Saturday, August 7, 2010

Restart a new blog!

I really have no idea how to continue this blog, too many things to write, don't know where should I start from.

I will only come here, while I m emo, so if I continue writing here would means I will continue to be emo. So why don't I start a new blog, to let myself to have a new start.

Too many things happened within the past 2 months.

i. I lost my iPhone 2 weeks ago.

ii. Then now my lappy got problem, it auto shut down after using for 10mins +.

iii. A month ago, I attached with a guy after knowing him less then 1 week, and broke up after 3days.

Shiuji has been weaken after all these things, wish may have a peace day soon. Wish my dreams may come true.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sweet Dream

During the past weekend, I went PLAY on Saturday night, and went ZIRCA on Sunday Superstar Night.

I went PLAY on Saturday night is to accompany my friend. Poor him just break off with his 1 month long distance boy friend from KL. The whole night my friend was hug by guys around the whole night, and I dancing alone and drinking alone. I was not really happy that night.

On Sunday night, my other friend called me to join him and his friend at ZIRCA. That was really a good chance for me to try once, since normally I will have to work on Monday so I usually don't club on Sunday night and currently I m on study leave for my exam on Wednesday.

Before the night really start, I stood at a side to look for friends who also clubbing tonight with my iPhone Apps ~ Grindr. Here I found this Korean mix Chinese guy, we both were chatting and trying to meet someway in the club since we ever see each other before, but we loose connection once we start dancing.

I knew some friends from my friend "Dennis" 's friend, and I accidentally met my friend "Joseph" and knew many friends "KimChi, Johnny, Joanne..." from him. Dancing with them are so fun, and I can't stop recall the moment we dance together. They are friendly and crazy.

Around 3am, we went to Macdonald for some food before we go home. At McDonald, few of us with iPhone start Grinding and I found some of my friends also in the club, and one "the boy I can't forget for the past few months" even sitting opposite of me having his meal with his friend after club. And the "Korean mix chinese" guy also very near me, so we continue to look for each other. But we still failed to meet up although he is also in McDonald.

We continue message on Grindr once I reach home, but now only he asked me, "you really don't know who am I? I am Kimchi". My emotion was, "WHAT!!! I was dancing with you through out the whole night?" LOL

Both night at the clubs, the DJs play Sweet Dream ~ Beyonce, that moment always make me missing someone. I really wish we could back to the origin, and start our net-friendship all over again. MAY I?

I am Shiuji, 21, single and available, from Ipoh, but now staying in Singapore. Nice to meet you.

Monday, June 7, 2010

End of Hala!!!

We were such a good "net friend", we were such a good "sharing buddy", we were such a good "web-cam friend". (I really didn't think much and not dare to think much, as I thought I were not qualified to compete with him)

But something happen month ago, that end everything between us (I don't know what actually had happened). All the above became my memory (but not yours).

Months ago, I used to wait every night to come faster, for me to see this good friend, to chat with this good friend, to dance with this good friend "of mine" (but I am not good friend of yours)

Bright smiling face is your trade mark, smile until two eyes left with two straight line, and a moon shape teeth. I will always remember, as I might not see that again.

Single Lady, Listen, Halo, Sweet dream - Beyonce. You brought her into my life, and I will cherish this bright lady as if you are her. (As I see her, like I see you)

You have your friends, I were only a net friend of yours, but you are a great friend of mine. Sorry to leave you at the moment you need lots of friend around, but I have no choice, as things happened has push us further, and I really have no ability to make you happy (I tried, but thats really not my skill) wish someone are doing that. So your life don't need me around.

2 drops of tears represent our 2 months of friendship, although is short, but forever memory for me (not for you).'

I will always keep myself update with your news, but you might not see mine. Like people on the floor watching Beyonce on the stage (I know you, but you won't know me)



P.S. I dare to write this post, as I think you will not read, wish you will forget me. (I really mean "forget") Any people know him, don't lead him here... NEVER!!!

Just friend!!!

Although we did what normal couple d0, or maybe more then what normal couple do. But...

We are just friend.

You told me:

Let's remain as good friends and stop going further. We will feel better in this kind of relationship. Because if we attach, and later if we break off, it will be hard for us to remain as friends.

I will accept whatever you say, I will not say I wait you, I will remain in our current relationship and do whatever we usually do. But if one day (don't know this day will really come or not), if anybody want me, I will stop everything between us, and make you back to my normal good friend.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Time In Public!!

This is our first time doing this in public, and I will memorize it here, by location, time, situation and details.

Although, we had done more then this simple thing before tonight, but only this simple thing happen tonight brought me to feel that you like me.

Anyone would think that this simple thing is usually the beginning. But to us, our beginning might be start with what normally people do at the later part. I believe this situation is normal for gay, but I will still take today as our beginning.

Location: AMK Cathay theater 3, seat B11-12 (couple seat)
Movie: Prince of Persia
Date: 1 June 2010
Time: 8.45pm ~ 11.45pm

Although your palm is sweating, but I enjoy my palm is being wet by your sweat.
Although we are doing this with covered, but I love the moment we doing it.

Later I message you to ask whether you like it or not. You just keep laughing and answer:

B - "(laughing) Why you ask this silly question? I don't like it as my palm was sweat."

S - "Is that means you like it if your palm is not sweat?"

B - "(laughing) Silly."

Thanks for not releasing my hand while we are holding them like Prince of Persia holding Princess's hand in the movie.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Looking Back

11 May 2010 Tuesday, after work, I went to Tampines to meet up my friends for dinner and collect photos we took at Genting from them.

After we exchange photos with each other, we browse through our old photos I have in my lappy's photo album. They keep laughing non-stop, not because of any joker photo or funny memory. They just laughing at me, the "me" in the past.

Took in 2008 (guest where am I?)

Laugh all you can!!!


Shiuji in 2010

Heart Lost at the Journey?

10 May 2010 Monday. First day back from Genting, gotto start a whole new busy week, and it is usually tough for a normal human to go back to their normal mode after a rest, especially after a tour.

Don't know where my heart go, left at Genting? Probably my heart like the cool air over there. But when talk about heart, it makes me re-call something. Last mid-autumn festival, I sent all my heart to someone. Maybe thats the reason I can't find my heart now... Probably!!!..LOL

I wanna re-make a new heart, let myself love someone with whole of the new heart. The original heart? That person who received my hearts said he ate all of them. So my hearts are now at Pinang Inda-Water (a place where Malaysia accumulate shit)

Time to sleep!!!