Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heart Lost at the Journey?

10 May 2010 Monday. First day back from Genting, gotto start a whole new busy week, and it is usually tough for a normal human to go back to their normal mode after a rest, especially after a tour.

Don't know where my heart go, left at Genting? Probably my heart like the cool air over there. But when talk about heart, it makes me re-call something. Last mid-autumn festival, I sent all my heart to someone. Maybe thats the reason I can't find my heart now... Probably!!!..LOL

I wanna re-make a new heart, let myself love someone with whole of the new heart. The original heart? That person who received my hearts said he ate all of them. So my hearts are now at Pinang Inda-Water (a place where Malaysia accumulate shit)

Time to sleep!!!

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SZ said...

who's tat someone?