Friday, October 16, 2009


As time goes by, I had blog for 12months. Many things happen in this 12months, people join and leave. There are happiness, sadness, joy and fun. I make many friends here and felt that the relationship will hold long, but actually I was wrong.

Luna Maze was build from a quiet land to a joyful place, and finally it comes to a dead land with full of memory. I won't terminate this place as I have many memory here, I miss every moment we are together, I miss everyone I met here. Although there are many sad memory, but all these memory no matter good or bad will forever in my heart until I die.

I will still continue Luna Maze although it sounds meaningless to me now. For me now, it seems like a listed dead pit. But I won't give up this place, everything will go in the way as it should be. I need to find a new piece of land to grow my city again. Or should I not...

Torro card says I m growing too fast, until people can't catch up with me. Seems like the truth is quite similar, but not in this way. It should be: -
1) People are growing, where I am not. Thats why everything I do seems so childish to others.
2) I am growing fast, but in the wrong way. Thats why people don't like how I am now.

Sometime I hope to start a new place to blog. There are too many things I can't tell. Because I always scared things I say will hurt someone. I always wish to help, wish to refresh someone, but my action can't presents my intention to them, and always had a negetive effect.

I dissapointed so many people. People see I am a happy guy at first, like angel. But maybe I am devil inside. I don't know. I not sure. But at least it seems to be so. I wish someone could help to kill the devil inside, but I know no one will. Logical thinking, who will kind enough to walk close to a devil when you know he is a devil in the first place, the first sense will always: away from him.

I hurt the second person now, or maybe more back there. Devil really kill in the silent way. I am not asking for forgiveness again. I know I should not be forgave. But I will try not to let the devil kill next person. I will let angel rules Luna Maze.

I hereby promise to Luna Maze.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Moon Cake Festival!!!

For the past years, while I still staying in Ipoh, Malaysia, whenever come to mooncake festival, I will have to follow my mom to shopping centre to shop for moon cakes. She need to buy a lot of moon cakes every year, because she has to give to my father company's customers, my grandparents, all my uncles and aunties. Then on Moon Cake Festival day, we will eat mooncake together, play candles and lantern with brothers and sisters.

My Moon cake festival programs changed after I come to Singapore. I no longer buying moon cake outside, eventhough there selling moon cakes everywhere even at the neigbour bread shop. We bake moon cake at home. ^^ I recalled last year moon cake festival, I missed ShangHai mooncake in Malaysia so much, so my aunt asked me to search for the recipe online and she will bake it for me. And she really did it very well.

27th September 2009 Sunday, my uncle, auntie and I were together baking mooncake at home. The process is really fun, especially working together with my uncle, he always create a lot of funny things for us to laugh. below are some photos to share... ^^

Salty egg yuk

Baking Shanghai mooncake

ShangHai Moon cake!!!

Special ShangHai mooncake!!! Specially bigger...

Normal traditional mooncake

3rd October 2009 Saturday, mooncake festival, went to date Eric BKT for shopping at Orchard Road. Actually we are not really shopping, but we are just keep on talking and talking, totally no direction with where to walk, I m talkative anyway. And we scan handsome guy together. LOL.

Around 5pm, we met James and Colin to go for dinner and movie at Cineleisure. They chose to watch Phobia2. T.T damn scary... But watching at Cineleisure better, because at least the whole cinema are full of people... LOL

4th October 2009 Sunday, we bake moon cake at home again, although moon cake festival already past, but these moon cakes are to bring back to Malaysia for our relative. And I bake something really special today, but I know this person might read this post, so better don't post the photos first. haha...

Sadly, the result of the moon cakes weren't as good as last week. But we find out what is our mistake, next year we will do it better.

I just found out, Malaysia need one to have a permit to shows that you are allow to accept food from oversea, then just people from oversea can send food to you. Isn't that sounds stupid? What for? Defense from pork product? Stupid la...

Self made salty egg... we using chicken egg instead of duck's

Steamed salty egg yuk, the previous week we baked them

Before baking

ShangHai Mooncake "greentea"

P.S. Recently really busy. But I will blog once a week. ^^ Gambate Shiuji