Monday, February 16, 2009

He found me? I found him?

Perhaps Love (sarang in ga yo) - Howl & J

Valentine eve lu... In the morning, when I came out from the MRT, and walking toward the escalator, suddenly I saw my dream guy (click here for detail) in the MRT, when I turn back to verify, but that wasn't him. Maybe I missed him too much.

Since I still didn't have lover for valentine... So I went to gym at Suntec City, hope to get a valentine, haha...

Once I walked in to the lift, and the door was closing, a guy asked to wait, so I hold the door to let him in. But I saw a tall guy (with formal shirt, a killing face and a nice body) come into my view, his smile was killing me. He look familiar, I know I see him before, but just can't believe my own eye. I step back a bit, and he stand in front of me with back facing me. Then suddenly he said:

D: Finally I found you...

S: Huh... (with shy face...)

D: I miss you a lot... you know? The class has start, why you didn't go for class.

S: mmmm...

D: Don't you miss me?

S: I miss you... I miss you every single second.

D: You love me since the second time we met on the MRT right?

S: mmm...

D: Then why you don't tell me... I gave you chance to tell me...

S: Then, do you love me? Why you don't approach me also?

D: haha... Because I know you want to say, but you too shy... And I love to see you shy...

S: (=.=)"'

He turn around and hug me tight...

D: Long enough of waiting... I wait for the January intake to start, hope to see you. But you didn't appeared. But luckily I see you today... I won't let go again.. I won't wait you approach me... Be my boy friend. Can?

I was stunned. I can't believe this is true. I can't control my tears. And I said: Yes!

When come to True Fitness, he still not willing to let go me in his hug. He purposely close the door, and back to ground floor. But a lady come in when the lift reached ground floor. So finally he let go, and he gave me a sweet smile. When come to True Fitness entrance again. He hold my hand and walk to the counter, but I pull of my hand, and walk in front of him. (We always did that last time. LOL) click here for detail

He just joined True Fitness (Sure because of me la...LOL). So,we check in together, we go find locker together. Today don't have much people coming to gym. So we manage to find empty locker easily, and his locker was just next to me. He purposely take off his shirt in front of me to show me his nice body, he know I will feel shy and turn my head aside, then he pull my hand and put on his chest. (WTH).. I keep my hand immediately... When I take off my shirt, he poked on my waist, and whisper to me: "Dear, you are fat..." I stared at him and asked: "Then why you love me?" He wanna hug me again with his topless body, but I escaped from his hug... haha... And change my cloth... Then, he whisper to me again: "I love you because you are you!" Then he kiss. My face turn red immediately. I quickly change my pent and go, scared he going to do something over in this public again. But I stared at his underwear. (I hamsap my hubby with my eye lo...LOL) He knew that, so on our way leaving locker area, he asked: "Issit big?" I didn't answer him and run to start workout.

We warm up together, we share equipment, he teach me the proper way to use, he is so good on fitness. And he is so caring, he always scared I will get hurt. He is so cute, when I look at other guy, he will stand in front of that guy to block my view. But looking at him is more then enough. LOL... Around 9pm, I went the empty area with a big mirror to do YOGA, and he went to do his workout. (Those workout are too much for me, I don't want build...)

Around 9.30pm, we went for steam bath together. Actually I feel nervous, his body is so nice, and I m so fat.. T.T. I went in first, as I feel shy to walk nakedly with him, then he come in and sit beside of me. He just keep on looking at me, and I know what he thinking, he want to see my shy face... Cute him... After the others leave the steam room, he start to naughty, he turn my face faced to him, and start kissing my lips. Without my permission, he start putting his tongue into my mouth and attack my tongue. His tongue is so fast like machine gun, makes me can't breath. Then he start licking my neck to my ear. He making me horny so he pull my hand into his towel to hold his hard cock. (His cock really big...OMG).. We kissed for about 10mins. Then he hug me, and lied my head on his shoulder.

Then suddenly a stupid came in, I quickly rise my head push his hand away and sit 3inch away. Since nothing much can do now, so I pretend over heated, and went out for shower. I know he sure smiling inside. I take shower alone, but how much I hope I can take shower with him. But here got many people around.

After shower, I walked to my locker without waiting for him, when I m drying my hair in front of the mirror, a hot guy (hot face and body, nicely build with tatu.. around my height), I saw him went shower when I first came out, but by the time I drying my hair, he finished shower and preparing to change. Suddenly, he took off his towel, naked in front of me, I saw his 4inch soft cock. (OMG...) He purposely do everything slow, he slowly clean himself with towel, slowly wear his underwear, and he stared at me. I pretend I m not interested, but actually my eye is staring at him also.

Suddenly a hand come behind of me to block my view and say: "Dear, you know now you have me? You dare to look at other guy?" Then, I act stupid and said: "Sorry hubby, hehe!!!" Then he went to his locker to change... But he did the same thing, he took of his towel, naked in public, try to show off his nice body (and his nice cock...). Once I saw it, I faster cover behind of him and tell him: "You win la.. You win la.. Don't do this in public, you are now my privacy la.." (Sure he win what, his face is more handsome, and with his height... Sure win la..) Then he put on his underwear with my cover and tell me: "I know you will do this.. you are so cute, dear!!" Then we faster get ourselve done and leave the gym room.

Once we get into the lift, he suddenly hug me from front and kiss my lips again. So nice to kiss like that. We stop when the lift reach ground floor. Then we make our way to City Hall MRT. We walked slowly to chat more, because he will be going back to Malaysia for wedding dinner on Saturday morning bus and he stay Toa Payoh, we take different train. Normally I walk myself I would take 15mins, but today, I spent 40mins to walk. When come to MRT, I feel so horrible, he gonna leave Singapore for 4days from tomorrow. I will miss him a lot.. And I wish to hug him tight here, but there are too many people, so I just can give him a buddy hug, then we take our train home respectively.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Angel Voice!

爱一个人好难 - 苏永康

You said you still like to be alone
Actually you scared I look through you
You scared the boat belong to us
Cant get to the port


Until now, there isn't any answer

My heart feel deeply anxiety of you
No matter how embarrassed when the night we meet
Just simply say
Love or not.

To forget you is really tough
The pain of missing you entangle my heart

Hope from day to night
Forever without an answer
At the first, why you choose to break

To hear you say love me is really tough
The words that you said were gone

Standing at two age of a balance

Still feeling awkward
The only answer is...

To love a person really tough

repeat *


I love this song a lot. I surely sing this song whenever I have the chance to sing K.

Do you all want to hear me singing this song? Among the people reading my blog, just 1 heard me singing this song before... haha... Do you know who is he?

When I was in Ipoh for chinese new year, I went to sing K with my primary school friends. And I sang this song again, this song is really toughing when come to my voice... lol... A female friend still laugh at me while I singing this song to a phone... lol... (Who is on the phone?... I don't tell...:P)

6th February 2009 (friday), I have my company dinner at the 1st floor of Shaw Tower. There got Karaoke system. haha.. At first my boss and a few colleagues of mine just keep on asking one of my colleague to sing. They just thought that guy can sing. And they always asked me don't sing, as I will scared others to run away.

When come to the night, after my colleague showing off. I choose this song, all of them still tought I can't sing, accept a few of them who sing K with me before. When I start the first sentence, there are all impress by my voice, those who laugh at me before were stunned, the environment become quiet. (Thats the power of nice voice....)

After I sang that song, they start choosing song for me. Now, I am asked to sing... lol...

Special Topic: Angel Voice!!!

I have listen to almost all the family bloggers' voice. In fact, some of your voice really killing me. haha... Today, under "Luna Maze" we are going to have a "Angel Voice Competition". All of you have no rights to vote... haha...

1st Little Turtle: Kevin

His voice is very nice and men.
With his Canadian accent english, killing me everytime.

2nd: White Dolphin: Yannshadow

Clear and men voice.
His chinese and english make people think he is foreigner in Malaysia.
Esspecially when I requested him to act sissy, he really did that to me.
His voice is damn cute and he is really a good GorGor...

3rd Killer Nemo: Jon

First time listen to his voice on msn, really impressed me.
His english is not poluted by Singaporean accent,
although he is borned in Singapore.

4th Silver Foxy: Daren

A lengcai that borned in Ipoh.
Pure Ipoh accent cantonese, hope to sing K with him one day.

5. 明仔: Anson

His voice is soft unexpectedly.
He is not in our Blogger family, so don't confuse...haha

6. Blue Wolf: Eric

Nice... Someone asked me why don't I sing K with him...
He don't want, he scared I will rape him in the dark room.

7. Baby Puppy: JunJun

Although still a kid, my dtee really has nicer voice then others.

8. James

Nice and soft voice on the phone, still not meet him before.

9. Pink Dolphin: Willy

Although his face is damn lengcai, so perfect.
many girl dream boyfriend; many guy dream boyfriend.
Mixture of Chinese and Thai, make him even more lengcai.
Actually the main reason is, he borned in Ipoh...
But his voice....... hahahahahhah.... Damn cute... LOL

9. Yang

Yang is really nice, voice is a bit sissy on phone la... =.=

Last: Sukebe: Shiuji

I really donnoe where to rank myself. You guys rank for me...LOL

P.S. Sorry to those people not in the list, because you didnt call me before, and you didnt give me your number, so you are ungraded here... (GIVE MORE COMMENTS)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Meeting Blogger: Degrading Myself!!!

I m Roy.
私は しうじ です。(watashi Shiuji desu.)
Shiuji imnida.
Nama saya Kin Wai.

Roy = Shiuji = Sukebe = WeiWei = KinWai = 健威 = FatFat = Potato = Waigo = Pikachu

Latest Blogspot profile picture


Actually I have double eye lips, use your brain to immagine, you shall see!!!

Or my nose make me look ugly?

During the period I went back to Ipoh for Chinese New Year, I date with two family blogger members. ~ Lengcai Eric and Cuttie JunJun.

4th Day of Lunar New Year

The original plan is to date Robb Sotong, Eric sweetheart, JunJun BouBui and Daren SamGon in the same day. But: -

Robb went back KL on the 4th Day of Lunar New Year
JunJun went to KL on 3rd Day of Lunar New Year
Daren stay KL for New Year can't come back

In the end, left with Eric and I. So I date Eric Sweetheart at Ipoh Parade. Unexpectedly, his phone has no more credit, so he was unable to contact me when he reach; and I scald I would disturb him from driving, so I decided not to call him.

When I was waiting for Eric, I went to search for the magazine "Men's UNO" that Yannic Sweety recommended me. After I bought that magazine, I stand a side wish to find out what is so interesting about this magazine. Suddenly I saw a lengcai with green shirt looking at me.


Idiot me! That was Eric Sweetheart!!!

Actually I didnt expect him could recognise me, as I really look different from my pictures. After Eric top-up his phone, we went to Starbuck to have some drink.

Eric SweetHeart!!!

At Starbuck, I called Yan Sweety, because Eric said wanna listen to Yan voice. (The sexy voice..)

Then we went to buy ticket for movie. We planned to watch Underworld, but the cinema in Ipoh Parade don't show Underworld, so we changed for "All well, End well", but there is no seat left. sigh. When we are in front of the cinema, we called Daren SamGon, I really miss him.

Then we changed to JJ, because Eric is dating his friend at JJ on 5.30pm. We window shop around, chat and the most important things is ~~~ Scan lengcai, test our gaydar.... haha.. And today is the 1st time I called to Vancauver, I called my Lovely Kevin to listen his horny voice...LOL...

What I found out is, Eric is a shy guy also.... haha...

9th Day of Lunar New Year

Although sleep late in the previous night (because I need to Bai Tin Gong that night), but I still push myself to wake up early in the morning, because I date JunJun in the afternoon.

Unexpectedly, this silly JunJun was late, so I went to buy tickets of "All Well End Well" for 3.00pm later. I know we will be late, so I decided to buy the couple seat. haha... (Sure eat him la...) I wait JunJun in the cyber cafe, so that I can read blogs (miss all your blogs...). Finally I got the chance to chat with Yannic. So Happy... But I also saw JunJun online. (Why? He should be on the way here right?)

Around 2.30pm, I saw a tall lengcai walked by in front of me. Looking at me and flirt to me. (Lei La...~ "Come la" in cantonese). So I immediately went to pay at the counter and follow the lengcai. Something really scary here, he is xxxx tall, make me lose face. T.T... And he is xxxx cute, more degrading myself...

In fact, JunJun not that silly, he have some brain, he know where am I without calling me. (He wanna save his phone credit to sms with someone... =.=)

We went to Sushi King for lunch. We took a few photo...

See the cute JunJun...

We finished lunch around 3.30pm, although we have missed the first 30mins of the movie, but I won't miss the chance sitting on the couple seat. LOL (The movie really nice and funny)

After the movie, we went to a corner of the food court to take more pictures (Continue degrading myself), because JunJun really like taking picture.

Taking picture with JunJun really degrading myself, he is really tall and cute.

New MSN title (from 5th Feb 2009): I am ugly. I won't show my photo here again...