Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tasty X'mas

Chinese says, life consists of 4major tastes, i.e. sweet, sour, bitter and spicy. But I feel all four in this Christmas. Let's group all the things happened in these few days.

Not because I got a boy friend or what. Sweet is because I get to meet Yannick Gor, Eric, Xiaoyu, from KL, James, Roy (not me), Aaron from Singapore, Derrick from JB, Qing from China, and ...(update later) from Hong Kong. How sweet, I met 6 new friends. Although there is unhappy things within, but still the dating is full of happiness and joy.

Got my birthday present in advance from my colleagues. Is a leather bag, I like it actually, but my friend said the design too over, if for him, he won't dare to carry it.

Many sour things actually, everybody should know I m big vinegar tang (means easy to get jealous). What make me so jealous?
i) James and Eric - This sweet couple, go here and there together in these few days, although is distance love, but I think there should be full of honey along the way from KL to S'pore.

ii) Eric and Yannick - Although I m Yannick so called "didi", but he never treat me so, perhaps he got more things to tell Eric then to me. Nevermind, nice that you can talk so well with Eric.

iii) Derrick - Just a 16y.o. boy already so wanted. Make sounds old. What was I when I 16? Still a big fat boy doing nothing in the school.

Enough of sour things, still got a lot of minor things, as I really not a simple vinegar tang.

Bitter thing don't stay long in my mind. I try not to remember them. But bitter things are:
i) Abandoned by XiaoYu and Derrick after clubbing.
ii) My best friends' case (tell more next time)
iii) wish not come true (I wish to get a boyfriend before 21 birthday)
.... Forget

Haha. I like spicy things. They are equivalent to hot things. I dance in club is true, no guy approach is not 100% true. LOL. I did dance with guys, and in the club I really saw a lot of hotties and cuties. These really make me hot. And, when I came home early in the morning, I saw this hot guy in the bus who I usually see him in the night. (I think he went club also, good boy, go home early) haha.

Minor thing like got a iron during my office gift exchange? Err.. Strange right? But iron is hot anyway, when you on it.

I starting to love Christmas, as we can gather with friends, giving and receiving gifts.

Hate x'mas as I don't have a lover to celebrate. That's pain by seeing others loving so sweet under those beautiful x'mas decorations.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

25th December 2009, Christmas, 4 days to my birthday. But this morning, brought me a bad start for my 21 years old.

Last night, after going Orchard to have a short walk to feel the Christmas and meet some friends. We straight to a famous gay club in Singapore ~ PLAY. There were 3 of us when we go.

The night was great. Many hot guys there. Hotties and cutties really flooding the dancing floor. Ending part of the night, DJ even play those my favourite songs. Eg. Ring Ding Dong of SHINee, Abracadabra of brown eye girls, Nobody of wonder girls, Bad Romance of Lady Gaga....

But majority of the night I was dancing alone. No guy approaching me, 1 of the 16 y.o. friend was hugged by many guys in the night, in the end follow that guy home. Another friend also left with another guy. Left with lonely guy here, sitting at the road side, waiting the time for MRT to re-open.

Although I m so unhappy, but still I have to pretend nothing and wish them good luck. God never fair.

Now, I see many cars stopping in front of me, but I just pretend I see nothing, and continue typing this. I m not slut. Just a ordinary guy who need a guy. Not pervert who drive around to catch lonely guys. 5.26am. Another car.

(update on 27th December 2009)
What actually I unhappy for? I don't know. Being abandon? No sex? No guy? Being sad for all these are stupid... So no need to be unhappy... ^^

Saturday, December 12, 2009

iPhone 3GS 16GB

Finally.... I got my iPhone.... wuahahahah....

11 December 2009 (Thursday), early in the morning, my aunt and I went to Tempines Mall~M1, we reach M1 around 11am, and they just opened. But the queue was already quite long. After queuing for 1hour, finally we got the ticket and we sit inside to wait for another 1 hour.

In the previous night, I already heard from the News that some people had queue up for more then 5hours, but still can't get in to get the ticket. And today is just the 2nd day where M1 and Starhub release their iPhone. So should be quite many people also. Wondering why those people so free, today just Thursday, and not public holiday also. Why are there so free here to queue up for the iPhone?

Around 1pm+, finally our turn to be served by the counter. My cousin and I both choose iPhone 3GS 16GB White with signing M1 iPlan Lite for 2years. And now we gotto queue again for payment, luckily my younger cousin was already queuing there in advance for us, so we got advantage by bringing more people here. haha...

People in Singapore really love to queue, most of them said is because of their kiashu culture. But why don't they queue up while waiting for MRT?

How others come out from the door?

I don't know how to list out the good of iPhone. For entertainment, you can put in many songs and videos, you even can download games you want from iStore, some is even free. With iPlan, you can even online wherever you want. For business, you can check stock value immediately, check for foreign currencies exchange rate. Good quality, good graphic, good appearance... But every application and files gotto connect through iTunes.

iPhone 3GS White

I got some problem with my iTunes. My playlist in my library and all the application I downloaded for my iPhone will disappeared after I shut down my computer. Although iPhone allow me to retrieve those paid application from my iPhone. But they won't allow me to retrieve my song playlist... SHIT


But I still love my iPhone!!! ^^

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nervous Morning!!!

1st December 2009 Tuesday. Feel sleepy through out the whole morning. Suddenly, I received a sms from a "new friend". Just name him Mr.D.

Mr.D is from KL, but started to work in Singapore since 2~3months ago. Although we have each other in msn, but never chat until I saw him at True Fitness Suntec month ago. Just I saw him, he didn't recognize me, maybe I look really different between picture and real me. To me, he is A class lengcai, at the same rank with Yannick gor, Daren.....

So his message is to date me to Kbox after work. Everyone in Luna Maze will know, Shiuji will feel shy even if a stranger lengcai look at him. Not to mention stranger, there is past case, when Shiuji date Yannick gor at KL, before Yannick arrive, I actually went to toilet for more then 5 times to check myself at the mirror. Can see how nervous am I during that time.

Same thing happen again, I can't push away his offer, as I scared he think I am proud, so I accepted. The whole morning, I was so nervous, I can't control my emotion, I scared but still feel happy. I told my best friend in my office, and she also laugh at me. Haiz...

I agree, I am really lag of self confidence. But it has been improved a lot. But around 5pm, I received his text to cancel our appointment, as he need to work OT. Immediately, I felt relieve yet disappointed.

So conclusion, I wish to go, but scared; I want to make more new friends, but shy! All because I don't have enough self confidence and not brave enough.

No balls....