGary just now.

Calvin: So what! Open... I m your best friend, I won't leave you because of this... Come I accompany you to KimGary.

Thats very touch. I slightly cry in my heart. But I rejected him. We went to a corner, because he wanna transfer game to my PSP for me. When the file is sending, I make up my mind, so I went down to KimGary with the piece of paper. And Calvin asked me to be brave again.

When I get to the enterance of KimGary, I stop. I went to the roof garden behind KimGary instead, and I watch him from outside. And I had wondering around KimGary for almost 30mins or more, until all the shop closed. lol... I still can't make myself to walk in. He was sweeping the floor at the enterance, that is the good time for me to pass him the paper, but something is pulling my back to stop me. Then many waitress starting to come out to mop the floor, the chance flied.

After 10mins, I saw a waitress coming back from toilet, so I asked her to pass the piece of paper the that boy. And she accepted my request. Don't know she pass to correct person or not. After passing that paper to the waitress, I ran with excitment to find Calvin. And we went home together.

On the train, we play LAN game. But my eye were waiting my phone on my bag to ring. Suddenly, my phone received a sms, thats the waiter. And Calvin said: "You concentrate to sms la... Leave all the enermies to me..." T.T so touch... We didn't sms much, because he reply very slow.

The following are what we talk in sms: -


Waiter: Hilo.. Tis is the waiter.. Can I help u? But which table were you sitting?

Shiuji: lol! Behind da paper is written 23 right? I m sitting on table 23... I wish to know u can?

Waiter: I have no clue who are you. Are you male or female. Please come again tomorrow and identify yourself.

Shiuji: Erm.. I cant make it on tmr! I m a male. My name is Shiuji. O u can call me Roy! 20 this year! Nice 2 mt u.. Can intro?

Waiter: 18 here. I wish to c u b4 we have further conversation. Provided if u still interested. U maby comeby at most of the days 6 - 10 at KimGary.

Shiuji: Okie.. I am da guy with black shirt and black long pent and a white sliffless sweater. Have been wondering around KimGary 4 abt 30mins when your shop close! And I thk you saw me when you are in the toilet looking at da mirror! Just hope 2 be your friend but no other. Hope u can accept...

Waiter: I would not reject neither would I accept coz I don think bonds are form this way. U can approach me next time we meet. Pls to meet u anw. Gdnight 4 now.


The chance is close to 0... FORGET ABOUT IT!!!

The incident above make me named my msn as:

~~Shiuji~~Formula20! Start on 4th January 2009! But isn't as expected in Formula17!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Belated Birthday!!!

Many people have asked me why I don't blog recently. Good question.

Ans: No time la... T.T Chinese New Year is coming, Vanlentine is coming, Willy is coming. (Is Willy a festival?) No la... He is my handsome adorable korkor, just step 18 today (8/1/2009).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Kor.... Muarksss... Muarksss... Muarksss...

What have I been doing? Why no time?

Ans: Look at my schedule for myself

Monday: Dance competition on TV, cant miss.
Tuesday: GYM, reach home around 12am
Wednesday: YOGA, reach home around 12am
Thursday: GYM, reach home around 12am
Friday: GYM or YOGA, reach home around 12am
Saturday: date friend to JB, whole day out
Sunday: The only day I can take more time to blog....

And now my lady boss's girl girl sit right behind me, can't simply do personal stuff...T.T


Back to 3rd Jan 2009. I went to Johor Bahru with my friends.

Finally I manage to see the Johor new custom, the custom is so big and empty, it make our process to get through this custom even longer. Not because the people there work slow, but majority of the time is use to walk. lol

After that we take cab to a "don't know what" plaza. There isn't much people shopping there, because the whole plaza are salon. Walao... (If I say come here for lunch, really mean eat No lar... There still a Mcdonald's, Sushi King and so on la... After we decided to have lunch cum breakfast at Sushi King. A male friend and I went to toilet without bringing our bag. We walk all the way to the toilet, we saw a indian sitting there collecting RM0.20. Nowaday, still got this kind of shopping centre? Whatever, we walk all the way back to Sushi King and come back with RM0.40.

After lunch, we walk around the whole plaza. Not much to walk, majority are salon, but inside got many hottie and cuttie. All above my average level de....haha... After "dumping" 2 of my female friends here (there want go roll their hair), the remain 4 of us take cab to City Square. That is a shopping mall we usually go.

This shopping mall is totally difference, many difference shop here and many people. You can meet a cuttie or hottie in every 10 steps range. @.@ All high quality @.@

My male friend and I shop guys stuff while the two girls shop their own. We walk in to every single shop which are selling guys stuff. I don't know how many shirt have I try. But I didnt plan to buy any. haha... I didn't bring enough cash is the main reason.

Because trying too many shirt, my nice hair become messy, so I went to buy a cap. (I have a big head, so look horrible with hat, but now realise, actually not that bad), then we went to Starbuck with the girl to take some rest for our leg around 5pm.

"Silly Thing" - Cost RM39.90... Actually I m trying to catch a picture of the lengcai

Around 7pm, the other two girls join us after their hair do. So we went to KimGary to have our dinner. While we waiting our food, a waitress bring us a cake. LOL... Just now 2 of my friends disappeared to buy me this cake.. So touch... Totally out of expectation. This really a belated belated birthday.

My belated birthday cake!!!

My birthday is on 29th December la... haha.... Really thx to my friend.

Tomorrow I am going to JB again.

Plan to buy (just plan): -

a Padini bag RM129

a Seed belt RM90

a Shoe RM99

two shirt and two pents (haven choose yet)

So gonna sleep now... Good Night!!!

P.S. This blog is partly type on 8th Jan, partly on 9th Jan. So the date inside might make you confuse.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 New Year Resolution!!!

Happy New Year!!! I know I post 3days late.

I was moody for the whole day of New Year Eve. Maybe because of my tired, it make my lonely feel even stronger. After a little nape on the train. I feels better. Thank to all blogger count down with this lonely me again. But sadly, Yan korkor wasn't there. I sent New Year text to everyone, my bill is going to burst this month. haha...

Here is my little resolution for year 2009.

I want: -
1) Transform myself to a hottie and cuttie
2) Get a dream caring hubby
3) Get my nice dream body
4) Lose my weight to 60kg
5) Get my own labtop
6) Pass all the ACCA subject I taken
7) Have my own room (thats hard)
8) Strengthen my Korean and Japanese
9) At least go to 1 new place/country by plane
10) Change my W800 handphone

Some crazy and stupid idea: -
1) Make all the guys in GYM room know me, make them all be my friend (Just lengcai la)
2) Strike TOTO (I just bought less then 5 times last year... How to strike)
3) Go to Vancauver for Christmas (totally stupid)
4) Get a lengcai friend in Singapore (at least Daren's grade ~ very lengcai leh)
5) Turn a straight guy to gay (No one can do except Daren... Just among the people I know)

P.S. Daren I wanna post your photo on my blog as others. Can? I hope to do it in my next post.

Me! Me! Me! Only Me!

I wish to do this when I saw Tony post it. But always forget... haha


Name: Shiuji / Roy / WeiWei / Sukebee
Birthplace: Ipoh ~ Moon
Current Location: Singapore ~ Earth
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Blonde (Current Dark Purple)
Height: 171cm (Rounded figure)
Right Handed or Left Handed: Right handed (training my left hand)
Your Heritage: Chinese
The Shoes You Wore Today: Nil (We don't wear shoe at home)
Your Weakness: Lazy
Your Fears: Lonely
Your Perfect Pizza: Not really sure, have not try all the pizza YET!
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Transform to a Hottie
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: Walao
Thoughts First Waking Up: Be ka jak!!! (Hokkian: scratch my back) my grandpa do that seen I was still a baby, to numbug me to sleep, and to wake up
Your Best Physical Feature: Nandakorewa!!!
Your Bedtime: 2am... Hope can earlier
Your Most Missed Memory: Everything past
Pepsi or Coke: coke
McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's
Single or Group Dates: Single
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Neither
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chacolate
Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappuccino
Do you Smoke: No! No! No!
Do you Swear: Sometime
Do you Sing: Always in singing mode
Do you Shower Daily: Ya! Before I go out and before I sleep
Have you Been in Love: Yes, but every relationship can't stay long...
Do you want to go to College: I been to College, but prefer Uni... No chance
Do you want to get Married: Yup!
Do you believe in yourself: Sometime, depend on what
Do you get Motion Sickness: A bit... I don't play PSP on car
Do you think you are Attractive: No... Not at all
Are you a Health Freak: Erm.. A bit...
Do you get along with your Parents: ya... If they request
Do you like Thunderstorms: Ya! I like Darkness!
Do you play an Instrument: Yup! Trumpet
Ever been Drunk: No... I don't drink a lot
Ever been called a Tease: Always
Ever been Beaten up: My father... ONLY
Ever Shoplifted: Nope... I am guaiguai zai.
How do you want to Die: Never think about it before
What do you want to be when you Grow Up: A happy pill
What country would you most like to Visit: Japan...

Ask more leh... Anything else?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My 20th Birthday!!!

Beautiful Life - V.O.S. (브이.오.에스.)

Surprised by my newly changed image

My long hair cut short.

Even I did not know that

I would be this completely okay.

I have to be a better person

Your brilliant face is watching me.

Into your beautiful eyes

I vow my everything.

Oh I believe

For you darling,

I will completely change the world

In which I lived in before

I finally know this thing called love

I feel this thing named happiness

I feel the loveInside your sincere and youthful smile

Is the hidden world newly born in me

You are my life

Even the stars that shone for us at night

Begin to share the love.

In this place filled with happiness

I am reborn.

Oh I believe

For you darling,

I will completely change the world

In which I lived in before

I finally know this thing called love

I feel this thing named happiness

I feel the love

Inside your sincere and youthful smile

Is the hidden world newly born in me

You are my life

You are my life (I believe)

You are my soul

The reason I have to live

All my dreams

Are resting inside your heart

In my heart

With all my heart(With all my heart)

With all my hope(With all my hope)

I will pray towards the sky


You and I(You and I)

You and I(You and I)

Inside the bright blue sky

I whisper this to a happy you

“I love you”

Until the end of my life

In the life we will live together

I can’t live without your love

Love of my life

You are my life

You are my life

You are my soul

Beautiful my

You are my love


I wish to sing the song above to all the reader... All my brothering blogger...

Sometime, I really do hate Christmas, New Year and Birthday. Because, normally people will count down and celebrate with their partner or friends. But during this season, I don't have partner to accompany me, some friends gonna celebrate with their partner, some friend don't even care to bother me.

On 28 December 2008, I was pending someone to date me out, to celebrate my birthday on 29th. As 29 is on monday, so probably will celebrate on sunday. But I receive no call, not even to birthday wish message. Whatever, I have used to it.

I stay at home for the whole day. Those stupid friend still dare to ask me: "why are you at home." This question is stupid enough. The whole day, I were chating in msn with all my cute brothering blogger. Happy to chat with them, although they always tease me, but at least they willing to bother me.

Friends are similar to lover. True heart lover is hard to find; true heart friend are also hard to find. People beside me were thing I got a lot of friend, but I give out my whole heart to them, my return is always less than what I gave. Am I giving what they want? Hard to explain.

A touching birthday, all the bloggers count down with me that night. So happy. I received some special gift from them.

i) Formula 17 URL - Yan kor

ii) 1st webcam view - Yan kor and JunJun

iii) Oversea call - Yan kor and Willy kor (on the last minite...walao)

Nice to see Yannic on webcam, actually I took many his cute photo on cam. But I m not going to post here. Because is too cute, I have to be selfish. HAHA... I also took some JunJun photos also. (sorry JunJun)

And I received my sister (in office)'s call on 12.00.00am... so touch... She sang birthday song for me in the phone. haha.. (thank kor.. "I call her kor, she call me mui~mean sister~")

The other morning in office, I was busying reading some document on my seat. Suddenly, my sister called my name from the back, I said I am busying without turning my head back, and asked her to wait. Then she called again. Once I turn my head back, I saw a love shape cake in front of me, with two candles. Such a big supprise. And they bought me a Billabong wallet.

My cake from my colleague

The birthday card : Chinese word on it is "Jian Fei Cheng Gong" (successful keep fit)

My Billabong Wallet

When I reach home, my cousin give me the following.

She know I have been searching for a nice necklace


My 20th birthday is a bit special this year.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Appreciate The Chances Given!!!

给我一首歌的时间 - 周杰伦Jay Chou

*雨淋湿了天空Yu lin shi le tian kong

The rain wet the sky

毁得很讲究Hui de hen jiang jiu

Destructively poetic.

你说你不懂N i shuo ni bu dong

You say you don’t understand

为何在这时牵手Wei he zai zhe shi qian shou

Why we hold hands now.

我晒干了沉默Wo shai gan le chen mo

I’ve dried myself off in silence,

悔得很冲动Hui de hen chong dong

Regretfully rinsed off.

就算做事做错Jiu suan zuo shi zuo cuo

Considering that I’ve done wrong,

也只是怕错过 Ye zhi shi pa cuo guo

I’m also simply afraid to loose the chance.

在一起叫梦Zai yi qi jiao meng

Being together is called a dream.

分开了叫痛Fen kai le jiao tong

Having broken up is called pain.

是不是说Shi bu shi shuo

Is it that

没有做完的梦最痛Mei you zuo wan de meng zui tong

Having not completed out dream is more painful?

迷路的后果Mi lu de hou guo

The aftermath of losing my way

我能承受Wo neng cheng shou

Is something I can bear.

这最后的出口在爱过哪儿才有Zhe zui hou de chu kou zai ai guo nar cai you

I only have the final exit from having loved left.

能不能给我一首歌的时间Neng bu neng gei wo yi shou ge de shi jian

Can you give me the duration time of a song?

紧紧的把那拥抱变成永远Jin jin de ba na yong bao bian cheng yong yuan

The tight embrace I give you becomes forever

在我的怀里Zai wo de huai li

In my arms.

你不用害怕失眠Ni bu bu yong hai pa shi mian

You aren’t afraid of losing sleep.

如果你想忘记我也能失忆Ru guo ni xiang wang ji wo ye neng shi yi

If you want to forget, I can also lose the memories.

能不能给我一首歌的时间Neng bu neng gei wo yi shou ge de shi jian

Can you give me the duration time of a song?

把故事听到最后才说再见Ba gu shi ting dao zui hou cai shuo zai jian

Only after hearing the end of the story say “goodbye.”

你送我的眼泪Ni song wo de yan lei

The tears you sent to me,

让它留在雨天Rang ta liu zai yu tian

I'll save them for a rainy day.

哦OOh~越过你划的线我定了勇气 Yue guo ni hua de xian wo ding le yong qi

Overcoming your cutting me off I’ve determined to have a brave

的终点De zhong dian



I let go many chances to know that guy. A guy that I love from the start. So, appreciate the chances you have, don't leave it "next time". "Next time" might not come.

Don't know is the god fooling me or else. Everytime while I fixed my target and sprint, the target will dissappear suddenly. So I don't dare to set any target again. I have expenrience this many times, and it really hurt ~ waiting also hurt.

Many people in this blog know I was fell in love with a guy who study in the same school with me at Aljunied SAA. I meet him every thursday that time, I always see him at City Hall. All the way from City Hall to Aljunied, we were close together everytime. He always behind of me while stand. I always behind of him while walking. I miss his emotion, I miss his smell, I miss his eye, i miss his lips. Although I don't know him. But i really miss him like mad. And everytime while I a with him, I will listen to the song above.

It was all because of myself, I didn't appreciate the chances I have while I could see him every week. is right. I am so chicken. I don't dare to know him. I regret after I can't see him any more. I always standing at the same door no matter what train I take. But still can't see him again. I should have know him that time. I miss the chances I have.

At the same door, I saw another cute guy walk into the train from Aljunied MRT. Although he is not the type that I like, but he is very cute to me. Nice eyes, nice face, nice hair, just the height is a bit short. I look at him a few times, he also look at me. That kind of feeling is special, and that was just the first time we met. He alight at Bugis station with me, we have the same foot step while walking, we have the same tempo, we walk in a line. We step up to the escalator together, we were shy to look at each other, but can't wait to look at each other. When come to the gate, he turn left and I turn right.

The next day, I saw him again. We look at each other again, the feeling come again, we walk together again, we have the heart beat again. When come to Bugis station, I put down my eyephone, while his is still in his ears, I ready to brave up and start talk, but I didn't. At the gate, he turn left and I turn right as usual. But I look back to him, unexpectly, he also look back to me. OMG... I let go again. I am so regret that time, and the song I m listening that time is the song above also. I tell myself to know him bravely when I see him next time. But there is no next time anymore.

I really need some time, I need some time to know you. I still miss the first guy, no matter when, I always waiting for his appearance. Where is he?