Saturday, August 7, 2010

Restart a new blog!

I really have no idea how to continue this blog, too many things to write, don't know where should I start from.

I will only come here, while I m emo, so if I continue writing here would means I will continue to be emo. So why don't I start a new blog, to let myself to have a new start.

Too many things happened within the past 2 months.

i. I lost my iPhone 2 weeks ago.

ii. Then now my lappy got problem, it auto shut down after using for 10mins +.

iii. A month ago, I attached with a guy after knowing him less then 1 week, and broke up after 3days.

Shiuji has been weaken after all these things, wish may have a peace day soon. Wish my dreams may come true.