Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Name Card!!!

After seeing this photo... make me even more heaty

My sickness is nearly fully recovered, but I still suffering some pain. Which is the stupid ulcer in my mouth.... yerrrrrr.... The reasons that causes me sick and the ulcer are the same.

HEAT!!! (虚火)

When a person don't have enough of sleep, drink not enough of water, eat unhealthy food, heat arrived. I traveled back to Ipoh, sleep late every night, time was fully booked by friends, somehow forget to drink water, then traveled back to Singapore. Due to lag of sleep, heat in my body became even stronger. Pimple attacking my face, ulcer attacking my mouth, running nose, fever, all come together. Fine...


GREEN - Ayumi Hamasaki
Ayumi previous single ~ Green - This is the original version... ~ Orchestra version next post...

20th March 2008, nose feel a bit stuck and the ulcer make me very uncomfortable and pain. Since I have not go to GYM for a week, I decided to go today. But on my way to True Fitness at Suntec City, I passed by a VAIO outlet. That reminded me to buy a labtop cooling pad, a mouse and a headset(as I promised to Yannic long time ago, get a mic to chat with him) for my new labtop.

1st, I went in to the VAIO outlet to check for the price, then I went to compare the price of other brand in other shops nearby. But other brand really failed my interest. Most of them are China brand, and some is cheaper then S$20 each, that makes me think of it quality, that is totally not branded, I didn't even heard of certain names before. In the end, I went back to the VAIO outlet.

Because VAIO got a hot guy!!! LOL
Although not hotter then this hottie....

Actually that VAIO shop not just selling VAIO accessories and labtop, they sell software and Logitech's accessories as well.

i) Cooling pad is totally not a problem for me, because they don't have much choice for me, reasonable price & nice design, there just have one choice for me.

Labtop cant take too many hot photo... so need cooling pad... LOL

ii) Headset - They doesn't have much headset also, so I went to other shop to look for other brand. But some are very expensive, S$80 above each, some is cheap, but China brand. WTH... So I choose to buy the only Logistic headset left in the VAIO shop, reasonable price & nice design, branded somemore.

iii) Mouse is the big problem for me, there sell a lot of mouses, different brand, different model, so just the mouse itself spend me half an hour in front of the "mouses". In the end I chose an S$30 doggy foot print mouse, very cute... haha

Cute like him? yaya... I m currently holding him on hand everynight...

While I choosing the mouse, a hot salesmen was standing there waiting me to ask for help. He is super hot, a bit muscular, handsome face, sexy voice and..... Just not that tall, still taller then me.... (Can la.. Can la.. Can la..) When I called him over to ask him something, his smile was like melting me. OMG

When come to payment, I stayed at the counter for sometime, because some so called "accident" happen. After I paid, he should print me a receipt or invoice, but he said connection problem can't print, so he spent sometime to solve the problem. So I just keep on standing there and look at him... In the end, he gave me his name card and asked me call him if there is any problem. hehe... So easy to know his name... LOL

Hotguy... haha... This is more lengcai obviously!

Actually that name card don't have any personnel information, just his name, company's phone number, company's fax number and a "DID" e-mail address under his company's name. This e-mail address is belong to him in this company, that mean just the "Lengcai" and his "boss" can read.

  1. Should I take the risk, e-mail him to get his personnel contact or forget about it?
  2. Is he purposely doing this or really just an accident?
  3. Am I thinking too much or he is really trying to know me?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Loved!!!

Days (Acoustic Orchestra version) - ayumi hamasaki
Ayumi recompose her previous single's song - Days into orchestra version and recorded in her latest single. (Just for the CD version, CD+DCD version don't include this song)

After converting the song to orchestra version, it makes the feeling stronger. When I was listening to this song, I think of someone... and my stupid tears drop again... gosh...

This song is telling my feeling in love, how I love the person I love, and one day I will sing this song for the person I love but who don't love me... because I want to tell him this...

The following is the translation of this song... hope everyone understand...

Each one of the words
you nonchalantly speak
to me are all
a very precious treasure

But even I find that
so surely if you knew this
you would laugh

Wanting to see you, wanting to see you
or at least to listen to your voice
So without having any reason, I call you

Just by you being there
my heart becomes really warm
And my wish
is only one
Is it ok if I keeep
loving you this way?

You have someone special already
I've known that for a while
because your smile is shining so

It is painful, so painful
and my chest feels crushed but
It is certainly there

Just by thinking about you
my heart finds a reason to live
so it's not like I'm expecting something
just to know if it is ok
if I stay loving you like this?

Wanting to see you, wanting to see you
or at least to listen to your voice
So without having any reason, I call you

Just by you being there
my heart becomes really warm
My wish is only one
please let me keep loving you

Just by thinking about you
my heart finds a reason to live
so it's not like I'm expecting something
just to know if it is ok
if I stay loving you like this?


Thats me... I don't need return, just let me do whatever I want...

I chose to it... I deserved it...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Break The Rule!!!

Ayumi - Rule

This is the latest single by Ayumi Hamasaki


*I don't need the Rules
Decided by someone else
Because we are the Rules
I can't concede about it

"Where on earth is hope in the age like this?"
"Can we believe in what we can't see nor touch?"
I just nod silently and close my eyes calmly

Because I can feel clearly now that we are certainly connected

* (repeat)

"This world isn't yet so bad, though cloudy everywhere"
"However foggy, I have enough confidence in trying to trust someone"
I take a deep breath and shout proudly

Because I was taught by you on that day that everything happens necessarily, not casually

** I don't want to be imposed
The same old stupid Rules
Let's start first, you and me
By destroying the Rules

Since the moment my strength turned into tenderness
And my tenderness turned into strength
I have nothing to fear any more
I'm feeling so

* (repeat)

** (repeat)


Just wanna share the meaning of this song, because it mean what I really feel in the previous post. BREAK THE RULE... And the most important things to share here is....

In this MV got many Topless guy..... LOL

Good Things Come After Bad Things!!!

Rule - Ayumi Hamasaki
(Ayumi New Single) ~ The feel of this song is exactly what I feel now
Click here to see subtitle and HotGuy

Last week - 13March2009 (Friday), I took a cab to Goldmile because I was going back to Ipoh that night. But when my cousin and I were in the cab, I accidentally left my phone pouch on the seat, so I realised my phone pouch was gone when we were waiting the bus at Goldmile. That time I was really scared, because inside my phone pouch there are master card, ATM card and a high value Eastlink card (bus and MRT card). I really dont know what to do. Luckily my phone is with me. So I called home to asked for my cousin to help, then my uncle told me to make a report at Confort (Taxi company). So I did it immediately.

When I get onto the bus, I tried to think of somebody to help or someone who can calm me down. So I called to my sister (my god sister in office). She knows me a lot, he can simply make me smile with some stupid joke, then she told me call to POSB to terminate both card. And I did it immediately. Finally, my nervous has stop. I really hope I can tell somebody, esspecially if I have a boyfriend to tell. But I dont, so I called to James and told him what had happen. After telling out my feeling, I felt even more better. So that I could relax myself in Ipoh.

Many good things happen after this incident.

When I reached my grandma house after my breakfast with my parents. My grandma immediately bring out a piece of newspaper. lol... My photo was printed on the newspaper. I got full distinction for my LCCI higher diploma. My parents and grandma were so happy for that. Then my mom promised me to buy me a labtop for that. LOL...

Can you see where am I?
That photo was took in beginning of 2007,

so fat right?

So in the following days, we went to many places to choose for labtop. Those salesmens spent so many time to promote their labtop to me. But when come to the time for me to make decision on which to buy, and the time when I finally make up my mind. Sony VAIO Outlet come to my view. We went in to have a look (I just planned to have a look). But the salesmen spent less then 10mins, I changed my mind to buy a VAIO CS26G. WTH... People spent so many time on me, giving me so many promotion, and I dont even bother; But this Sony didn't give any free gift, and I accept it without thinking. In fact, I like sony a lot... Their design are a lot nicer.

Finally I have my own labtop

The 3rd day in Ipoh, I have a date with JunJun. We didn't do anything, please don't think too much. We just have lunch, watch movie and shopping, then I sent him home safely. I didn't do anything to him ooo... Shiuji is good guy....^^ And I just find out, JunJun also like to watch GateKeeper (anyone can find me this anime, I wanna watch again)

After sending JunJun home, I went to my primary school gathering at OldTown. We were so noisy there, we just keep on talking and have a lot of fun. And finally I told 1 of my friend that I am GAY. @.@"' Because she has curious about that for sometimes (we are sister la.. please). Our gathering ends around 12am (Because the shop ganna close le...)

The last day in Malaysia. I went to have lunch with my collage's friend. But I saw someone very familiar. He is a very cute guy, super cute. Last time we studied in the same collage but different class. He is so adorable, so I always look at him from far, whenever I saw him appeared, my eyes will never leave him, and I wish to know him long time ago. Now just only I know my friend knew him, because they used to work in the same company. haha... Finally I got the chance to know him. Now I know his name, just waiting my friend to give me his friendster. LOL... Let you guys see his photo, NEXT TIME...

P.S. Everytime when I come back from Ipoh. I will sure fall sick. This time I can't escape from the trent. T.T... I need more rest now... So share more after you all comment on this post...


And a question regarding to the title of this post:

If "Good Thing" really come after "Bad Thing" and take "Having a hubby" is a "Good Thing".
What "Bad Thing" do I have to face to have a hubby?

Come to me now.... HAHHAA

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sad Day! Sad Week!


I feel so sad recently, many things affecting my mood, I m going to list them out 1 by 1 here today. But first of all, the one that I angry the most is: All of you don't ever comment on my post. I saw I got so many reader, but how many comment do I received in the previous post? 4...


My office came a new manager. I should be happy that my new manager is a guy, but not all guy in this world are handsome. MY MANAGER IS A 30+ CHUBBY UNCLE. Since he don't has neither a wife, nor a girl friend, a bit worried he is PLU now. (Pray god, please don't, in my PLU-list, PLU are handsome...).

Once he came to our company, I start to have more and more job. i) I have to help him to order a new labtop, check for prices and model, all settle by me; ii) My audit job have to be reviewed by him, always ask me to change this change that, all my job cost blow up because of him, and my job never end because of him. You can't see me on msn recently... Blame him...

But he don't dare to scold me or else. I m fully protected sometimes. Maybe I m the youngest, or I m too cute to others. All my colleagues like me so much. If he choose to be my enemy? He will become whole company enemy. LOL

Office side is just some small cases. The one make me sad is... The stupid has become a pay side because of don't which idiot went to complain them. And my first birthday from Yannic Gor, which is a movie site to watch Formula17 on Now I can't watch it anymore.. T.T That was my most precious present, how dare they do so. That really make me angry and curse that idiot for the whole night.

And something make me cry again. I saw that 25years old again. 2weeks ago, tuesday night, I met him on the bus81 at Kovan stop; Last week, tuesday night, I didn't see him there anymore, then I thought the previous time I saw him was just a luck; this week, tuesday night, I met him at Pasir Ris interchange, that mean he purposely go home in different way to hide from me. I look at him photo saved in my phone and I sleep. I just can control my feeling, and burst with tears. How much I miss him! He don't dare to look at me when he saw me, he didn't even raise his head when I alight.


Not Feeling Good!!!

Want me to be happy? Comment more... I like comment... That really make me happy...

P.S. Color of the word, will represent the level of pain in my heart.

Legend: -
Level 1 - White
Level 2 - Yellow
Level 3 - Peach
Level 4 - Orange
Level 5 - Red

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I break my promise, I promised to blog everyday but I failed. But I will try, I will try.

Wondering who are those cute guys on my blog's header? They are a korean band. Their name is:


샤이니 (SHINee)

Members Profile: -

Jong Hyun
Stage Name: 종현 / 钟铉
Real Name: Kim Jonghyun (김종형)
Nickname: Bling Bling Jonghyun
DOB: April 8th, 1990 (17 int'l ; 18 krn)
Height: 173cm
Bloodtype: AB
Family: Parents, sister
Position: Lead Vocal
Hobby/Interest: Watching movies, Popping (dance), Lyrics, Piano, Mandarin
Appearances: Zhang Li Yin's 交錯的愛 (Wrongly Given Love)
He has the greatest voice. But he's the shortest out of the whole group. He also studying Chinese in Beijing in 2007.

Stage Name:
Real Name: Kim Kibum (김기범)
Nickname: The Almighty Key
DOB: September 23rd, 1991 (16 int'l ; 17 krn)
Height: 177cm
Bloodtype: B
Position: Rap, Vocal
Hobby/Interest: Rap, Dance, Water Skiing, English, Mandarin
Attack of the Pin-Up Boys (2007)

Stage Name: 민호 / 珉豪
Real Name: Choi Minho (최민호)
Nickname: Charismatic Flame Minho
DOB: December 9th, 1991 (16 int'l ; 17 krn)
Height: 181cm
Family: Parents, older brother
Position: Rap
Hobby/Interest: Soccer, Basketball, Performing, English
Appearances: Ha SangBaek's Fashion Show (March 2008), 2008/2009 F/W Pret-a-Porter Busan Fashion Show (May 2008)
Facts: In Ha SangBaek's Fashion Show, he walked down the run-way like a robot. He studied Chinese in Beijing in 2006 and 2007.

Stage Name: 태민 / 泰民
Real Name: Lee Taemin (이태민)
Nickname: Handy Boy Taemin
DOB: July 18th, 1993 (14 int'l ; 15 krn)
Hometown: Dongbong-gu, Seoul
Height: 175cm
Weight: 50kg
Bloodtype: B
Family: Parents, older brother
Education: In 3rd year of middle school
Position: Lead Dancer, Rap
Hobby/Interest: Listening to Music, Popping (dance), Piano, Mandarin
He's considered the best dancer out of the group despite being the youngest. He's studying Chinese in Beijing in 2007.

Stage Name: 온유 / 温流
Real Name: Lee Jinki (이진기)
Nickname: Leader Onew
DOB: December 14th, 1989 (18 int'l ; 19 krn)
Height: 177cm
Bloodtype: O
Position: Leader, Sub vocal
Hobby/Interest: Music, Piano, Mandarin

For me, the best is JongHyun.... His voice really powerful, no matter is love song or pop, his voice really can touch your heart. His cute face even can burn you up. If my hubby look like this... Damn nice right?

Cute right?

He is the lead singer... but why not leader... haiz... WHY!!!

I like their song a lot... Everyday, I listen their song to work, really make me feel to dance with them... Lets enjoy one of their song here... The song I like the most.. I wan to learn the dance too... Could someone feel free to translate for me... I scared other don't understand.

Love Like Oxygen

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brilliant Shiuji!!!

If you haven't read or comment my previous post, kindly read and comment now before you continue reading this post (This post very interesting ooo).

My previous post named:

Start from ZERO!!! Please click

P.S. Don't scroll down to read this post before you read and comment the previous one.

You will REGRET!!!

JongHyun: mmm... GuaiGuai follow Shiuji's instruction la... muarksss...

JongHyun: Shiuji so clever...(Clap hand!!!)

Coming Soon...........................................

P.S. This post just to remind you to read and comment my post. So current post will end here.. Kindly comment on this post also...

Thank you.
Do J
arigatou gozaimasu
Terima Kasih

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Start From ZERO!!!

Im Alive - Celine Dion

Guys, I m still alive!!! Isn't the influent of me, all of you seems like lazy blogging like me. Come on, lets start our blogging live again.

Currently in office, I start to have more and more job, so sometimes I don't even dare to login to msn, I really can't finish my job on time. So don't even say about blog, I am hardly filter out some time to touch my own blog. But I do read your blog, guys. Once after work, I will go to GYM or YOGA, by the time I reach home will be around 12am, and I don't have a good computer at home during weekday, so the most I just can login to MSN chat with friend, can't even open internet explorer sometime. haiz....

OK, back to the days that I was missing in Many things happen during this two weeks, not to say the previous blog, that was just a dream, forget about it. (Apologize for not telling you guys the story was a dream) I started to think a lot after the post. I start to think I am idiot, waiting for someone that you don't know, So I think I should start to forget him, in fact, I should have forget him by now.

One day, I finished GYM late, so instead of taking bus89 at Sengkang, I changed to take bus81 at Kovan. Once I get onto the bus, I saw a guy, he is handsome, he look very familiar, he is someone I have been wait to see for so long. He is "25 years old". He is the guy that bring me to this circle, he make me accept myself as an aj. But he seems like can't recognised me. He don't ever dare to look at me, how much I missed him, I expect to see him at the bus stop everyday, I always look to the 12 floor of block 340, wish to see him once again. OK, finally I saw him, and he is so cruel, once we alight from the bus, he turn right immediately and walked toward his block's lift, and I stand there to look at him until he totally went out from my sight. He is still so adorable to me. But he make me tears once more. Why is he so cruel, can't even give me a chance to be his friend, I just wanna to be friend. My tears flow out nonstop. Then I sms him, but he is not replying at all. God give me chance to see him last time, I should forgive him by now.

And the third guy, a guy that I can't reach, he know I love him but I know he will never love me. Loving him myself make me feel loved, but when I facing him, really hurt me. I easily cry because of him... I cried more then 5times in two days because of him. So I promise myself, I won't cry for him anymore, I won't love him anymore. I should discard my love on him.

I promise, I will forget my dream hubby, I will forgive 25 years old, and let go the love I gave. I will discard everything I hold in my heart, start everything all over again. I will once again leave my heart empty, to let everyone come in. I know that isn't easy to be done. But at least, I feel I live even happier. I don't want anyone to hate me, I want everyone to like me. So I won't tell lies anymore, I will live in the truth, live with all the true people, live in a true story background friends.

Blogging is fun, telling you guys what I really thinking, let you guys know how I really feel, I feel happy to be here, I hope I can live forever with you guys, more people join us, but no people leaving. Give you guys a big hug everytime we meet. I miss everyone here. I really mean what I said.

I want to start my new life. Everything will start all over again from ZERO. Wish you guys could forgive me for anything wrong I did for the past, know me from ZERO. So, I have my new hair cut.

James took this photo for me!!!

Shiuji profile: -

Name: Shiuji (Roy)
Date of Birth: 29.12.1988
Hometown: Ipoh, Malaysia
Location: Pasir Ris, Singapore
Weight: 72kg
Height: 171cm
Personality: Unknown
Characteristic: Unknown
Hobby: Sleeping, Swimming, Singing, Dancing, Dreaming, Blogging, GYMing, Sucking
Dream: Have a sweet life with my handsome hubby...

Occupation: Auditor
Work place: Bugis, Singapore
Working day: Monday ~ Friday 9am to 6pm