Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Time In Public!!

This is our first time doing this in public, and I will memorize it here, by location, time, situation and details.

Although, we had done more then this simple thing before tonight, but only this simple thing happen tonight brought me to feel that you like me.

Anyone would think that this simple thing is usually the beginning. But to us, our beginning might be start with what normally people do at the later part. I believe this situation is normal for gay, but I will still take today as our beginning.

Location: AMK Cathay theater 3, seat B11-12 (couple seat)
Movie: Prince of Persia
Date: 1 June 2010
Time: 8.45pm ~ 11.45pm

Although your palm is sweating, but I enjoy my palm is being wet by your sweat.
Although we are doing this with covered, but I love the moment we doing it.

Later I message you to ask whether you like it or not. You just keep laughing and answer:

B - "(laughing) Why you ask this silly question? I don't like it as my palm was sweat."

S - "Is that means you like it if your palm is not sweat?"

B - "(laughing) Silly."

Thanks for not releasing my hand while we are holding them like Prince of Persia holding Princess's hand in the movie.