Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy Month!!!

Now is middle of July, and July is the most busy month for me, because I need to rush for audit reports for filling to government. What to do? I am the only one who doing it in my company.

I were employed into this company as a typist at start, by right I should just concentrate typing my report. But slowly I get involved in audit job, where I have to assist those auditors to do some easy job for them.

As I have the most computer knowledge among my colleagues, my boss starting to rely all the IT problems to me (He will have to pay the technician S$90+ each time the technician come). Whenever there is IT problems, which include buying computer, choosing photocopier machine, settle computer problem, repair office network, buying computer software..... In other word, I am so called the IT Manager (fake one).

Since I know more and more about audit, my boss starting to assign audit job to me. Now I doing audit job independently. Not only doing my own jobs, at the same time, I will still have to assist those senior to do some big job.

In my company, I am the only audit report e-filling typist, person incharge of IT of the company, audit assistant.... I have to do my own report typing jobs for all the clients in my company, I have to do my own audit jobs for a few companies, and all my colleagues just keep on calling...






I really want to change my name from now. Whenever they have computer problems, first thing in their mind would be... RRROOOYYYY!!!

Although I did so much, but still I left something super important here. Which is....


Since the day I get confirmed one year ago until now. My salary remained.

JongHyun: Dear, is ok... Hubby is here... I will take care of you for the rest of your life!!!

FINE!!! No comment... LCCI higher distinction scorer.... So what!!!... My pay was according to secondary school GCE O level certificate, as he told me my LCCI actual result were not released back to the day I came to interview 2years ago.

FINE!!! Continue to work!!!

My face is getting worse and I don't have time to rest to heal my face...

JongHyun: Come Dear, hubby give you a kiss to heal you!!! Muarksss....

Hubby HELP!!!
P.S. Where is my actual hubby?

Gee ~ Boy Generation "SHINEE + 2PM + Super Junior"

Come!!! Lets enjoy this song... Although have SHINEE, but my hubby bling bling Jonghyun not inside, just my foxy mighty Key inside.... haha.... The original singer of this "GEE" is girl generation... But the boys are so cute (except the super sissy yellow pents guy).

Key: Can see me? The prettiest boy inside!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Am I look so gay?

9th July, I went to Gym for spinning class.

During half way of the class, the instructor (Sun, female, nearly 30 I think, married, "nyonya"means lady who mix of Malay and Chinese, a special race in Malaysia, male are called "baba").

She was telling us to imagine we are cycling up to a hill, like going up to Mount Everest, we should feel the stress or something (Thats not important). Then she turn her head to me to asked me. (she dare to ask me, because I attend her class every week)


Sun: Have you been to Mount Everest before?

Shiuji: No! (Shaking my head, breathing stressfully)

Sun: I think you should go once. Maybe ask someone bring you go. A boy friend better! Ask him bring you go...

Shiuji: (Stun!!!)

Sun: Is ok la... You can one.. So many out there!!!

Shiuji: =.="'


Do I really look so gay? I don't know... (Maybe) Last night, I met my ex-boyfriend's ex boyfriend, in other words, our third party.


Fox: You look so different now.

Shiuji: How was I last time?

Fox: You quite straight looking, can't really see you are gay, but now you look so obvious.

Shiuji: So? I also don't know why I changed, and don't know since when I changed. Maybe since the day I break with your ex.

Fox: (silent)


I really want to say. My change was indirectly causes by you, if not because of you, I won't change so much. Thank you. haha...

Whatever, from today onwards, I want to act more straight. Gambate!!!

Let Dance!!!

Shinee's AMIGO VS Lady GAGA

Watch this video, damn cool... Is Shinee (my hubby JongHyun's group)'s AMIGO mix with Lady gaga. The creator is super creative, this not his only creation.

ACT STRAIGHT!!! GAY!!! (telling myself)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally my pray comes true!!!

8th July (Wednesday), I started my first F7 class (Financial Reporting) for 2009 2nd semester. I was late that day, almost no seat left, but luckily I still got myself a comfortable seat. Actually I hate studying theory, but the first chapter of this subject surely will be theory, what stupid introduction, make me fishing inside the class for almost 30mins. Damn boring.


Back to 1year ago, I came to SAA (located at Aljunied, Singapore) 3times a week, attend classes of F1, F2, and F3. And I will always met one guy on train from City Hall to Aljunied, then all the way to the collage.

Don't know why, I got strong feeling with this person. Everytime we will take the same train to school although we don't work in the same place (I work at Bugis, he work at Orchard, but we always met each other at City Hall). We don't even studied in the same class. I wish to know him, I always wish to turn myself over to introduce myself while he is behind of me. But when the day I told myself to brave up. I started never see him again.

After that day, whenever I take train, I will always stand at the same door, wait I could see him again. Esspecially when come to Aljunied, the first step I step out from the train, the feeling he following behind of me will become stronger and stronger. I miss the feeling when he was behind of me. When walking down the stair, I will look back, because he used to follow very close behind of me.

Since the day I never see him again, I always pray just to see him once more....


Back to the class, when the lecturer anounched to break for 10mins, some people starting to stand up to go out have a walk. Then a guy from the back come into my view. For that moment, my brain was blank, I totally can't believe my eye. At that moment, he just look so familiar to me, look like someone I miss for so long. Then immediately, I sms yanny gor and called to my sister. I was so excited.

My pray comes true. Not just see him once more, but I can see him every wednesday until end of October. He doesn't seems like remember me, maybe 1 year ago he never realise my existance, everything just my imagination I think. (I really think too much) This time he exist not to satisfy my pray, is to ask me stop dreaming.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ipoh Trip "26th June ~ 27th June" Part 2

26th June, I slept around 1am, wake up at 6am, prepare myself nicely, then rush to my friend's home at 7.20am and reach by 8am (so far... I drive really fast that day). Then suddenly the bridegroom gave a few stack of angpao. I was stun. And he continued, you are the best man (伴郎). LOL... (what to do, I am the most lengcai one among his friend...LOL)

The bridegroom

The brothers

This was my first time being a best man. Being a best man is nothing good,

i) assistant of the bridegroom
ii) collect angpao, but the angpao not yours
iii) act of one of the brothers, gotto suffer all the stupid things created by the sisters
iv) gotto stand all the way, (other brothers were sitting outside)
v) Camera men, partial (because I have a camera, while I free, sure taking picture la...)

Torturing by the sisters of the bride (wearing paper underwear)
The middle is me.

Finally got the bride


But it is a nice experience, anyway, I received bigger angpao from the bridegroom after that, although not really big. haha...

Both of them were too hungry... haha... (curi makan in the car)

After sending the bride back to the bridegroom's house. They took some sweet photos in their room. hehe

So sweet!!!

Kissing!!! (I know this is private, but I took it with my camera...haha)

Present card from my friend and I to the couple
(Can see my name stated on the girl next to the bride? Is 肥龙 fat dragon...=.="')

Then I visited to my college I studied to collect my LCCI Certificate and to my high school. All the lecturers and teachers were so impressed that I slim down so much, as last time I was super fat. Their first action are almost the same, they will first look from your top to your bottom then back to the top, then drop their jaw. haha..

I wear this to the dinner!!!

In the night, I went to the wedding dinner. My dressing was totally outstanding that night. Because people normally don't wear like this to wedding dinner, or should I say no guys wear like this in Malaysia and Singapore? Agree.

Matching in!!! haha

First Dish!!!

Taking photo with my friend!!!

The guy behind join us unknowingly...

Troublemaker Shiuji!!!

Something I very regret until now. Actually I was asked to sing on stage that night, but I m too scared, so in the end, we have a group singing on the stage. I regret I didn't cherish the chance to show my talent on stage. SHIT

Singing on the stage!!!

My best friend! but now got girl friend!!! Don't care Shiuji already!!!

My so called mother in my class last time!!!

On 27th June, the last day in Ipoh. I went to met JunJun, my cute didi at Ipoh Parade again. But this time he brought a friend along, and both of them are so tall and slim, maybe 180+cm, 48+kg? (too slim). How about me? 171cm 68kg. shorter, heavier. GOD!!!

Going to meet JunJun!!!

Traffic jam!!! On the way to meet JunJun!!!

Taking photo in OldTown, is he cute? (actually the main target is the lengcai behind)

After having lunch at Old Town, we went to walk around, scan lengcai then we went Kbox. Don't know what they think about my voice, but I was touched while I saw JunJun tears that day, because I gotto leave to Singapore again. (He is silly and cute)

His friend ~ YiZai taking photo for us!! (Before I leave!!! Rush bus!!!)

Jun holding camera!!!

P.S I miss Ipoh so much again!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ipoh Trip "23rd June ~ 25th June" Part 1

From 23rd June 2009 to 27th June 2009, I spent my relaxing but busy time in Ipoh. My schedule already full before I was actually reached Ipoh. WTH... My primary school friends already reminding me about the gathering in the night while I still on the train back to Ipoh. They are so efficient.

Once I reached Ipoh station, I already saw my father's big tummy. haha. He got a shock while he saw his son, so lengcai already. But what he said was, bin jor sang gor lui gam! (looks like a girl already!!!) WTH, I was wearing the artist's cap, a vents from ZARA with black Tshirt, black long pents and white shoe. That was very handsome, not pretty please.

Took this photo on the car while my father went to buy something!!!

Then he brought me to see my grandma and grandpa, both of them were smiling so bright while they saw me, and my grandma said, gam gou gam sau jor geh!!! (why so tall so slim already?) Then she asked me to drink soup. (I miss her ABC soup which is a soup with sweet potato, carrot and tomato)

After that I straight back to my home, my aunt, uncle and my mom were baking New Year biscuit (pineapple cookies, peanut cookies, greenbean cookies... total 6types)... This is not new year yet please. My mom was stun while she saw me, she finally believed I m really can fit into 30" pents. LOL

After chating with them for sometimes, I went prepare myself and meeting my primary school friends. We just had some chating at the restaurant and we went karaoke at Ebox, from 11pm to 1am.

On 24th June, I went shopping at Kinta City, Jusco with my mom and aunt, because my mom promised me to buy me formal shirt and pents from PDI. So I bought a Padini formal shirt (s-size) and a long pents (30") Looking back to 1 year ago, I was wearing L and 35"~36".. haha...

Took this while my mom filling the petrol!!!

On 25th June, I went Cameron with my parents, my aunt couple, my grandma and my cousin. They were enjoying themselve with the nice weather. Whereas, I was busying with my camera throught out the whole journey. haha... We quickly rush back to Ipoh around 6pm, because I gotto rush to my friend's house to eat fried noodle (trandition in Malaysia, they have dinner in their house before the day they get married, but modern style not just only eating fried noodle, but buffet).

Eating Strawberry!!!

At cameron... The water is cool!!!



Took at the Boh Tea Farm!!!!

BohTea farm

Boh Tea Farm

Sky from the hill

This is the first time I driving so far at night, I from Pengkalan to Mengelembu (The bridge's house), then to Bercham(The bridegroom's house). And I m the road blind. On my way home from Bercham to Pengkalan, I lost my way in Percham, and I lost my way again at Ipoh Garden east (I m totally not qualified to be Ipohian...LOL)

P.S. Nothing interesting in these 3 days, so make it short...better things happen in the coming 2 days... But still must comment on this blog...=.="'

Appreciate me of daring to upload so many of my own photo!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's YOU!!!

When I was in Ipoh last week, I was touched by Yannick gor sms. He told me, he was watching Astro and saw this korean music video called "It's YOU" by Super Junior, and I was the first one who come into his mind.

THANKS Gor!!! muarksss.....

It's YOU ~ Super Junior

P.S. Ipoh trip ~ update next...